Copper (Cu) is a very ductile metal with heigh thermal and electrical conductivity, and is very soft and malleable. The atomic number is 29 and is ductile. Copper is shiny and does rust after time. Copper is greatly used in many homes and many things that use electricity because copper is very powerful for sending electricity. Copper is a very strong material and I found in group 11 on the periodic table. Copper does not react to water but does to oxygen. Copper is a really needed material for building and it's softness is big part of why it can transfer so much energy.

Composition and Chemical Properties

Copper is the 29th element of the periodic table and its symbol is Cu. The symbol Cu is derived from the Latin word for copper, “cuprum.” Copper has a heigh melting point of 1,984°F. Having a heigh boiling point like this is good so that it doesn't melt when in hot places. Copper is also very malleable. Copper also has an atomic radius of 128. It also has an atomic volume of 7.1 for copper.

Typical Use

Because copper is super conductive it is used in wires and cables, as well as musical instruments and is seen in architecture and have put a huge part on the industry of electricity because they have found using copper is a lot cheaper.

Fun Facts

The average home contains 400 pounds of copper used for electrical wiring, pipes and appliances! Copper is typically found in cables and wires because of its great conductivity. Copper has also been used even back in ancient times. Historians even call the period of time between the Neolithic and Bronze Ages the Copper Age where it was first used greatly. And copper was also used on the bottom of ships to help prevent rusting by putting thin layer on bottom outside of ships. Copper is 100% recyclable


Copper is reddish orange in color, if exposed to oxogen though it produces a greenish color as seen on the Statue Of Liberty in New York. It is also used all around the world in architecture such as in old ancient buildings and the most obvious place to find copper is probably in your pocket! Because the thin outside layer of pennies is copper! But copper is also green in another time bedsides rusting, when you burn copper, the flame is green!


The category that copper will be found in for its composition is in the Metals. This is because of it being able to conduct electricity.

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