What Is The Future Looking Like? When you hear the word “Cryptocurrency” you often think of Bitcoin first. Bitcoin hit the world by surprise a couple of years ago and has since went from 1cent USD, to at peak, 250$ and averaging out around 90-100$. For a currency that is created through this system, makes FIAT look like a dirty old piece of paper, opposed to 1 Bitcoin, even though not physical (some are), feels like a nice hefty lump of gold in your digital wallet. Personally, I would rather have the equivelant amount of BTC to 1,000,000$ over the 1Mil FIAT.


The future is already beginning to hit us. Everyday the world is changing, and it’s changing rapidly. We see things like Fans with no blades (Dyson), we see cars that run on alcohol, we see robots doing unimaginable things. The list goes on. If you were to go back say, 50 years from today, and all of a sudden our technology came–what would happen? I believe that it would be too overwhelming to their civilization, and probably would collapse  under  its pressure.


The freedom that P2P currencies give us is not only for the value of it in money terms, but also what it stands for. You think Mr. Nakamoto went through all this work just to create a magic internet money that could be traded like FIAT? No. In fact Satoshi did the exact opposite. He made a stand out against centralized banks and government control. Have anybody ever had their Bitcoin “Bank Accounts” frozen because they didn’t abide by some stupid law? No.


With the government, and all the  shameful things they have done, and will continue to do; it’s no wonder why we lose so much trust in them. For example- The U.S. Governemnt freezes Dwollas bank account because they say that dwolla was going about their business illegally. In my opinion, and I believe you would agree, the Government did this because they are scared. They are Scared, jealous and cowardly using their power to seize and try to stop the people from achieving new heights on their own. How are we supposed to trust an office to administer our society, when all they focus on is freezing funds in accounts they deem unfit and seizures of data centres for file hosting companies for pirating.


Not to mention the latest news. The NSA is literally spying on their very own people, invading OUR privacy and dignity just because they want to “supposedly ” protect us from terrorists. Thats a bloody cover up and we all know it. Sure, there is terror out there, and sure there should be security in place for that (Airport security tightened for example)… but reading our personal emails, and grabbing personal details, chat logs, phone calls, basically anything they want from companies, is downright wrong. This is the reason currencies and movements exist.


In light of this  government  corruption, groups like “Riseup” and “Autistici” have risen and shown that if people stand together and work as one, we can win this battle, and we will win this war.


Here are some ways you can protect your privacy and keep prying eyes away from you and your work:

TOR (The Onion Router) – Website

Get a riseup.net email – Website

Use riseup pad’s to organize demonstrations and events – Pad link

Use a VPN (Will do a list of  recommended  soon) – PrivateInternetAccess.com


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