Creative Gift Wrapping Styles

You may discover all you require to present a normal gift in an exceptional way in your own cupboard or the local bargain shop. By using a little imagination and borrowed ideas, you can turn a plate of cookies into an unusual gift, enhance a wedding shower with something lovely to look at, or recycle a pocket from some old jeans. You can come up with something delightful for the proverbial “woman who has everything,” giving something of yourself.

Here are four ideas to get you started, but soon you'll recognize ways to express your own personality in gifts. It helps to take advantage of sales and outlet or bargain store prices, so that you always have a few items in a box or on a shelf just waiting for an occasion to give.

Think “theme” to begin a gift: salad, chocolate, travel, garden, fragrance, apple, golf. Or think “container”: basket (wire, wicker, or paper), jar, bucket, hat, tin (decorative or plain, with or without lid), bag (paper or cellophane), or even cardboard tube. You might then add lining or wrapping such as tissue paper, excelsior, or shredded foil or paper. Add a final touch with a bit of ribbon (wire-edged or satin, floral or curling, tulle or cord, shoelaces or raffia) or a silk flower or plastic fruit.

Think Cookies

Deanne suggests that before treating someone to your favorite cookies, treat yourself by purchasing a container of Pringles potato chips. After enjoying the contents, clean out the container and cover it with pretty wrapping paper or a bit of fabric, cut to fit and overlapping just a bit. Rubber cement does a good job of gluing it on. Then bake some stackable cookies, making them the diameter of the container, and stack the cooled cookies inside. (Deanne finds that her poppy seed cookies work well here because they are flat and don't spread out much when baked.) Cover with the plastic lid, tie a bow around the top, and share it with someone special.

Jeans Pocket

Mary cuts out the back pocket of some discarded jeans, making a whimsical and inexpensive gift holder. She leaves the pocket attached to the fabric underneath so the pocket actually remains a pocket. After punching two holes in the top of the underneath fabric with a paper punch, she threads raffia ribbon through the holes, tying it in a bow for a handle. A small silk flower is attached to the front with a glue gun, and the pocket filled with a bookmark, pencils, and decorative note pad. What a great way to say “I'm thinking of you” to a favorite student!

Flowerpot Elegance

Luba has used a terra-cotta pot sprayed gold as the base of a wedding shower gift for several friends. First she puts crushed newspaper in the bottom of the pot to hold the gift up in view. Then she adds floral tissue paper, which hides the newspaper, bringing it up the sides of the pot. She stands a bottle of sparkling cider in the back of the pot, then adds two white Battenberg lace place mats, rolled around paper towel tubes and tied with a white ribbon, standing upright beside the cider. Then she angles two glass goblets filled with gold foil chocolate kisses in front of the rolled place mats. Two white candles nestle to one side, and two white folded Battenberg napkins are placed on the other. The finishing touch is a gold-and-white French ribbon (wire-edged) tied around the pot with a bow placed off-center, and shredded gold foil sprinkled among the gifts. What a visual feast!

Baskets and Buckets

Debbie, mother of an 18-month-old, thinks any woman would welcome a basket of relaxation. Her Bath-in-Basket begins with a heart-shaped plastic or wicker basket stuffed half full of crumpled paper and lined with clear cellophane wrapping paper. She coordinates both the color and fragrance of the basket, starting with shredded, crinkled paper. She then nestles in some pretty soap, potpourri, bubble bath, shampoo, lotion, and a fragrance envelope. A body puff is tied to the outside for visual interest. All this encourages a special someone to take time just for herself.

A Happy Car Bucket is a great gift for the man who likes to pamper his car. Stuff crushed paper in the bottom of a large plastic household bucket and line with a terrycloth towel, draping the extra over the side. Purchase any combination of car-care products, such as car-wash soap, wash mitt, sponge wrapped in nylon netting, chamois, glass cleaner, chrome cleaner, air freshener, or a trigger nozzle for the hose. Color coordinate for a united look and tie a paper or raffia bow around the bucket to finish the package.

Mason Jar Magic

A wide-mouth mason jar holds a variety of gifts. For a baby shower fill the jar with baby lotion, brush/comb, shampoo, and rattle. Use one sock inside the other stretched to cover the lid. For a student going away to school the jar could hold stamps, self-stick notes, small sewing kit, small address book, mints, hot chocolate mix, etc. A mason jar packed for the kitchen could include muffin mix, bean soup mix, hot drink mix, fancy tea bags, homemade salsa, or cookie mix. Top with a square of fabric or Battenberg doily and tie with a ribbon.

More Ideas

Other gifts we have enjoyed creating and giving include the following:

  • Apple Basket, with caramel dip, apples, and small knives
  • Kids' Travel Bag
  • I Love Chocolate Basket
  • lasagna pan with ingredients
  • Back-to-School Kit
  • fancy soap wrapped in tulle
  • book wrapped in a kitchen towel
  • muffin tin, with wooden spoon and favorite recipe
  • Happy Good Morning Basket, with muffin cookbook, teas, fancy napkins, mugs, and devotional book
  • Party in a Bag with snack foods, video coupon, and card game
  • garden items in a flowerpot
  • Mother's Day in a Straw Hat, with slippers, stationery, sachet, and chocolates
  • mending items in a small plastic box
  • Teatime Mug
  • Salad Basket, with recipe book, salad tongs, gourmet dressing, and croutons

As you start thinking of and creating gifts, you will find, as we do, that the thought and creativity that goes into these make them as much fun to give as to receive. The joy of the receiver is well worth the bit of extra effort you took to create the gift.

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