Decriminalizing Drugs Does Way Too Many Good Things To Fit Into An Article Title

WARNING: Before we begin, the reader should be advised that the writer of this opinion piece is drug free. Yes; that includes the two worst ones, (ironically, the two legal ones), alcohol and tobacco.

Where does one begin to try to convey all the incredible benefits that will come from decriminalizing drugs?

Here is the headline/title I wanted to give this piece:

Decriminalizing Drugs Will Dramatically Reduce Drug Abuse, Violent Crime, Infectious Diseases, Broken Homes, Over Crowded Prisons, Misuse & Abuse Of Police Power, While Boosting The Economy & Helping People Regain Lost Liberty.

Untold millions of people agree that the war on drugs is an utter and dismal failure.

I, on the other hand, totally disagree.

The war on drugs in an incredibly successful hoax, accomplished by an elite cabal who basically run almost the entire world. This cabal actually produces and traffics most of the drugs available on the streets, anywhere in the world.

The cabal is a global shadow government that is behind the scenes, of virtually every government on earth. They pull the strings of police and intelligence agencies, as well as the military, politicians and bureaucrats. They also own the banking system that, on record, launders the drug money, without any banking official ever getting in trouble.1)

The drug war hoax is that there is no war on drugs. The only war is on the drug dealing people who aren't connected with the official network, so to speak. Of course, there is a war on the end user customers.

Yes: The globalists who run the US federal government are in business with the drug kingpins,2), and they will imprison you for purchasing their products. They keep it illegal for many reasons; one of which is to have money to fund black ops around the world, interfering with other governments, in an attempt to create regime change so that the new leaders who get installed will cozy up to the globalist forces which will steal the resources and money from the targeted nation.

If drugs were legal, prices would be drastically reduced, therefore the government benefits from the black market directly, in terms of profit. Since it's all off the books, they can funnel it where they want to spend it, a lot easier, than if they simply were making tax cash of drugs sales. Many conspiracy researches tell us that part of the reason the USA has military bases in more than 150 countries around the world is because they are drug trafficking facilities. (There is also said to be a lot of human trafficking, child pornography, mind control slave creation and snuff film production, human organ harvesting, and Frankenstein style experimentation going on at military bases as well, but I digress.)

When the drug dealing government sends you to prison for being their drug customer, there is a good chance that the prison will be privately owned, but paid for with tax dollars. While you are imprisoned for the crime and trying to feel good, they will make you perform slave labor, that makes them even more money, over and above the big profits they make via the tax dollars they get for running the prison. These prisons are usually operating under contracts with the government where the prisons are guaranteed between 95 and 100 percent occupancy rate. This put pressure on the police to bring people into jail, even if the people didn't do anything to deserve it. Once there, they are sentenced under federal mandatory minimum guidelines. What this brings about is a ton of people, possibly the majority, who are there for hurting themselves. If that is the reason for locking people up, then build a lot more prisons and put all the tobacco smokers in them, because that hurts more people than all the other drugs, combined. In order to be able to accommodate all the drug users, space is often made by letting out extremely violent criminals earlier than their sentences call for. As a direct consequence, a lot of people end up being murdered, maimed, battered and raped, who would not otherwise have become victims. Once drug users are sent to prison, they often end up getting in fights, often in total self defense. Sometimes they are cited for other violations. This can add years to their sentence. Even if they don't have to do extra time, the sad fact is they may have gone in as an overall good person, but after living in that environment, it's all too common for them to start a life of crime. Many times they are initiated into gangs in prison, even though it would have never happened if they had never done time. Unfortunately, prisons are places where decent people who do time for drug possession end up getting a great education on how to be a criminal. For many people who already are menaces when they get arrested, they end up turning into abject, hopeless, hardened criminals, destined to a life of recidivism, crime and eventually, the permanent loss of freedom. Families are shattered needlessly due to punishing drug addicts, and even recreational drug users, (who may not even be addicts), as opposed to making treatment available for them. Convicts get out of prison without having the benefit of real programs that could provide them with the ability to help themselves or support their families, so they end up going back on the inside, fairly quickly. As more kids grow up without one or sometimes both of their parents who are doing time for drug possession, that directly translates into more people who end up doing drugs as a result, since the kids have no direction and no one to help rescue them. It becomes an ongoing, generational cycle. This is part of the master plan. The powers that be do not want people living up to their potential, and they surely don't want people being free. The United States has more citizens locked up than any other nation. That is not a, per capita, (or percentage) statistic. That's actual numbers of prisoners. In fact, the USA has more people in jail and prison that China and India combined, as a direct result of the war on drugs. That's 2.6 billion people (combined China and India) versus 317 million in the United States. The amount of money that is being thrown away on housing these people who shouldn't be in prison is mind boggling. It's devastating to the economy. It's even more devastating when you factor in the lost productivity of so many people who could be contributing to the economy. Yes, they are forced to work as slave labor, helping the corporations that own the prisons to make money, but those corporations do not spend that money in the cities and communities, the way the people would, if they were employed on the outside, and lived at home. In fact, chances of strong that most of the corporate prison profits are sent to offshore bank accounts. The media is owned by the corporations that ultimately belong to and/or are under the direction of the cabal that runs the war on drugs. Therefore, the public does not get the truth told to them regarding just how devastating the war on drugs is. It's true that anybody can search the Internet and find out the truth, but the system has not only dumbed down the general public – it's distracted everyone as well. Few people are concerned enough to take the time away from sports, TV, celebrity watching, video game playing, and just going out to have a drunken good time, to actually become aware of what is going on. It not only affects and shapes the domestic policies of the United States, but it has ramifications on foreign policy as well. The army actually guards poppy fields in Afghanistan, that will be turned into heroin. Before the US invaded that country, it supplied 10% of the heroin in the world. At this point in time, thanks to US involvement, Afghanistan supplies 90% of the world's supply. If this is shocking to you, it should be. How can a country that won't think twice about taking your freedom away for possessing a personal head stash, team up with the most heinous criminals in the world to create a black market for every street drug you can imagine? Nothing is as it seems. The United States isn't just working with the Taliban to increase the world's heroin supply; it also gives money to Al Qaeda for everything from fomenting wars in various countries to doing construction projects in partner nations.3)

Yes, that is the same organization they tell us committed 911, yet our tax dollars are going to them so they can torture, maim and rape Christians and other minorities in countries like Syria,4) in which the US government wants to create regime change.

The government will never decriminalize drugs, left to their own devices. If it ever happens, it will be because the people pushed hard for it after finally educating themselves enough to know all the harm the drug war is doing, and all the incredible, benefits that will come from getting rid of it.

There was a time, of course, when the United States government made it illegal to possess alcohol. From 1920 to 1933, alcohol was prohibited, ergo the term, prohibition, referring to that era in the nation's history.

It took 13 years, but the nation did learn some lessons regarding alcohol prohibition, that we should have learned apply to the prohibition of any drug. First off, it just didn't not work.

In large cities, there was more drinking than ever after it was prohibited. This was the era of “speakeasys,”5) private clubs that served alcohol on the proverbial, down low. The owners would tell the patrons to, “speak easy,” so that the police would not realize what was going on.

Most of them were small, but some were quite large. It is estimated that New York City had as many as 100,000 at one point. Police, during that time, noticed that more women than ever were arrested for public intoxication.

Besides the fact that it did not work, the creation of a black market was an invitation to gangsters to start a new stream of income. Alcohol prohibition started the era of the gangster where turf wars were common.

Many people were killed as the automatic “Tommy guns” would mow down whole sections of bystanders, indiscriminately. The carnage became so great, and so widespread throughout the country, there was a public outcry that eventually led to the re-legalization of alcohol.

Today, and for many decades, the prohibition of drugs, has been & remains, directly responsible for the proliferation of gangs and the killing of innocent people, who, just like in alcohol prohibition, get caught in the crossfire of turf wars.

Even when big gangs aren't facing off against each other, individual drug seekers often become crime victims as they try to find someone selling drugs on the street. If drugs were legal, the thugs would lose their illegal drug business. The streets would be infinitely safer.

If you are one of those people who say it serves them right to get murdered, after all, they were buying drugs, my suggestion to you is that you better check yourself, before you wreck yourself.6) Does anyone who buys alcohol deserve to die? That's the drug that does more harm than all other recreational drugs combined.

Nobody deserves to die, get beaten or put in jail or prison for making a personal decision about what substances they want to put in their body. If you say that a lot of times those substances lead to the person engaging in crime; that is the truth, and they should get arrested for their crimes, not for merely doing something that potentially leads some people to crime.

There are plenty of people who do meth, crack, heroin, etc., that do not turn to crime to supply their habit. Similarly, we would never outlaw alcohol to stop driving under the influence. There are a lot of people who drink, who do not drink and drive.

A lot of people do illegal and dangerous things when they are under the influence of alcohol, but it should remain legal. The people who commit crime due to the alcoholic influence should be held responsible for their actions. We shouldn't take away everybody's right to drink based on crimes committed by a minority of people when they drink. Having a society based on liberty is more valuable than doing everything humanly possible to ensure that nobody does bad things when they are either on drugs or are desiring to get money for drugs.

Of course, we could choose to go hard core, and make everything illegal, including tobacco and alcohol. Whenever someone is found with any drugs, including those two, we could behead them in the public square.

We could send SWAT teams, house to house every night, breaking furniture, looking for drug hiding places. They could rough up known, or even suspected, drug users in an effort to get them to change their ways.

Even if this was totally successful in stopping the scourge of drugs (which it wouldn't be, by the way), the scourge of the dictatorial, authoritarian culture that was created would be thousands of times worse than the original drug problem.

The war on drugs is a perfect example of a proposed solution to a problem that is a lot worse than the problem itself. The powers that be are well aware of this. They have fooled the public, who, by and large, bought it for many decades.

There are signs that the tide is starting to turn in terms of the masses of people figuring out that the policy is an epic fail. Those in control of the governments will stand strong to keep the drug laws as they have been, but if enough people really push, progress can be made.

We've seen that with the move to make marijuana legal. At the time of this writing, 20 states have medical marijuana laws, with 13 more states that have pending legislation. Washington and Colorado have outright voted for and allow recreational marijuana. You don't even need to come up with a reason.

Some people say that if drugs were made available on a legal basis, all kinds of people would get hooked on drugs that otherwise would never even try them. They predict that once the floodgates are open, it will be like Pandora's box, and there will be no going back.

The truth of the matter is that most people who want to do drugs are not letting their illegality stop them. Drugs are so ubiquitous, they are practically everywhere. In fact, it's pretty much common knowledge, for decades now, that they drugs can even be found in many prisons.7)

Countries that have relaxed at least some of their drugs laws have reported that drug abuse has gone down, sometimes by as much as half, as a direct result.8) That may seem counter intuitive, but there may be a psychological principle involved, where people are drawn to something when it's forbidden, that they are not drawn to when it's freely available. The fears of increased drug abuse due to decriminalization are simply not justified, even if they seem reasonable on the surface. When you realize how much disease is spread by drug users who use dirty, used hypodermic needles, it is natural to want to simply prohibit people from doing that. The problem is, it just does not work.

Decriminalizing drugs take the allure out of doing them. A lot of people will choose not to descend deeper into the arena of the more dangerous types of drug usage, which is shooting them up, when they realize they aren't doing something the law is trying to prevent them from doing.

It may not makes sense to you, but there is data to back this up. It evidently happens on a subconscious basis. There is also the fact that a culture that allows people to make even bad choices about how they treat their bodies, is more open to providing free, clean needles to drug addicts.

If your position is you want to stop the spread of deadly diseases that are created by druggies using dirty needles, then you have no excuse for not wanting them to have clean needles available for them. It is not a viable excuse to say that you don't want to condone it, so you can't support clean needle programs.

There is a difference between condoning something and simply recognizing what is, and what can be done to make things better. The fact is, not only do such programs work in regard to drastically reducing disease transmission, they also help people get off the drugs altogether.

The places where needles are available, are places where addicts can sign into drug programs. People who make them available can get to know their names, and let them know they care and that help is available. Indeed, many of the people distributing the clean needles are recovering drug addicts themselves, and can be more effective than police and law enforcement ever could.

Another point in this overall conversation is that most people's drug of choice is alcohol. They aren't just drinkers because the other stuff is illegal. They simply choose alcohol. Drinking beverages is something everyone does anyway, and drinking alcohol has always been humanity's favorite drug.

If boozers wanted to switch to crystal meth, they, by and large, would have done so, long ago. They aren't waiting around hoping for the day methamphetamines are decriminalized. They just aren't interested. The drinkers who are interested, don't need permission. They already tried it, for the most part.

Another point to consider is that when marijuana is in good supply, hard drug abuse (including alcohol abuse) tends to go down. Many people will tell you that they get in trouble with booze, (or some other drug), when weed becomes hard to get.

Of all the substances that can be taken, marijuana is by far, the least harmful, as well as the most helpful. People on pot are usually mild mannered and relaxed. That becomes even more pronounced, the more that is ingested. With alcohol, it's quite the opposite. The more that people imbibe, the greater the chance something out of hand is going to happen.

Furthermore, studies have showed the a driver under the influence of weed has just a third the chance of getting into an accident than she would if she were straight. That is because it's just natural to be cautious on weed. Most marijuana smokers gain hand-eye-motor coordination and score higher on video games than when they are not in an altered state.

The driver under the influence of alcohol, though, is eight to ten times as likely to crash her car, than if she were driving sober. Alcohol makes you less cautious. In fact, it's safe to say, alcohol makes you throw caution to the wind. Hand-eye-motor coordination is lost, on booze and video game scores plummet accordingly.

Since many people only binge drink when the marijuana supply is out. If drugs are decriminalized, weed will be plentiful, and no doubt, lives will be saved on the highways.

The decriminalization of drugs would be a huge victory for liberty, in general. We have been losing so many of our rights, for quite some time. In fact, the war on drugs really started the move toward tyranny and the militarization of the police.

Richard Nixon was the first president to mention, “the war on drugs,” but Reagan is the one who was in the White House when the initial move to militarize the police departments got started, under the guise of stopping illegal drug use.

The “zero tolerance” laws that continue to this day, which take away cars and homes which are suspected of being associated with drug activity is outrageous. The Reagan era is when the rapists and murderers first started being let out of prison to make room for drug users.

It's when police started knocking the wrong neighbor's door down, often shooting the wrong neighbor's dog. The ever increasing abuse of police power has gotten to the point today where you can get shot just for asking a cop, “Why?”

If drugs were decriminalized it would be such a great step in the right direction. It would make a difference in the way the police interact with the citizens. They may actually learn to be respectful if the boogeyman of drugs was taken from the police repertoire.

Even people like me who don't use drugs, including alcohol and tobacco at all, and hence, never have drugs on them, would feel much safer around police. It would be beneficial to the cops as well, who would be treated with more respect by the people who are no longer getting harassed and being searched for drugs.

The way things are now, cops are pulling people over and saying they look suspicious. They are actually doing roadside anal and vagina examinations. In some cases, people are sent to hospitals for many hours of intrusive procedures to see if they hid drugs in the anuses.

This is clearly an indication of a breakdown in society. If these types of things continue to become more common with police, there will be rioting in the streets on a regular basis. The cabal in control actually wants that to happen. Their goal is dictatorial control and massive population reduction.9) They are gearing up for a civil war. Police have armored vehicles and tanks.10)

Before it gets to that point, we need to win the information war, especially on the topic of the phoney war on drugs. Please send the link to this post to your email contacts. Post it on social media. Have this conversation with everyone you care about.

The time to wake up and help others wake up is now. The window of opportunity is closing. If you are already aware of the truth revealed in this post, but you are not actively engaged in spreading it, there is no justification for your lack of action. For more information on waking up, go here now.


As bad as illicit (illegal) drug abuse is, the fact is, it pales in comparison to legal drug abuse, created by, “the system.” Our minds and bodies are being decimated by pharmaceutical chemicals.

Prescription pills are being pushed to the end user on ubiquitous TV ads, even though the end user can't get them legally without a prescription. Viewers are being brainwashed to go to their doctors and ask for pills by name. Doctors tend to fulfill the request because they don't want to lose the customer to a doctor who will give them what they want.

Whatever happened to the idea that doctors go to school for many years and pass difficult exams to be in a position to know best what to prescribe (if anything) for their patients? Now, all we need is an effective TV ad to know more than the doctor.

It's a total and shameful sham. Luckily, there are, at least laws in effect that require the pharmaceutical companies to list the official side effects during the commercials. It boggles the mind that millions upon million of people can hear them listed and still go to their doctor and request the drug.

The people who are awake, watch those commercials and know to stay away from the drugs. Death is one of the most common effects. Yeah, sign me up for that one, doctor!

A lot of the drugs are, “anti-depressants,” which tend to increase depression. The side effects almost always include thoughts of violence and suicide. Guess what? It's not just thoughts. People kill themselves and others as a direct result of taking those drugs.

It is virtually automatic whenever there is a mass shooting, to later find out that the person was on psychiatric medicine. There are those who say that the people doing the killing knew they needed help, so they went to a doctor who tried to help them, but the pills did not work for them.

In other words, they are creating the argument that the pills didn't cause the homicide and/or suicide. They just weren't able to prevent it from happening. Many times, the people saying this, have a very high IQ, which just goes to show you that having a high IQ does not mean you will always be able to understand situations that should be obvious.

When the drug inserts and commercials come out and warn you that violence and suicide is one of the effects, and when every mass shooter is on these pills, you don't need to be a rocket scientist to understand what is happening. Ironically, I bet there are rocket scientists who are in denial about this.

Drugs do not solve problems. They can mask symptoms, at least for a while, but the problems get driven deeper into the body and/or mind of the person taking the drugs. It is the height of irony and hypocrisy that so many of the people who are apoplectic regarding the conversation of legalizing or decriminalizing drugs, couldn't imagine life without being able to pop the pills their pusher doctor sold to them.

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