Crafting in Albion - A Beginner's Look

As a fresh player in Albion, you start out with nothing. The goal in the beginning is to start getting some gear equipped, and properly prepare for the world ahead. Luckily, the system of crafting is somewhat easy, once you understand what’s going on. So let’s take a look at how it all works!

Starting Anew

The most disheartening thing is starting out with nothing. To fix this, let’s head over to the town (which is northeast of the starting area) and visit a crafter.


The items that are available here are the Beginner’s set, which include the following pieces and required materials:

  • Broadsword (6 Rough Stone, 6 Rough Wood)
  • Shield (6 Rough Wood)
  • Leather Hood (4 Rabbit Hide)
  • Leather Armor (8 Rabbit Hide)
  • Leather Shoes (4 Rabbit Hide)

So all-in-all, we need 6 Rough Stone, 12 Rough Wood and 16 Rabbit Hide. Going south back to the beginning area, we can obtain all of these materials. Go for the rocks to get Rough Stone, chop down trees for the Rough Wood and slay the rabbits running around – and harvest them – for the Rabbit Hide. Uh oh! It looks like we’re going to need a Beginner’s Skinning Knife to harvest the rabbits. Heading back into town to see what materials it needs, we look in the “tools” tab of the crafting station. Here, we find that it requires 3 Rough Wood and 3 Rough Stone, so we go ahead and get those materials as well and craft it. After equipping it, we go back out into the wild to finish the farming portion of our first gear set.

With all materials in hand, it’s time to go craft the items. When working on the crafts, you will notice some items have question marks on them. Click these to drag out skill choices – the gear is customized to the skills you’d like to be able to use. Awesome! So choose the skills you like the most and continue crafting the full set. Once it’s all equipped, we’re ready to look into the next tier.


Moving to Tier 2

With the full set of tier 1 gear equipped, it’s time to start working on the upgrades. This next set is the Novice’s set, which includes the following items and their material requirements:

  • Broadsword (16 Iron Bar)
  • Shield (6 Iron Bar)
  • Plate Helmet (10 Iron Bar)
  • Plate Armor (21 Iron Bar)
  • Plate Boots (10 Iron Bar)

If you look to the top left of the Iron Bar icon, you’ll see the II marking. This means it is a tier 2 material. We will find these outside of the town, to the northwest. But first, we need to make a Beginner’s Pickaxe (which is required for mining the Iron Ore. This requires 3 Rough Wood and 3 Rough Stone, so let’s go harvest those and craft the pickaxe. With that equipped, it’s time to go for the 63 Iron Ore that’s needed for our next set of armor, so head out of town and find the Iron Ore nodes.


A Note on Durability

Item durability is something you need to keep an eye on – especially when farming materials. For example, each Iron Node harvest takes away 2 durability. If the item gets to 0, it breaks. You can repair it if you do so before it’s broken, so that you aren’t forced to carry multiples of the same tool. To do this, head to the repair vendor and drag the item to his window to see the cost. In this case, it’s 3 Rough Stone and 3 Rough Wood. So a good idea here would be to carry extras of both so the item can be repaired as needed, as this saves time in the long run.

Finishing Tier 2

With the 63 Iron Ore in hand, you may notice that they look different than what was on the crafting list. This is because tier 2 crafts (and high) require materials to be refined first. Head to town and go to the smelter. Here you can turn the Iron Ore into Iron Bars. Do so, and then you can go to the crafter and finish crafting the Novice’s set!



The future sets work in the same manner, although they require different materials. To find what zones contain the nodes you need, simply open up the world map (M) and choose a zone. At the bottom, it will show the node types and how abundant they are. This will help easily find exactly what you need. Silver is the only thing that isn’t on the list, which is obtained by killing enemy mobs. So just make your way from one tier to another, grabbing tools that are needed along the way and ensuring you keep up with the durability of items! Also note that you only need one set of tools, as you can always mine things lower than the tier it was designed for (a tier 4 tool, for example, can mine tier 2 items still). As such, feel free to get rid of anything that isn’t needed; this is important for inventory weight management.

Source Newbie's Guide to Crafting in Albion


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