Correct Your Eyesight With Pinhole Glasses

Pinhole glasses are the stuff of eye doctor nightmares.

If optometrists and opthamologists aren't having intense, fear based dreams about pinhole glasses, it's only because they don't know any better – which is not to say they aren't aware of them. Certainly, they are. It's just that the normalcy bias is so damn blinding. It deludes people into presuming that things won't change, even though evidence proves that anything and everything could change drastically.

Pinhole glasses have the potential to devastate not only the eye clinic industry, but the eyeglass industry as well. They are simply, rather inexpensive glasses that look a lot like sunglasses, but they are solid, except for a lot of fairly evenly spaced little holes through the “lens” area. They are made of plastic and they have no actual lenses, yet putting them on will help you to be able to read print that is way too small for your naked eye to make out.

You may be wondering why they pose a threat to the eye care industry. After all, how is wearing some weird kind of shades, only seeing out through a bunch of little holes, preferable to using your current prescription eyeglasses and contact lens?

Surely, it can't seem natural to only be able to see through the area where holes are poked through otherwise opaque pieces of plastic. In fact, it sounds like it could drive a lot of people batty.

It's true that a lot of people would put them on, and then take them off, almost in one fluid movement. They are not for everyone, but this reviewer believes that everyone who wears or needs glasses should try them. The reason is that pinhole glasses work with the eyes in the opposite manner of prescription glasses.

Unless you only fairly recently got your first pair of prescription glasses, you have probably discovered that you have to keep going back to the optometrist every few to several years, in order to get a new prescription. As time passes, the effectiveness of the eye glasses diminish. Things start to lose their clarity. If becomes hard to read print you used to be able to read.

The process is very much like what you went through before you got your first pair of glasses. What happened? You thought your glasses corrected all the eyesight problems, but it turns out, they don't correct anything.

The dirty little secret your eye doctor isn't telling you and doesn't want you to even talk to her about is that what she does, for the overwhelming percentage of her living, is ultimately hurting your eyesight and making your eyes progressively weaker.

It's a solid business model, frankly. Much like a heroin dealer might give you a free taste, knowing you'll come back time and time again with money in hand, eye doctors are consciously suppressing the incredible and exciting information about pinhole glasses, because they know that they are likely to lose your lifetime business (due to lack of need) if you find out about this.

While prescription glasses can do nothing but make your eyesight progressively worse with the passage of time, so that you will keep coming back to your eye care professional and buy more glasses, pinhole glasses have the power to not merely prevent your sight from getting any worse, but they can actually correct your eyesight.

This does not apply to all people. There are sight disorders that are not affected by the pinhole glasses. Therefore, there would always be a need for some eye care professionals, even if everybody tried pinhole glasses, but it would be a drastically reduced market, to put it mildly.

Most people can have their vision corrected with the use of pinhole glasses. I remember the first time I put them on to read something. It was amazing how clear and sharp the text I was reading appeared. It just seemed weird and wonderful, because I was not looking through a magnification lens. I was merely looking through holes.

If the only thing that these glasses did was help you to read things when you were wearing them, there would be a market for them, because they are so much cheaper than prescription lenses; not to mention they don't require a doctor's appointment.

In that sense, they would be like the basic magnification reading glasses they sell at drug stores. However they would be preferable to many people, once they realized that those cheap drug store reading glasses will lead to progressive sight deterioration just like more expensive prescription glasses, while the pinhole glasses will not.

However, the awesomeness of the pinhole glasses doesn't stop there. They don't merely prevent your eyes from getting worse. They can correct your eyes progressively, through time, as you use them.

It is highly possible,, (if your eyes are not too damaged yet), that pinhole glasses can heal your eyes to the point of not even needing glasses. They don't just work when you're wearing them. You probably are wondering, right about now, how that is even possible. Right?

This is an extremely cursory, generic explanation. When I found out the full explanation involved learning some things eye doctors have to learn in school, I suddenly wasn't as keen on knowing, so I settled for the overview answer, that I'm about to share with you.

It has to do with the muscles you use when you focus. If humans weren't living indoors there would be a lot less eye degradation. Looking at vast distances is a kind of focus that helps keep your eyes working well.

Being inside, focusing on short distances, tends to make our eyesight deteriorate. This is especially true when we spend a lot of time, staring at screens (like computers, video game consoles and televisions.)

There are exercises that eye doctors know about that they choose not to tell you, because they want you dependent, like the aforementioned heroin dealer. Instead of helping you to regain your natural eyesight, the eyeglass industry offers you “corrective” lenses, which correct nothing, but are only guaranteed to make your eyesight progressively worse than if you were not wearing them.

Putting on a pair of pinhole glasses, makes your eyes focus in such a way, that you end up doing the correct eye exercises without even knowing or trying. Wearing them day after day, for hours at a time, will begin to make a difference, much the same way, walking for an hour a day will make a difference in your body shape.

You may not notice it at first, but one day, you take a look and realize that things are different. For me, it was looking at my phone to play the time guessing game, and discovering I no longer had to play the game.

Before that day, I cursed the manufacturer for making the time stamp readout so small, the characters were fuzzy and the numbers would change on me as I would look at them. But on that amazing day, I looked at the time, and it was crystal clear, plain as day. It was so clear, and even looked so large, I didn't understand how I used to not be able to read it.

At that point, I started wearing the glasses less, but I still wore them. Overall, I probably wore them outside more than inside, and I wore them a few to several hours a day for a number of weeks before that eventful day.

Interestingly, I lost them and after a number of weeks, I was playing the time guessing game again. I bought a new pair and in a couple of weeks, I was able to read the time on my phone again.

Now, my plan is to wear them just a few, to several hours, a month, instead of per day. There is no guarantee that pinhole glasses can do the same for you and they did for me, but I believe the chances are excellent they can help most individuals a lot.

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