One way you can physically verify the amount of t raffic to your Google Places listing is by creating a coupon and placing it on your listing. The process is simple and will help you track how well your listing is working for you. O n the Google Places dashboard page , there is a ‘coupons’ tab that takes you through a step by step process for constructing their own custom coupons. These coupons can contain a variety of information on them , s uch as i mages of your products , your business address, de tails on how to claim the offer, and when it expires. Generating the coupon is as simple as filling in the fields with the appropriate information and saving it. T he coupon is put together as you go , which makes it easy to get it exactly the way that you want it with every step of the process. When it is done , you simply publish it and consumers will see it on your listing in the search engine results. They will t hen be able to go to your Places page , print a copy , and physically bring it with them to your business and redeem their offer. If you need some ideas on how to create the perfect coupons for your Google Places business lis ting, contact me at for a free consultation.

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