Cryptography and Technology is so amazing. Within the last few years, and especially within in the next few years the use of this sort of stuff will become much more common place and will change the world in a much greater way then most people believe it will (IMO).

Consider these things:

1. Storing money within your brain via a “brain wallet” You could potentially store millions of dollars worth in value with just your memory.

2. Completely Anonymous online purchases and sales of illegal, counterfeit, copyright, patent infringing, bootlegged and non-prescription goods. As well as various services such as buying and selling DDoS attacks, and other services/information.

This might not sound so useful to you, but it will aid in making a more perfect market by raising competition while harming monopolies caused by patents and intellectual property right laws, by aiding parallel and grey markets to flourish. That is, it will will prevent bullshit like this:

3. Anonymous & encrypted discussions that allow individuals to release secret data from corrupt corporations, governments, religious organisations and more are already easily available.

4. Anonymous hosting of websites, files, and information in general allowing people to keep and make available certain information using things such as Tor, I2P, Freenet, WebP2P, and more. In other words even if the government shut down Wikileaks and outlawed real journalism the effect would be futile.

4. Anonymous, secure, and decentralized delivery systems, analogues to this idea called “BitDrop” – Which uses a series of crypto keys for individuals to pass along items to deliver them to one another without knowing the destination of the product. The runners would end up making money via shipping fees. Dead drops might be incorporated to this.

5. ALL of this will be possible by way of a rooted and slightly modified Android Phone also. With a rooted phone, you can run OrBot (Tor), OrWeb (Tor Browser), have Bitcoin Wallets, and much more related things, such as GPG/PGP encryption, and so on. Allowing all of these products, services, and related stuff to happen very easily and non suspiciously anywhere with an internet/4G connection.

The result of all of these applied crypto-technologies coming together is going to essentially lead to a non-violent, reputable and reliable black market that has cheaper products then available via the taxed, legal market. All of which can be done via the convenience of your expensive smart phone, or a dirt cheap computer.

Not everyone will use this darknet marketplace stuff for everything, but many people will use it for many different things and it could really have some interesting and I bet positive effects on all of society, causing the prices of legal markets prices to drop and aid in the spread of wealth among people and nations helping with economic stability, and equality.

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