CrossCiv is the name of the initial Crossfire RPG server set up to explore the use of Crossfire RPG as a two-dimensional individual character scale interface into the Galactic Milieu.

The server is sometimes available to choose on Crossfire's metaserver, their list of available/running crossfire servers. But for whatever reason, the metaserver often fails to list it. Thus it is useful to know that it can be reached using the hostname

The name crossciv is a combination of Crossfire RPG and Freeciv, and refers to the use of both in creating the Galactic Milieu.

The server provides the beginnings of a sketch of some aspects of D'ydii in addition to the capital city of a galactic diplomacy planet.

Because Crossfire RPG is designed to implement a fantasy world, many of the types of character players can choose to play are more suited to a fantasy milieu than to a science-fiction milieu. Thus the server attempts to differentiate among created characters, placing fantasy characters on the fantasy world. Thus in order to create a character there for the Galactic Milieu it is necessary to create a character that is devoid of fantasy features such as being a spell user, being a user of prayer in the sense of “spells based upon theologies or deities”, or even simply not being human. (Not all non-humans need necessarily be fantasy rather than science fiction species, but currently the server errs on the conservative side.)

Unfortunately recent versions of Crossfire RPG have moved character creation choices to the client. This is the so called “loginmethod 2”, and it bypasses the per-race profession-choosing maps that the CrossCiv server uses to direct each profession to its appropriate starting area. Users of “loginmethod 2” all have the same choices of where to start, so for them it is currently necessary to permit them to choose the Galactic Milieu but to quarantine them in the newbie schoolhouse there until a human gamemaster can manually check their character for any fantasy elements before either moving them to the actual schoolhouse or to the fantasy planet.

The java client, jxclient, which can be launched from the web at does not at time of writing implement “loginmethod 2” thus it does allow players to use the server-side maps to choose profession, allowing the server to place different races and different professions at different starting places.

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