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Day 1, scene 1: Dawn of the First Day

[Simon's room]

A few things immediately catch my attention as I wake up. The unfamiliar surroundings at first, though that wears off quickly. Next comes the light, which is slowly getting brighter. It takes a few more seconds for me to remember that all the lights on the ship are automated, and so now that I'm awake, the lights themselves are welcoming me to the new day. It's a beautiful sentiment, but ruined by the fact that I'm really not a morning person.

Now that I've gotten my bearings, my brain decides to allow the sound of someone banging on the door to pierce through the drowsiness. This finally leads to the realization that I've slept through my alarm. Well, shit. So much for getting a fresh start on a new lifestyle, or something like that. I'm not awake enough to come up with something more coherent. May as well scramble out of bed and see who's knocking, although I can probably hazard a decent guess…

[Doorway, closed]

The door control layout is a bit more archaic than what they use at the academy, so it takes me yet a few more seconds to finally open the door.

[Slowly fade to white while the bottom text scrolls]

Unfortunately, the hall lighting doesn't know I just woke up, so I get sort of blinded by the light.

???: “Get enough beauty sleep?”

Of course.

[Doorway, open, fade from white, Nolan]

Who else would bother coming to wake me up?

Simon: “Morning, dad.”

He looks fairly amused by my current state. I can already imagine he's going to taunt me with it for the rest of the day.

Nolan: “I figured you might still be asleep, so I came by to help speed things up.”

He hands me a small plastic container, which I discover is deceptively heavy.

[MCG: Cafeteria box] (This may be a bit much, but considering one of the characters is a chef, I'm thinking we could have a few different images for the different kinds of food you wind up eating, or at least the interesting ones. Tell me what you think)

Opening it, I'm hit by a strong smell of scrambled eggs and pepper. The last four years of Academy food were underwhelming to say the least, so this hits me right in my heart— and more significantly, in my stomach.

Simon: “How much time do I have?”

Nolan: “Enough to savour it, not quite enough to enjoy it. I want you in uniform and on the bridge in fifteen minutes. You should be able to find your own way there, right?”

Simon: “You've already given me the map of the whole ship.”

Nolan: “True enough. Well then, I'll see you in fifteen.”

With a quick nod, he's out the door and I'm left to my breakfast. I know it's important to make good first impressions and all that, which is, I assume, why dad wants me on the bridge right now. I make quick work of the eggs… ahh, with a hint of cheese cooked in. It's the best thing I've had to eat in years, and it's killing me that I can't slow down and really enjoy it. Or, hell, ask for seconds.

Getting suited up doesn't take too much longer, so I find myself ready to head out with ten minutes left before I'm expected on the bridge. I guess I can take the time to make sure I'm not wearing my underwear on my head.

[Wall mirror, Simon in uniform] (Just his sprite, or potentially a single CG?)

Hey, not bad. Weird seeing myself without one of the Academy's uniforms… Man, that thought keeps crossing my mind, how different things are. Maybe I should just stop trying to compare everything to a lifestyle that just doesn't apply to me anymore?

Oh well, no time to wax philosophical about it. Time to get to work.

[Fade to white]

Day 1, scene 2: She Blinded Me

[Fade from white, dormitory hallway]

Stepping out into the hallway, I see that there are a few crewmembers running to and fro. I can only hope I wasn't the only one who slept in. No, wait: that would be terrible. I can't imagine my father lets his crew get away with sleeping in all the time, or nothing would get done.

[Bring Ship's Map onscreen]

All right, it shouldn't be too hard to find my way… no need to rush and get lost, I can just follow the map the whole way there.

[Remove Ship's Map]

Seems like the quickest way is to cut through the Science section.

[Pan to black, pan to Science hallway]

Well, there's a big sign on the wall that says LABS, so I must be on the right track. Hopefully they won't mind me cutting through.

[Fade to black, fade from black to Laboratory interior]

There's a bunch of people in here wearing labcoats. Many of them are working with some very high-tech equipment. It's almost too stereotypical to look at, and I've seen my fair share of R&D geeks at the Academy. Wait… no, no more comparisons, remember?

Most of them seem too busy to notice me, so I don't feel bad about making my way along the side of the room towards the exit on the other side. It's a little exciting knowing that our mission is of some scientific importance, even though I haven't yet been briefed on the entirety of it. There's no doubt I'll be back down here a few times in the next few months, so hopefully I'll get a chance to check out some of the weirder gadgets I just happen to be noticing out of the corner of my eye…

[Blur across screen]

Whoah, what was that?

[Fade to Laboratory exit, Rika]

Man, she came out of nowhere. The whole lab behind me has gotten real quiet all of a sudden. I think I may be in trouble.

???: “Excuse me, but are you lost?”

[CHOICE: Not really… / Define lost.]

<Not really…

Simon: “No, I was just trying to get to the bridge—”

???: “And you assumed you could just barge in here without disrupting any important research?”

Simon: “I certainly didn't come in here to bother anyone.”

At least she doesn't look like she's about to bite my head off.

???: “Be that as it may, you're the fifth person who's used our labs as a shortcut this morning, and it's becoming a bit of a distraction.”

Simon: “Really? I'll have to speak with the captain then, we should have at least a few warnings set up to prevent this kind of thing happening again.”

<Define lost.

Simon: “This is the research lab, isn't it?”

???: “Yes, it is. Do you have any business here?”

Simon: “Just passing through, really. Quicker access to the bridge from my quarters than if I'd taken the long way around.”

???: “You've got some nerve, using our labs as a shortcut. You aren't even the first to do it today!”

Simon: “Well, if I recall the technical specifications of this ship correctly, this room was originally designed to be an auxiliary meeting room. It's a shame that this was the only space on the ship that could be retrofitted for scientific purposes, but you take what you can get, I suppose.”

She seems a bit flustered, and it's still deathly silent behind me. Probably not used to getting talked back to… I'm guessing she's the lead researcher.

???: “W-what's that supposed to mean?!”

Simon: “Just that it's too bad that you folks got stuck with such a high-traffic section of the ship, that's all. Look, I'm sorry if I interrupted anything, but I really do need to go meet with the captain.”


The young woman pales a bit, and her eyes go wide.

???: “Oh dear… I recognize you from the roster, now.”

Simon: “Simon Everett, First Officer, at your service.”

Now she's blushing, and I can hear activity resuming behind us.

Rika: “I-I'm Rika, Rika Sullivan. Research specialist and chief navigator.”

Simon: “Nice to meet you, Miss Sullivan. I'd actually like to talk about this whole thing where the crew keeps using your lab as a shortcut, but I really do need to get to the bridge quite soon.”

Rika: “Of course, I didn't mean to detain you! I just… wanted to make a point…”

And the confident, somewhat intimidating researcher has folded into a wilting flower. I hope she doesn't think she's in trouble over something like this.

Simon: “No, I'm glad you've brought it to my attention. I'll make sure the captain knows this is causing problems for you and your colleagues.”

Rika: “I'd appreciate you putting in a few words for us, then.”

At least she recovers quickly. A little unusual to see someone as young as her leading a science crew, but it looks like she's at least got the backbone for it. We both nod curtly to each other, and as I walk through the exit, I can hear Rika barking orders at the other researchers.

[Fade to black, fade to ship intersection]

There's a bunch of indicators on the wall, and it's clearly telling me where the bridge is. Let me check the time… wow, two minutes left? I'd better hustle, although to be fair, I do have a decent excuse for being just a little late.

[Pan to black]

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