Create Your Own Religion

In Six Easy Steps


Step 1

Choose your god! He, she, or it can be anything from the traditional “supreme being” to an invisible pink unicorn( or flying spaghetti monster! (


Step 2

Make your rules. What are your religion's 10 Commandments (Christianity) or Eightfold Path? (Buddhism)?

Step 3

Come up with a reward for following the rules. Such as heaven, (Judaism and Christianity) or riches and power.


Step 4

Come up with a punishment for not following the rules? (Will they be jailed? Will they be struck down in a burst of godly power?)


Step 5

What is your religion's back story? (e.g. the Torah, Koran, Bible) Did an alien lord leave people on Earth, 75 million years ago?

Step 6

Promote your religion and spread the word! Twitter, facebook, and other forms of social media are great platforms for doing so!



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