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The species of Msuhroom that people call “Magic Mushrooms” or “Shrooms”. They are considered Trip Drugs because they contain the Alkaloid Psilocybin.



Illegal in the United states, except for in special cases, ex:

Florida- It is legal to posses fresh Cubensis mushrooms, because it is impossible for the person to know whether or not fresh mushrooms are a container for psilocybin (Which you actually CAN tell)

New Mexico- It is legal to grow and posses Cubensis mushrooms for personal use.


I don't like to pay for mushrooms.

So I decided to call out to East Texas. I asked if I could come out there with some friends, and go on a hunt and my Xgirlfriend “Lo” (from the last East Texas story) said “Yes”, she would set it up

So we waited for the humidity to be PERFECT, and went out to the little town in East Texas. When we got there, we met at a place I had never been (It seemed like a car garage, but was about 2 acres back on some land, but I saw no other structures anywhere, or on the way to it…) Lo, her dad, her grandad, and some of their friends were there.

Lo's Grandpa was a REALLY drunk, crazy old man, and told her, “Put your hand in my pocket.” She turned to her dad and said, “Should I?” And he said, “You know DAMN well not to put your hand in that mans pocket.”

So she came with us (Me, and my (both girls) friends M, and J) M was driving, and Lo sat in the passenger seat, and me and J sat in the back.

We went to the RV that her dad had bought for me and her, and it now had electricity, and plumbing. We had to wait until like…3-4am to go mushroom hunting. And Lo got bored sitting in the trailer with nothing to do…

So she started calling people to get beer, because her dad wouldn't buy her any…(He told her that we should just come in and drink with him, which would have been BAD ASS) So we found some Mexican guy that would buy it, and went to where he lived. We chilled at his place, and smoked with some other people that lived there, while we waited. They came back, and we went back to the house, inviting them, and whoever they wanted to invite.

So TONS of people came over to that little RV, and beer ran out fast. But we were sitting around playing drinking games when all these kids (from the boons) started talkin about a “mansion” with a pool. And we were thinking, a “Mansion, out here?” So we got there, and it was a big ass house, with a BAD ASS pool. M, and J are both drunk.

Somehow Lo's grandad was with us, (He told us to call him “Dickweed” he had it tattooed on his chest) And he was a drunk old pervert. He was sittin in the pool, drunk as shit. Shoutin shit at all the girls. Then M got naked, and eventaully started fuckin the ONLY black guy there, IN the pool. While EVERYONE was in view, including a 14 year old boy, and Dickweed watched (Approvingly)

We finally left there, and got to the first mushroom field. We had some trashbags, but we realized…We had brought NO flashlights… …SO…We had to use our cell phones for hunting…

We walking through the field in a line/wall, and the boon kids showed us all how you tell if the mushrooms are good or not (besides tanish color) You squeeze the cap, like so one finger is on top, and one is on the gills. When you squeeze, if the juice is purple, it's good. ANY other color, bad. A piece of paper would be good for testing this

Everyone got a good trashbag full, but Dickweed didn't even make it over the fence. So when we got back to the car, he payed someone to give him some of theirs.

Then we went to the second field, and got more. Then went back to the RV.

When we got back, Lo said it would be a good idea to make “Mushroom tea” We only had a microwave on hand, so we used that and made some nasty mushroom juice.

But somehow it didn't work. The microwave somehow zapped the psylo or something…I have no idea what happened, I just no NONE of us felt it EXCEPT Dickweed, and he just ate his…

Then at like 6-7am we left, M drove. And we went home…

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2nd mushroom hunting story

Me and my friend (a guy) K, decided we would go to East Texas, and go find ourself a good mushroom field, we'd spot out some cows, and poop around 10pm, chill, maybe make some friends, and come back at 3-4am to do some mushroom hunting.

So we started driving around, and decided we were going to try to find Lo's dad (Lo is in the last 2 stories, who she i, is described in the first one) so we went to a random gas station, and I went in and asked, “Do you know (his name)” And the lady behind the register said, “No”. But some random kid in the store said, “Did you say (his name)” And I said “Yes” and me and this kid started talking and went outside, he told me to text Lo, so we did, and we ended up meeting up with her, and never getting to see her dad…

But we chilled with this dude who knew Lo, at a park, until Lo came, and then we got some bud, and went to roll a blunt. Then we went and hung out with a bunch of dudes I had never met, and smoked out of a steamroller.

eventually it was late/early enough, and we went out to the SAME field that we had gone to first, last time. We parked in the same spot as the first time (which turned out to be stupid) and jumped the fence, into the field.

The way the field is shaped, there is a hill. You walk down, and there is a small valley, then another hill on the other side, and a fence, and a treeline to some woods. We were walking across the valley part, using flashlights, and being pretty loud (not yelling or anything, but loud).

All the sudden we heard dogs…Then a gun shot…Then a drum…It was scary as shit.

We ran up the hill at the back of the property and to the fence, when we got to it, someone said “What do we do now?” I said “Jump the fence, get off THAT GUYS property!” So we jumped the fence and started running, one dude stopped to go pee, and his friend stopped too. Then Lo went back for them, then K lost sight of me, and went another direction.

So I was alone in the woods. My cell phone was in the car. And I could hear the dogs.

I ran BACK towards the car, but not onto the guys property. And I got to a “lake” which was like waist deep, and had TONS of trees growing out of it. But I walked through it, scared AS SHIT that I was going to get bit by a snake… I finally made it out of the water, but when I made it out the land around it was just sticky, gucky, shitty, mud. And it sucked my shoes into the mud, (but that was ok with me, I went barefoot everywhere at the time, and had only worn shoes for the hunt ) So I took the off, and carried them as I ran. There was no trial, but I ran in a straight line, moving big branches, and just braking small ones on my arms, getting caught on all kinds of briar thorn vines and shit.

I finally got out of those woods. And into a field, as I ran I noticed (because I didn't have my shoes on) that the field was full of little pear cactus's, and sticker plants :S So I put my shoes back on, but the stickers the got stuck in the shoes were hard to get out, and hurt MORE than the ones that were just in my foot, not getting pressure pushed on them. So I took off my shoes, and ran barefoot again. Trying to dodge prickly pear cactus, in the dark.

Finally I saw some headlights, and it looked the were doing donuts. So I thought, “That must be my friends, trying to show me where to go.” So I got closer (about 1-200 yrds), and noticed that the car was a cop car. So I ducked in the tall grass, and moved behind a pineish tree. I watched the cops and the farmers talk for a while, then eventually. The cops left, so I decided to walk down the street. But realized that it was a dead end, but didn't realize that the cops hadn't left, they just went to this dead end, and to the house that was at the dead end. Once I realized it was a dead end, I turned around, and went to the car to get my phone.

A tiny dog heard/say me, and started barking, and chasing me. I ran to the car, grabbed my phone, ran about 2 properties down, and hid in some bushes, in front of the 2nd property. The farmer came out with his truck, and got another farmer to come out with his truck, so they were shining their lights both ways down the road.

Then the cops came back, and brought dogs… I thought, “Shit, I'm fucked” The dogs sniffed the car, but we had nothing. The cops got a megaphone out, and yelled: “Attention to the people in the woods, if you do not come out, we WILL tow your car.” But they DIDN'T They just threatened.

The farmers dog started to slightly bark at me at one time, and if the cops had payed attention, they could have got me. But a cop just yelled “GET!” at the dog, and made it go away. He didn't want to listen to the farmers dog, since he had his own.

Then eventually the cops left again, and I called my friends, with my phone in my shirt. They said they would come soon. I decided to run across the road, so I was on the opposite side as the farmers property, so he couldn't even TRY to say I was on his land.

But he came back out pretty soon after I did that, and brought his dogs. I had taken a piss, and they smelled me out REAL quick. But even when they barked at me, I just stayed where I was. they weren't trying to hurt me.

The farmer couldn't see me but he knew I was there, and I was just like “Shit, what do I do?”

So I stood up, put my hands up, and said “I wasn't tryin to fuck with none of your shit.” He asked what I was doing out there I told him we were from out of town, and thought it would be ok to just walk around. He patted me on the back, and asked who's car was parked there. I told him “My friends” He thought it was mine, and told me I could take my car and go. I told him I didn't have the keys, because it was my friends car, and around then my friends pulled up. The farmer said, “They've been drivin up and down, lookin for you for about an hour.” At this point it was around 8am

Me and K got in K's car, and we followed Lo and her friends in their car. We stopped at a house, and smoked a blunt. And they told me what had happened (Within 20-30 min they had all met up, and gotten in cars) And they wanted to know what had happened to me…

I was covered in mud…

I was wearing a shirt that said “Dunder Mifflin” but you couldn't read ONE letter, NOT ONE. My pants had mud ALL over, and had a light layer of mud color tone from being wet. I had scratches, and bruises all over my arms from thorns, and branches. I was a mess.

I told them what had happened, and we headed out of town. Trying to avoid the police, because the farmer told us they probably tagged our plates, and will just get us later…But said that he wouldn't call, or pursue us further in any way, with the police. And nothing ever happened to my knowledge

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(This thread will eventually have trip reports both written and video)

I have taken mushrooms more times in my life than I can remember. I don't want this thread to seem like a mushroom deterrent. A crazy mushroom experience, even when no mushrooms are gathered, can be an intense life changing experience depending on how the circumstances unfold. I want this thread to be a WARNING to those wishing to go mushroom hunting to: BE SMART about where you go and exactly what you do. There are tons of laws defending personal property, and if you get near someone's livestock, house or even just ON their property you can end up dead.

Having said that: After mushroom hunting, since I successful hunt guarantees a HUGE yield. When you go mushroom hunting you don't find an 8th in one night. In east Texas (I like to call it the mushroom kingdom) people will sell you a grocery bag or a pizza box FULL of mushrooms for like the same as a pack of cigs. The BEST thing to do with a large yield of mushrooms is make cool aid. Lightly boil the mushrooms or let them sit in enough alcohol to just get it all wet. Then pour the extraction into some kool aid, or make Kool-Aid using it. THAT is the best way to take it. Everyone gets a cup and inn 45 minutes you're trippin nuts.

If you can't get ahold of cheap or free field picked shrooms, I still also have advice that may benefit you. When buying mushrooms buy at least 2g. That is the base amount you want to take. If you want to have crazier trips later, try 3-4-5-6g gradually to test yourself. But start with 1-2g, 2 is average.

Furthermore, if you want to make your trip stronger and last longer there is something for you. It is called “Syrian Rue”, it is cheap and easy to order online. What it does is basically shut down your immune system temporarily via MAOI's. The only problem this poses is that when you eat chocolate or cheese you can get a terrible headache, and if you binge on cheese or chocolate while eating lots of MAOI's, there is a chance of death. But you have to be being stupid, so watch what you do and you should be fine.

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First time I ever did mushrooms:

The first time I did mushrooms (I was like 15) we bought them, and overpaid like most people do . Me and like 10 other people planned on tripping together in the woods, and we bought our mushrooms about 4 hrs before we were actually scheduling the trip. We were all excited, so we even tried smoking a little mushroom “shake” from the bottom of the bag. We felt that it had the effect of making us “happy”, but that was probably just placebo from being excited about the mushrooms.

About 1hr before we were supposed to trip my mom called and told me I had work the next day, so I needed to go home. I went home and to the living room upstairs to turn on the TV. My sisters best friend was in there, but my sister was somewhere else, so I talked to her friend. I told her about and maybe showed her the mushrooms and she told me I should take them. I had a bag of Syrian Rue seeds and a bag of mushrooms, so I decided to go with her advice and take the mushrooms.

I wasn't sure what to expect and my sisters friend left about 30 minutes after I ate them. I started watching TV and waited for them to kick in. And at some point I felt like maybe they were working, but I wasn't completely sure. So I stood up, and suddenly it felt like the entire floor dropped beneath me. I walked around and even just that sensation alone was VERY strange.

I was laughing about nothing and decided to turn the lights of to watch whatever I was watching. In the dark it seemed as if faces were flying at me out of my peripherals. So I turned the light back on. when I sat down I threw the blanket over myself by throwing it over my head, and when I tried to find the edge of the blanket to pull it away from my face, I got lost inside the blanket and couldn't find an exit.

I watched TV a little longer and laughed about nothing, then went to my room and starred at the ceiling until I decided to close my eyes, which started the closed eye visuals. There was nothing but darkness and a glowing green and pink triangle dancing with each other. Like a windows triangle shape dancing screen saver thing. Then I fell asleep.

I called in sick to work the next day.

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At one point I got to take free mushrooms all the time because there was an ample supply in my area. So I was taking at least half a gram every day, then like 3-4 grams a day on weekends.

One day I took like 4g, then one of my sisters friends who was at the house asked me if a few of them could get a ride to get cigs. I wasn't tripping yet, so I was like “Yeah, why not”. I drove them up there and everything was fine. The only problem was on the way back, there was an intersection with like 6 stop signs and all kinds of fucked up turns, and I had to ask someone in the car what I was supposed to do.

So we made it home fine, but then when I got out of the car I realized I was trippin hard. I knew how to drive a car, but I didn't know how to do anything else. Someone asked me a simple question (I don't even remember what it was) and I had NO idea how to answer, what to say or anything. So we sat in the back yard and smoked. It was kind of chilly out, so we had a fire going in our fireplace we had out there, and I was watching the fire burn. It was amazing. Watching fire burn. I felt like I could see the wood, the fire and the point at which they became one. I felt like I was WATCHING fire. But I was really just probably LOOKING at fire and tripping. But anyways, after that my sister got a phone call and like 8 people came over rolling their nuts off. One kid told me his whole life story, like: “I was at church camp and BLAH BLAH BLAH”.

Our backyard was set up kind of strange, there was 2 couches, and a TV on our patio but it was safe from the weather because it was like in a little niche. So we turned on the TV and watched it (Super Jail, Time and Eric's Awesome Show: Great job, Venture Bros, etc) and talked and smoked bud all night with blankets and a fire.

It was amazing, because that night it went from cold-ish weather evening and sunset, to rain that we were protected from, to night time, to morning. And I saw the WHOLE thing with the mushrooms in my system, so it was just beautiful.

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One time me, my sister and two of her friends got some mushrooms. Two of them also took Xanax and I'm pretty sure the one that didn't take Xanax (besides me) had never taken mushrooms before, by the way he reacted to them.

My whole trip on this occasion was really just watching other people, and watching some wet weed dry.

So we had like an Oz of dank and we were trying to make it fluffier, so we stuck it in orange peels. We took the mushrooms, I'm pretty sure we took the mushies WAYY after they took the Xanax. But my sister like passed out at the bottom of the bed, because she was all Benzo'd. The guy that took Xanax took his and went to sleep in another room.

The guy that had NEVER taken mush before (I'm pretty sure he hadn't anyways) chilled with me. He was like starring at a ceiling fan light, and moving his arms all weird. I asked him what he was doing, and he said he was able to change the colors of the lights, and that he was making a light show. He was disappointed that I couldn't see it too. Then he asked me if I liked spiders. So he moved his arms around all weird, then said “Do you see the webs?” And when I said no he was disappointed again. He asked me what my trip was like, and I told him it just made the scenery move and shit in like waves, and shades and colors moved. And he went on to “fuck with the lights” and started calling me “captain Jack”. Eventually he fell asleep and the rest of my night was consumed by watching the weed we had put in the orange peels. I took it out and watched it dry ALL night

Word to the wise. Never try to sell mushrooms, while you are on mushrooms.

It is not easy to use scales and stuff, and you really just don't want to. Plus if you are younger and people still live with their parents, the trip leads you into thinking about that shit, and that gets scary as fuck.

… …

I just found some old trip reports of mine from when I FIRST started trying RC's. I had tried mushrooms plenty of times before this, but I wrote 2 reports for it

This is all about 4 years ago, I found it on an OLD OLD blog I wrote. If it reads weird at all, it's because I had to translate it, I used “SWIM” since it was like 4 years ago, so I had to change it.

“ok so recently I have had a steady connection for mushrooms so he did it a couple of times this week.

I have done mushrooms multiple times before, along with MAOI's on some occasions, and swim has tried 2c-i 3 times.

ok so the first trip.

I hadn't tripped in about 2 or 3 weeks so when the mushrooms came his way, he was ready to try them. I smoke weed everyday, and am usually high, but functioning. usually corn but recently I have had alot of dro so I've been smoking that.

so the day of the first trip swim was with r, e, and a. they had gone to a party where a, e, and r drank and smoked. but I only smoked because he doesn't really enjoy drinking much anymore. a and e had both also taken some xanax.

the party they were at was at this kids house and around 10pm he kicked everyone out thinking the cops were coming because his neighbor had driven by like 4 times. so we all left and didn't know what to do, we went to chill with r's girlfriend and her friends but she was drunk so her and r just fought the whole time. so we went to my house to stay the night. thats when swim, r and e decided to take the mushrooms. a and r had never taken any before and a decided he didn't want to but r was excited. so r, e, and swim all ate around 2 grams of the mushrooms. this was around1130pm. after eating them everyone went outside to smoke and began to feel it. a was saying that he wanted to trip, but still didn't really want to take any. r was feeling the come up and since he had never tripped before thought that t was really cool, and thought it was the effects that the mushrooms had. and I told him that it wasn't even close to hitting yet. everyone went upstairs and a went to bed. r, e, and swim all went in swims room and e layed down and basically went to sleep, but not really, while r and swim talked. r began to feel it really strong and swim began to notice the world changing a little. then r went into a complete mental religious breakdown. his eyes rolled back into his head alot, and most of what he said didn't make sense. he kept saying e was a dead bitch (because she was sleeping at the foot of the bed), and yelling about how he was the master of the light show. he called swim jack sparrow and at some points he seemed to be afraid of me and at some points he seemed to want to learn from me. my trip was mostly just laughing and being part of r's trip. I sat in one spot untill r fell asleep then I had my own trip. once r feel asleep everyone was asleep except me. so I went in the bathroom to check on the weed. Me and r had put the weed and orange peels in some tuperware to fluff it up, and when swim took it out of the tuperwareit had purple on it that swim hadn't noticed before and the buds were alot fluffier, and seeing this was amazing to me, the alteration of something by filling it with fluid. then I layed the weed out to dry on cardboard. I sat for about 2 hours watching it and blowing on it and he could see it drying and altering, and becoming smaller. after I thought it was dry enough he put it in a bag, and went to sleep.

this trip had no profound revelation, but it meant something to me, because in hindsight he sees how r reacted to things and how he had been afraid, and I saw what he is responsible for, and I saw that things change and swim thinks that watching that growing change is important to him, and I believe that I can change things, but am not sure how. which is the theme of trip 2.

ok so, I had taken mushrooms the day before with r, and e. and my last two 2c-i trips and his last mushroom trip hadn't been any form of great revelation or even a great fun experience, they had been very sober, and alot like being sober, but in a different mind.

so anyways, I went to another town to pick up a friend, t, who had been in juvenile detention with him for 6 months. and my friend was getting mushrooms through him. so I picked him up and smoked with him on the way back from t's town. t got his mushrooms and wanted me to do it with him so I decided I would and took 3 grams.

after about 30 minutes a wanted me to drive him to the gas station to get cigarettes so he did, with t in the passenger seat and a in the back. on the way to the gas station I began to feel the mushrooms (we went to a gas station on the other side of town) and things started to be funny. they got to the gas station and on the way back I started tripping alot harder, and this was my first time to drive tripping. but it wasn't much different than driving sober except that sometimes the rules of driving didn't make sense to me, or I would forget how a four way stop sign intersection worked.

after what seemed like forever we got home and I wanted to smoke so he went upstairs to get weed and asked everyone if they wanted to smoke, but no one seemed to want to. then t realized his phone was gone and at first acted nice about asking me to call his phone but then started to get an attitude which pissed me off. after looking 2 times in the same two places I found it.

so t and me went to the backyard(a,e and e's boyfriend s were back there) and swim stared at the fire place, which had a small fire burning. I could tell that t was uncomfortable now that other people were around that he didn't know and he had just been a dick to me.

the rest of the night I felt like there was conflict between me and t, t felt uncomfortable and lied a lot to people he talked to on the phone and I could tell that t was also lying to me about stupid things. this part of my trip was basically just analyzing and understanding t and people caught up in a world like his.

the rest of the trip was conversation basically. I'm not sure what the meaning of life is. with no god there is no greater purpose, and I believe there can truly be no god based on what he knows of his mind other peoples minds and the world. so me and t had a debate about god, and religion for a long time. t got mad at me for not wanting to follow his studies and practices, but I think that that is just like any other “religious” person, and I think that that all might just be in peoples heads. this part of my trip was me analyzing myself against someone who is like what he used to be like.

I came down during smoking and conversing.

so none of my recent trips have been profound, but they have been teaching me things about people life and alot more.

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