Creative Juice Unleashes Painting In Four Hours

Last October turned out to be tremendous shift in my life. Mind techniques started working for me the very first day of the seminar. The positive vibration was so overwhelming that I exuded with enthusiasm throughout the course. But the climax of it all happened even before I finished the course. So allow me to relate my story.

It was raining cats and dogs on my way home that Saturday evening. I could barely see the street due to the heavy downpour. So I thought if the mind techniques course graduation won't push through the following day because of a storm brewing up, I might as well start working on a painting I was commissioned to do.

As I was about to go to bed that night, I set up my easel, canvas, brushes and tubes of acrylic paint. As I was doing so, the rain had stopped so I decided to go to bed early since it's a special day tomorrow. But I still had no subject in mind to paint. All I know is that the client wants something of nature which is bright and full of life. So I tried the Glass of Water technique, then the Dream Control.

At about 1:30 a.m., I was awakened to recall a vivid dream. In my dream, I was in the midst of a tropical forest. As I walked along, I noticed the tall stately trees with their trunks rising up to the heavens like columns of a cathedral. The bright, illuminating colors of birds gave contrast to the surrounding earth tones and shades of green. It was all so awesome.

Since I already had 5 hours of sleep, I decided to work on the painting right there and then. I stared at the blank canvas in front of me, went to my level, then used the Mirror of the Mind technique. I first visualized a blank canvas within the blue framed mirror, erased it, then visualized my dream within the white framed mirror, complete in every detail. I went out of my level and started working. By 5:30 that same morning, I couldn't believe my eyes looking at the finished painting. Created in only 4 hours time - something which would normally take me three days to complete. “Mind techniques works!” I said to myself.

I was so excited all throughout the seminar that day. I brought along my painting and shared my experience in the middle of our graduation rites. Knowing myself in the past as “timid” especially in a big group, it was a surprise to be elected as class coordinator. Mind technique methods has greatly enhanced my self-confidence and creative visualization, especially in my work. Mind techniques can truly be a way of life for it lets you go beyond yourself; allows the wonders of your very being to unfold before your very eyes; and brings an awareness of self-evolvement - all for the betterment of humanity. Thank you and more power.

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