I don my jacket, put on my socks and old crappy shoes, and swagger down the stairs in search of my keys and my phone. Confused, I look at my watch to find out if I will be late for my train. I won't be if I leave in five minutes, uttering a curse word, I rip through the house like a shark on crack. I hear a ring. Not the house phone. I follow the sound to the coat rack, pull out my phone, and awnser it. “You still comin'?” He says. “Of course.” I reply. And the phone cuts out. Must have run out of credit, but this doesn't phase me. I retrieve my keys from my coat pocket and wonder why I didn't check here earlier. Looking at the destruction I have just left, I tidy it up a bit, and swing out of the house.

I see the train station, but my sprinting has caught up to me, I slow down and walk, although I can hear the train thumping the track. I have about 30 seconds to cover 40 meters. I take in a deep breath, and sprint again.

I arrive just as the train appears, and hop in. Not too packed. The train pulls off at a jerky rate, I assume the driver is new. How do trains know where to stop every time anyway? I don't let the thought consume me as I pull out my phone again, flick on the Mp3 player, and get lost in 90's rap music.

We're approaching my station soon, so I automatically become aware. I turn down the thumping music, and prepare to stand up. We go into the last tunnel. I see two men near the front of the carriage stand up, they do it in an odd fashion, and have strange looks on their faces. They upset my mind. So I stand up, and my mind is doing a mile a minute wondering why they look so weird, but they catch me staring so I avert my gaze.

I have a splitting headache, as if someone had recently had a gunfight in my head. My knees ache, but I get up. I look around, and see we are still in the tunnel, but.. the train is massacred. I realise I am standing on a window, and the train has become derailed, and is sitting at an angle. I look around, to see if anyone is trapped, but that doesn't seem to be the case. I flail wildly at the window below me, and eventually it breaks. But my knuckles throb. Hopefully I don't look as bad as I feel.

I hop out of the train, to see the full extent of the reckage. Luckily for me, I'm not riding the tube. Although this isn't a one way tunnel. I hear cars, lots of them. The police. I head towards the cars, why aren't their sirens on? My knees are aching more. I have to crawl. My destination seems to have moved further away. Lots of doors open, but not in an ordinary fashion. Sounding like.. hatches. I get onto my stomach, and look to see feet, and how many. I see at least thirty up ahead. I don't feel like being questioned, and I assume I will heal, so I avoid them as they pour into the tunnel in the track on the opposite side of the train. I muster up some stregnth, and make a break for the in-tunnel exit door. Now I realise what these are for.

I try the door, and its not locked. No time for celebrations though, as I have been spotted. I make a quick entrance and slam the door behind me. I definatly cannot run for very long. Why should I run anyway? They're on my side. Playing for my team as it were. so I stop, turn around, and open the door. There are several police, but.. they aren't wearing proper uniform. They remind me of the SO19, but they're helmets are red, and they're shoes are red. They're body armour\jacket, and trousers are black. Never seen police like this before. One of them shouts something at me, Inaudible, so I ignore it. My legs are weak, and I fall to my knees. One of them takes out a baton and hits me in the chest with it, I cough and roll over. What the hell is this? I didn't do anything..

The cop who hit me makes a hand movement at the others and they storm into the train. He sits next to me, looks at me, and takes off his helmet. “Run.” He says, in a very hushed manner. “Why? I didn-” I am cut off as a cop walks past and he knees me in my leg. It is all I can do not to scream out in agony and punch him in the face. I feel the tears in my eyes, and admit defeat. “Sorry.” “What the hell was that!?” I shout, And he swiftly moves his glove to my mouth and shushes me. “Shut up and go! JUST GO!” I can feel him shouting at me through his whisper, and crawl away. He closes the door and puts his helmet on. I am alone in a dank tunnel.

Crawling through the tunnel, I feel like my knees have been sliced in two. The agony is incredible, but I don't want to make noise, so I sob quietly to myself. I see another door, dimly lit, but visible. I crawl a little faster in search of hope. Upon opening the door, I am greeted with daylight, but a plethora of cars. Thankfully no police, But I hear a muffled message, and realise there is a cop around the corner. Talking into radios. I spy a few rocks, so I swiftly crawl to them, and throw one at a far away car. This stirrs his attention. He looks at the cars in the distance, and settles back down. I throw another rock, and he un-holsters his pistol, and charges toward the distance.

I muster some stregnth in my legs, and make my escape. I assume if I can make it out of the train yard, I won't be hit again. Although my mind is doing a million miles a minute. Why did the cops want to hit me? Why was I told to run, and more importantly where is the nearest hospital.

Thanks for reading it, IF YOU DID.

I was set 2 writing tasks for the christmas holiday, Writing to explore, and writing to entertain. But he also gave me the rest of the homework for all of the school year. I opted to do it all over the christmas holiday.

I rolled it all into one story.

Rate plz? What can I improve on?

Reaching the platform of the train station, It is a rather desolate place. No-one is here, not even the police. I fear crossing the tracks as I assume the lines are still electrified. This leaves me with no option but to crawl the entire legnth of the platform, cross the bridge, and go down the other side. Realising this will take a while, I attempt to stand. Bad idea. I come crashing down to the ground with such a pain and force I wonder if the gravity was suddenly turned up.

Making my way across the platform, I scope, 3 platforms away a man leading a teenager, the teenager is wearing the same Jacket as me, and I get the queerest feeling as I notice this. A bathroom is further down the platform. I decide I'll stop there first to see how bad I really look. But even getting half way across the platform is a long process. I cannot feel my legs anymore, and wish I was an amputee.

The sky is darkening, and a slight fog is looming in the distance, omniously. I can hear engines gearing up, and the smattering of feet against the ground. I roll under a bench and try to turn up the sound. “Couldn't find him” Couldn't find who? I ponder. “I thought I saw him in the—” I hear a door slam. Damn. The cars begin to drive away, leaving only a few behind. “Okay. All clear.” “Shall I then?” “Sure.” I hear a loud bang, and the world whites out.

The two men are looking at me on the train. I shouldn't have stared at them. The train screeches into the station, and the passengers fly out of the train. The station is alive with whispers and noise. The sun is shining, but Its still rather cold.

The two men are still on my case. They don't seem to be following me, as they are taking the other bridge.. I but I catch them stealing glances from the corner of my eye. Crap.

I begin to jog casually, but I think they're on to me. I speed up, and make for the exit. I'm thinking of even all out sprinting, but if they chase me, they have longer legs. And I am screwed. So I jog at a decent pace. Not too slow, but not too fast.

As soon as I am out of the bottleneck of a station, I run like the wind for my friends house. I know its only a few streets away, but I take no chances. I hop over a fence into an alleyway, but my plan fails. There is a large skip on the other side, just out of reach for me to land cleanly. My knee hits it on the way down and I scream in agony. It felt as if I got my knee stabbed, that empty feeling, as If someone just removed your kneecaps without you knowing.

I hear voices on the other side of the fence. Two voices, rather husky in tone. I decide that I cannot cross the skip, so I climb up the fence, and look over the edge. The two men are staring directly at me. Almost as if they knew I would pop up at that very second. They proceed to club me with their shoulders and I am out like a light.

I come-to in a volvo. Fairly new model so I am rather comfortable, despite the searing pain in my leg. It could be worse. How could it be worse, I am not sure. I am in a strange car, with two men who want me dead, and I have just lived an event twice in the space of 10 minutes. I assume they know that. I get ripped in the face by an unknown smell and want to throw up repeatedly. I haven't eaten anything today, so I just wretch my heart out, painful though it is. I am obviously in no position to ask questions, but I'd rather they hit me in the face again than me having to sit through this painful experience a moment longer. What to ask? Where am I? Why have you taken me captive? Who the hell was the cop that knocked the life out of me? “Why am I. Herr. Here.” The smell has impaired my speaking ability significantly. “Because you were on a train, and witnessed something you shouldn't have. Is that what you wanted to hear?” I conclude he is mocking me. “Noht reely.” I retort feebly. “Just lie down and forget about it.” He says, in a stern-yet-friendly voice. A rather makeshift visor covers my view, and a picture appears on it. I am engulfed in this picture, although I can no longer talk, or hear. I cannot focus anywhere else but this picture. I don't even know what its supposed to be but it is captivating. The image dissapears and I feel an immense wave of pain in my head. I cry out and the world fades to green.

“Bzzzzt!”. “SH–” I scream, Rubbing my forehead. “What the HELL was that about?” “Bzzzzzzzzzt!”. “Chrissake, Stop that!” I boom, praying for a release from the pain. “Bzzzt!”. I can't even see where this is coming from, I feel like someone just administered a shock paddle to my head. My attacker comes around to face me, my eyes flickered in brightness, rapidly trying to make an image of my surroundings. I can't look up to face my attacker, but I can still look down. And there, are red boots.

Mustering some strength, I face upward, only to see one of the men that hit me before. He waves his stick and the electric comes back on. Sod it. “Bzzzzt!” Tears well up in my eyes, and I frantically blink the tears. A flash of light, and a crack of thunder shake the room, as if they know what has just become of my day. I didn't do anything. I wanted to go and play football with my– “Bzzzzzt!” The pain is no longer foreign. Painful, but I know what is coming now. I think they are trying to subdue me. Playing dumb, I loll my head. This seems to appease him, and he throws his stick of death to the ground, and removes his helmet. “Hello again.” He says, in a knowing voice. “You–!” I raise my head in a jerking manner. “Bzzzzt!” I did not see that coming.

“Pleas.e.. sto.p.. hitting..” I cough, and begin to moan quietly to myself. I realise if I bawl out he will kill me, or come close enough. But the tears roll down my face as I cannot hold them back any longer. Does this man not have a heart? How can he continuously hit a teenager? When will th- “Bzzzzzzzzzt!” Can he hear me thinking?! How the hell did he know? “Bzzzt!” “I quit. Ple..please. Ju..Just stop hitting.” I splutter. I can see the floor is gray, uneventful tile. I assume the walls are the same, as the sound of his stick hitting my skull shrieks around the room and only adds to the pain. He tosses his shockstick to the ground again. “Stop making me hit you.” “Yo..I.. not..” “Every time you react, I have to hit you. It is what I do. Its a reflex. Stop making me hit you. Please just stay subdued.” He retorts, in a harried manner. At this point I have no idea who's side he is on. But I am pretty sure it isn't mine. I want to nod my head in agreement, however I am sure he will hit me. A dile– “Bzzzzt!” His shock stick is still on the ground. I look up, ready for another beating, and I see his fist is glowing brightly. After what has happened today, I should be expecting to see this. But I'm not. Its too much for me to take in. I'd rather die at this point. Will they keep me imprisoned here forever? Just taking beatings to the head at their will? That is seeming very likely. Hold on. He hasn't hit me yet. “Keep reacting. If you do, I will eventually have to hit you.” All emotion has been drained of his voice. Like he's been posessed. “Stop. Stop thinking.” Why should I stop– “STOP THINKING!” He cries, his voice is loud enough to shatter glass and break eardrums. I've angered him. Not a good I- “BZZZZZZZZZZZZZT!!” “Aghhhh!” He hit me over the head. I don't know what with, but I will never react– Oh christ I'm doing it again..

We're in a cold room now. Much colder. I'm on some sort of trolley, and my wrists are strapped down tight, I forcefully attempt to free my hands, but the table delivers a shot of electricity to my temple. I can't even black out anymore. The pain is so immense, I could scream. But I cant. I'm trapped inside my own head. My body reacts but my voicebox is failing… As if it has been removed. Humming doesn't work. The air warms. I open my eyes, and see many men. At least 15. All huddled around my table, some appear enthralled. Others are holding guns to me. There is no forseeable way out of this, and so I accept defeat. I am in a form of theatre. Windows encircling me. Directly in front of me I see two men, moving extremely fast. I see small traces of them as they rush around, plugging things in, removing them. A man in front of me motions to one of them, and he pulls a plug out, and waves to me. The windows tint to black.

One man removes his helmet and approaches me. An unfamiliar face. He doesn't talk normally either, A mix between robot and human. Omnious. I try to hear him properly, but his words are all a jumble, and not in english, almost.. latinish. He stops speaking, abruptly. “Hello David, I know you wonder, why are you here. What did you see earlier…. And why were you beaten.” This appears to make the audicence laugh, enraging whispers slipping between them. This is not happening. “David, you weren't supposed to see something earlier. Unfortunatly, we can't tell you what that was either. We can neither tell you why you appeared back on the train.. unscathed, although with your memories intact. Simply because, we don't know ourselves.” This cannot be happening, please don't let it be happening…. “David, we can't make you forget what happened. And this raises a problem with us. We wont kill you, but we will harm you if you seem too.. spirited. Now, take him.” I wasn't surprised to be faced with my own fate. I knew I wasn't supposed to be involved in that. I knew he would know my name. I knew they would keep me here. And I know I am going to get hit again. Its just a matter of when.

Flash Fiction

- Written by Ruben Fisher, (when? I don't remember. I was a child.)

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