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–This scene takes place immediately after the scene with Rika, according to the opening. Perhaps a transition scene could be added somewhere within the opening of this scene so as to not make it seem like character introductions are forced.–- –This intro is for the character previously known as Ordairu, known as Leon, FOR NOW.—

To put this character design into context:

The cat breed:



I finish watching Rika disappearing before turning to see dad, his arms out, wide and questioning.

“I thought I saw you down here. You know the bridge is just around this corner, right?”

I’m awake enough now to tell a white lie.

“Are you kidding? I’m just keeping the scientists in line is all.”

I lower my voice to say this, making sure none of them actually hear me.

“Hey now! That’s what I like to hear.”

He gives me a firm, friendly shake on the shoulder.

“But leave that to me for now, won’t you?”

“Fair enough.”

“Come quick. There’s someone who I think you should… see.”

“Who is it?”

My question goes ignored; dad is already chauffeuring me in the direction of the bridge. Leaving the through the adjacent staircase, I survey the room for Rika. She’s nowhere to be found.

… As we enter the bridge, he’s pushing me ahead with the palm of his hand. The bridge is lit up like it was the last time I was here. I almost feel like turning around, going back to my room and sleeping some more. I do my best to look attentive. …

The distinctive smell of dried beef hung in the air. The scent alone was enough to tell me who it was that dad wanted me to see.

“… it was damn uncomfortable, if anything.”

The voice confirms my suspicions. It’s Leon, hunched over on the other side of the console, looking Nomura dead in the eye. She’s biting her nails, attentively listening to him. She’s practically a trance. Her eyes dilate and her breathing quickens. Cass casually leans on a wall next to her, half listening, half twiddling with her fingers.

“…one of ‘em even had a cattle prod.“

Leon is my dad’s military partner who I looked up to when I was little. I’d heard this story at least four times. This was the one where Leon talks about beating up 10 thugs just before making it to his mom’s funeral with 5 minutes to spare. Whenever dad could make it to my birthdays, he would treat me to a surprise appearance from Leon and his famous war stories. I kind of always suspected he was bullshitting me with them because this one changed from a fork to a knife to a bat, and now to a cattle prod, I guess. The part where he shows his finger stub was the best, though. My stomach always lurched, but it was well worth it.

“You were able to get away, right? RIGHT?!”

Nomura is frantic now, she’s shaking, grasping tightly to Cass’ hand.

Leon’s voice remains relaxed and solemn.

“Hey, hey. Of course I did. All I had to do was show them my missing middle finger.”

Leon exposes his left hand, which sure enough, has a small stump where a middle finger should be.


Nomura buries her face in the lapel of Cass’ jacket, which earns her a hearty laugh from Leon. Cass strokes Nomura’s back slowly, comforting her. She was laughing a bit herself, but making sure Nomura couldn’t tell. Rocking her apprentice back and forth, Cass notices me enter the room, raising her eyebrows in an acknowledging fashion. I take that as a ‘hello’.

I look back at dad who is leaning against the wall, proudly smiling, arms crossed. He makes an ‘act excited’ motion with his eyes.

I am excited, really. Last time I saw him was on my 14th birthday. Leon is always fun to be around. He knows how to scare kids… and apparently adults too.

I wonder what he’s doing here.

… Leon digs around in his jacket pocket for a moment before pulling out a loose piece of jerky and munching on it casually. Food in his pocket was another tick for him. I don’t think he ever even has a bag to store it in.

Leon looks around a bit before cocking his head after looking at me for a few seconds.

“Jesus, Nolan. I hardly recognized the kid. Looks like I’m lookin’ at you 25 years ago, ain’t it?”

Leon points the index finger next to his missing one towards me.

I nostalgically grin, half-saluting him from my brow.

“And you haven’t changed a bit, Uncle Leon.”

He hacks off a smile. He reaches for his back-pocket handkerchief and wipes his mouth.

As a kid, I thought Leon was the toughest guy on Earth. When I was 9 he told me his incessant hacking came from a bag of rusty nails he was forced to eat when he was a prisoner of war. I actually believed him.

“I’d say he’s got his mother’s eyes, more than anything.”

Dad shrugs around a bit as Leon approaches to take a better look.

I open my eyes wide; so as to make sure Leon doesn’t have to come any closer. His breath always used to reek of whatever the hell was in his pocket at any given moment. He’s only a few feet away but I’d rather have the malodor grow any more pungent.

Leon glances around the room.

“So you know how to work all of this stuff?”

“Sure do. I was in the top percentile at the academy, didn’t dad tell you?”

“He told me that you’re a carbon-copy of him.”

I look at dad, just to confirm the resemblance.

“Better than that.”

“You know, if you make us crash, I’ll be sure Louise has a nice dinner.”

Louise was Leon’s cat. She’s got to be pretty old by now. She’s lived in Leon’s filth with him for as long as I can remember.

“You brought her into space? You sure that’s a good idea?”

“She told me she wanted to. My hands were tied. She even threatened me.”

Oh yeah. And Leon thinks he can talk to his cat.

Dad and I simultaneously roll our eyes towards each other.

“Do you think you can teach me to do that?!”

Nomura’s head pops up from the other side of the room as she rushes over, practically knocking dad over.

“What’s that, dear?”

“You know. Talk to cats. “

“Sure, listen here.”

Nomura stares at Leon intently.

Leon stares back at her with equal concentration.

… Leon and Nomura stand simply looking at each other for a few seconds. …

“Wow. Fascinating.”

I subconsciously slap my own forehead. Nomura paces back to Cass without saying a word.

“…that girl…”

Leon strokes the individual hairs on this chin.

“…she has a gift. ”

I… I have no words. At least Leon has made a friend aside from dad and I.

“Anyways, Simon. I’m always here if you’re looking for guns or something. I got a whole shitload back in my room. Ever seen a Smith & Wesson before?”

“I can’t say that I have.”

Leon glances at dad who has since started talking to another scientist after Nomura’s explosive entrance into the conversation. He gets close enough for me to get a potent whiff of his beefy cologne.

“Those damn things have enough power to blow your head clean off. Maybe I’ll let you shoot some shit when we get touch down, eh? Come down later, Louise and I will give you the grand tour.”

An almost threatening smile spreads across Leon’s face.


Leon backs away, bringing his voice back to normal level.

“That’s what I like to hear.”

I stealthily catch my breath. Leon continues to speak in a hushed resonance, just farther away.

(Maybe a choice can go here based on wanting to learn about the war)

Simon: “What’ve you been doing since the war ended, anyways?”

“Honestly, I… I miss it. It was my lifeblood.”

Leon’s eye twitches a bit at my mention of the war. His voice takes a serious tone.

“Louise has been restless these last few months. I still sleep with one eye open. I mean… I can’t even trust myself anymore. On the other hand, the war is all I know. Want my advice, kid? Stay out of it. These corporations will try and snatch you up. Don’t let ‘em. Bunch of lyin’, cheatin’ bastards if you—”


Dad seemingly slipped back into conversation without my notice. Leon clears his throat, suddenly wearing a very believable, falsely intrigued expression. “–that’s when your dad and I really showed ‘em what for. If you ever want a good guy by your side, it’s this one.”

Leon gracefully pats dad’s upper chest, slinging his arm around his neck.

“What’s that? Is this that one where we got lost in Shanghai? I love this one!”

… What was that all about? Did Leon just change the subject when dad came around?

I feel a tap on my shoulder.

“Cass says you’re up!”

It’s Nomura, fully functional again, despite the seemingly hypnotic stupor she was induced in 4 minutes prior. Nomura points back towards Cass, who is standing at the center console, hands on her hips.

I walk over to her, Leon following close behind. I smell beef wafting over my right shoulder.

“We’ll be waiting. Room 10. Lunch, maybe?”

I decide to leave his question unanswered for the time being.

“It’s good to see you again, Uncle Leon.”

He reaches into his pocket, and crams a handful of Jerky into his mouth as he waltzes away, simply throwing up his hand as a way to say goodbye.


Written by Doak.

This is my first draft of the currently unnamed character that was previously known as Ordairu. For now, I’m referring to him as Leon, but I’m certainly open to any new name suggestions. I’ve made this character with the concept that I later had for him, where he was a good old friend and an “uncle” figure to Simon. In my opinion, it adds a lot more character to him, rather than having him be an enigmatic mercenary. He’s essentially your typical “cool, crazy, drunken uncle”. An interesting idea that Ruube had for him was that Nomura, for some reason, looks up to him and sees him as an all-knowing saint. The two of them connect on some supernatural level that is not understood by anybody else on the crew. This is obviously a complete joke on Leon’s part, but Nomura seems to think that he is full of revelations. Another addition that I’ve made is his cat, Louise. For the most part, Louise won’t be doing anything. She’ll just be messing around in the background for the most part. Leon actually does believe that he can talk to her. It should be known that Leon is still highly skilled in combat, just more developed than his previous character design. Another detail that I’ve added on just to see how it goes over with other writers is some sort of deep secret that Leon keeps from Nolan. Hence his changing of the subject when Nolan enters the conversation towards the end of the scene. Maybe he’s secretly working for the government, etc. Could be anything, really.

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