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Danielle's Story along with other stories archived under Project Legacy scripts were originally for use in the Western Visual Novel, Project Legacy. Since the game's development was halted, the echoes of what might have been live on here.

Childhood: As established she was left at a Nebulitist monastery at a very young age in a small country known as Yomal, the reason behind which is the fact of when she was born, which was during the last year(s) of the war (however her parents could not foresee this happening so soon, so they decided it would be better to try to protect their child from the horrors of war without parents, than to live in desolation with them). However unbeknownst to Elly, is the actual reason she was left behind, and as a result has grown to resent them, “How could they, how could they leave a child behind in all of that. Was a human life too much of a burden??” Her parents were not Nebulitists themselves, which is another reason tracking them down has become a difficulty. They had sent Elly to that monastery at the hand of an old acquaintance of theirs who agreed to take Elly in (they knew each other well, and that regardless of how the war turned out, he would never bring Elly into the war) This acquaintance died by the time Elly was 6, and so too died the truth about her parents at that time (there may be someone else who knows) Also, the Nebulitists themselves are marked and labeling a radical group because of their role in the Great War. This is because the Nebulitists sided with the opposite side of what Simon’s Dad was fighting for. Seeing as they did indeed lose, they are labeled as “fanatics”, and since the war has been lost, many followers left Nebulitism to: escape religious persecution, losing faith (as many of their clergy divined the battle to be won in their favor), also the religion was slowly losing relevance with the space-age beginning, and finally reformation.

How Elly was brought up was relatively minimalist and restricting. It’s not a matter of believing the religion or not, she gradually came to accept it in time. But resource-wise, beyond the basic requirements there really wasn’t much to go around. Elly most likely never went to bed too hungry, but many of the foods weren’t exactly gourmet level either. Sleeping accommodations were minimalist, there weren’t many luxuries, without a routine, one would probably go insane from how much free time one had, outside of accomplishing their duties. A good number of the other children were adopted eventually, but Elly was left behind. Rather than making this into a negative aspect, she used her experience around the monastery to work with and take care of the other children. It wasn’t too long until she became a fully ordained priestess of Nebulitism, and would work with other members of the parish. However, in time, the monastery gradually lost funds and was foreclosed, and with that, Elly found herself a bit lost in a world where her religion was more of a detriment than an asset. She took up a number of odd jobs that although not humiliating or degrading, certainly didn’t fit her vocation. Eventually she found some stable employment with a small company as their customer service representative. The pay was low, but she still left her mark in the company. Many customers were giving praise about a certain customer service rep who took care of them as if they were people, and not a potential sale. Word got out about this, and although it was technically the opposite of the job, business did better with Elly’s communication skills. She kept doing this until she transferred to her next job when she was 21.

Religion: Nebulitism itself was actually started a short time before the war (within a decade or two) in response to the rapid evolutions in space exploration. The core beliefs are, “From stars we come, to stars we shall return” (which scientifically, is actually true, all matter in the universe was formed from a star at some point, and that same energy disperses through the cosmos upon decay [conservation of energy]) They also believe in two energies that can manifest in living things; light (life giving/stars) and dark (dark matter/black holes, decay) depending on how one conducts themselves, it will determine their fate after death (not too unlike most conventional religions, but the rituals and parameters for good and bad differ from most of them). Some other factors that differ Nebulitists from some conventional religions is their faith in Science as well as themselves. Measurably, there are pockets of energy in the universe which seemed to have arisen from nothing, but the Nebulitists try to ‘borrow’ that energy to make their petitions and wills known. It is said there are some practitioners who have reached a level of spiritual awakening that they can alter their fate ever so little to match their ‘prayers’ (these aren’t prayers in the traditional sense, like “Please let me win the lottery,” or, “please let him be okay” it might in fact just be concentrating hard enough on a goal that one wants to see it reach fruition) Whether or not these phenomenon are coincidental is entirely speculative. Sometimes it’s nothing more than putting ones faith in the unknown, simply because it cannot be known (much like the ordeal of space travel itself, one simply cannot have control over all things that can happen) There were a few branch-off sects of Nebulitism during the war, especially if they had motives different than that of their countries leaders, etc. One such sect dictates that life energy itself is the truest essence of the stars, and you need only call upon that to achieve your goals. More violent sects (especially during the war) believe the power of the stars lied within weapons of mass destruction such as atomic bombs. Obviously it was these more violent sects that rose to power during the war fueled under the guise of rampant nationalism as a means to conscript more soldiers to the cause. It should be noted that Elly is part of the more mainstream “neutral” group. But even being part of ‘that’ group is still relatively unknown to a lot of people, and furthermore, because it’s a relatively new religion, they can only think of the more power-driven fanatical sects (To draw a modern day analogy. like the Aum Shirinkyo, which is still a surviving religion as of today, but members are few, go under a different name because of persecution, and generally keep to themselves when possible)

The War: Elly was really too young to have done too much in terms of fighting, but it’s an established fact that because of the war, Elly was raised how she was (which of course was initially cloistered off from the war) However, no matter what measures were taken to protect her, many, Elly had to become involved in the war one way or another. As mentioned before, the off-shoot religion soon reached a cult-like status under the motivations for war and nationalism. Also, the increasing number of children being left there allowed Elly to make some friends in her childhood. And obviously at some point, Elly was to find out all about the war, and what was really going on in the world. A lot of what she learned was generally negative in nature; it all seemed like killing for the sake of killing to her, no side was “right”. Moreover, Nebulitism had no place dictating the politics in the war. She needed to bring Nebulitism into a new era of peace, but as one person this proved difficult. This was part of her motivation to leave the monastery: to finally see the vastness of the universe through it’s inhabitants. She decided through Nebulitism she could help people, but without bringing it up at the same time (if it is a truly good religion, people should be able to recognize the “good” it conveys innately, without giving said “good” a label). When she discussed this with her manager, of course he gave her his blessings (although he was a bit reluctant to let their best customer service representative go, the company had acquired a good enough reputation her legacy was already in tact) and he actually set her up with a Social Worker position in the city of Neo Ophella, at least until she could move up. She performed her duties rather adeptly, and was often given merits and praises within her community for going “above and beyond her duties.” This meant she would often work extra hours with no pay to take care of few extra people if she could. As for the actual experience itself, Elly learned about different people in the world, how the world affected them, and what she could do personally to help them move on. Obviously, being a city she also learned about the ‘evils’ of the world as well, theft, violence, lust, and although it initially hit Elly hard the first time, she pitied them, and strived to know what motivated them to lead such a ‘dark’ path. This lead her to want to pursue an even stronger career, after all, the city is vast but the world is much more. She sought to achieve her therapy license using the funds she acquired through her job, and the rest went back to local charities, as she really didn’t have much of a ‘church’ to give back to, the next best thing would be the organizations her religion would support, if they could. When she did start practicing therapy, she actually specialized in veteran trauma and the victims of the war, but this didn’t stop her from even being able to reach out to children too if her field demanded it.

How she met Nolan: Nolan himself actually came up with the idea of having a counselor on the ship, a luxury he himself yearned for during the war. What would have made all the difference to keep the soldiers psyche intact, instead of leaving them to cope with their pain and anguish, was the motivation for doing so. Nolan too had seen a few of his own comrades succumb to the dredge or war, and anything he could do to prevent/remedy that, he would spare no expense for. Nolan initially heard about Elly on the news while they were doing a piece on the “miracle lady of Neo Ophella”, and Nolan was moved. He just knew then and there, this was to be his counselor if she accepted his offer. Nolan made arrangements to meet with Elly personally. She herself had actually heard of Nolan as somewhat of war hero prior to their meeting, but she found it odd he would take the time to visit her personally. Nolan discussed with Elly the job he wanted her to take up, a counselor for the ship known as the Arc Valiant. Elly was a bit reluctant at first, after all, she would be turning her back on all those how needed her in Ophella. Nolan insisted this was a unique opportunity, and even used her Nebulitism to label this as a “pilgrimage to the stars” (Nolan had known quite a few Nebulitists before the war, it wasn‘t hard to recognize the symbols associated with it). At first, she laughed it off, but started thinking about it. Soon Elly’s lack of parents was brought up when he asked how they should be proud of what she’s done. Nolan didn’t take that well. Nolan insisted if she were to accompany him for the crew, he’d not only give her a new family, but would personally seek out her parents whereabouts after they finished the mission. Elly was touched, she had not even thought much about her parents in years, but somehow the possibility of closure seemed all the more important. This was truly the unfinished business she needed to take care of before she could pass on to the ether of space. She told Nolan she would think about it, took the day to consider the benefits of taking up such a mission. On the one hand, she could really focus on a few individuals and prevent the mental anguish she treated from ever happening, on the other, so many would be left behind. At this point, she decided to take a walk through Ophella one last time, seeing people come up to her, asking for advice, thanking her for previous advice, and simply greeting her. She remembered she had also inspired a lot of followers to do the same, her personal aide being a woman named Claire. She talked with Claire especially whether or not she should leave to undertake this. Claire insisted there would always be people in need, but she had in fact left Neo Ophella in a much better place than before. Her legacy was in fact that people had more hope that could push through the darkness of their days, while still maintaining a positive attitude. Elly decided finally she would go with Nolan. Her decision was not based on the idea of a pilgrimage, nor the proposition that she could even help more people, she decided to do this for herself. It wasn’t too long after she had contacted Nolan with the good news. Having such an influential person on board surely would give his crew a better reputation, and even attract new crewmates (however this really wasn’t his true motivation, he genuinely believe Elly was “the” person for the job)

Nitpicky details: Elly prefers classical and soft music (this is partially due to “old“ music being the only music her monastery had), she prefers songs without lyrics even more as they can ‘paint’ a better picture in her mind. She appreciates art, but she loves optical illusions even more. One such art object would be a crystal pyramidal prism she was given as a child, from which she was told, she could gaze at the light from the stars in their “purest” form (she obviously came to learn it was just bent physical light, but the idea of something simple to have an air of magic was sentimental to her) A lot of her spare time at the monastery was spent solving puzzles, not limited to but including, mazes, jigsaws, ring puzzles, logical problems, and the occasional riddle. Elly personally feels that puzzles are part of what helps her attain an absolute serenity of the mind, despite their difficulty. Consequently, she believes one solves puzzles at their best during this state, a symbiotic relationship too. Scattered throughout her office are such puzzles actually, that she will sometimes have her patients solve to help them relax. Even if it’s an especially frustrating one, it usually helps the patient at least collect themselves and focus on something else. Sometimes she imbues her own advice as the answer to such riddles, but she doesn’t do it with malicious intent, sometimes the answers can only be found in oneself. She also serves drinks to her patients as a formality to help them relax. She usually uses the military packaged powdered tea mix, as it can last a long time and not spoil (also it’s very expensive to seek “real” tea in this day and age, if she could have it her way, she‘d but the real thing though). Typically she tries to act as a mediator in many conflicts when she can. There are not too many things that set Elly off, but few of them are: bringing up her parents, being compared to the cult during the war, told that all humans are corrupt/evil (they can’t be helped, it’s how the world “is”, that kind of thing), also when people hide things from her too. Elly gets along fairly well with Rasheed, Nomura, Jaki, and Julian (as Julian actually comes to her fairly often which will be covered in later on) She typically doesn’t see eye-to-eye with Reb, Kat, and Leon (as they are still employed by a military, which she sees no longer necessary) but she’ll still keep up the façade of harmony between them. She mostly took up the job because Nolan promised he would find her parents whereabouts after the next mission (the one the game starts on) and Nolan had entirely altruistic motives in making such a promise. When she isn’t in her office, she can be seen around the infirmary and other places where her presence would be more of a boon. Some foods Elly likes are bakery-type items such as flavored breads, mixed salads (not limited to the “just lettuce“ kind), various kinds of cheeses, and pasta-type dishes, noodles especially (Fettuccini Alfredo in particular). Elly typically won’t eat meat items, but if it is offered to her in kindness, she won’t refuse it. As far as drinks go, Elly does not drink alcohol (it‘s unknown whether this is linked to her upbringing in a monastery, or personal choice), she typically drinks the powdered tea, but she might do so out of habit (and health) rather than actual liking of tea. She does enjoy juices, including vegetable juices as well. If one were to give a overall label to Elly (which would be misleading, as her character will change throughout the game) it would be the “Spiritual savant and peacekeeper”

Project Legacy

- Written by Scooble, Mid 2012.

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