Conventional Door Chime – With Melody & Customized Features

Traditional huge door bells are replaced with wireless compact door chimes. In fact with hi tech technology wireless door chimes are created with more than one tunes and customizing features. The Triple 100 meters home remote wireless door chime is a compact door chime created for modern houses.

It’s Not A Traditional Door Bell

Certainly this door chime has no comparison with the traditional door bells. Firstly the traditional door chimes are big and to be fixed with a long wire to be connected to a switch board for electricity. This door chime is wireless and easy to be installed; In fact you do not need a specialist to install it. Usually the traditional door bells are available with a typical ring tone which is not preferred by today’s generation.

This door chime has different melodies for your perusal. This door bell is made with latest technology with less of fuss which ensures long life of the chime. Unlike traditional door bells which spoils the tunes first and then the bell would need a replacement. This remote wireless door chime is easily available and could be delivered at your doorstep in minimum time.

Modern Look & Shape

Unlike traditional door bells this door bell has an elegant shape and look. With the best melodious tones this door bell has been designed in a compact shape which looks pleasant and actually does not look like a door bell. It looks like hi tech gadget. Another benefit of such a brilliant look is that it could be easily moved from one place to another.

Although moving the door chime daily or too often is not a good idea however once you have done some shifting in your house and want to move the door bell you can easily do it with Triple 100 meters home remote wireless door chime. Traditional door bells have a limited range which does not solve the purpose of bell. Wide range also helps in changing the bell from one corner to another.

Easy Installation

Triple 100 meters home remote wireless door chime could be easily installed by anybody. The installation instructions are mentioned on the user guide. Basically it’s a matter of two screws and nuts which could easily fix the door chime in any corner of your house. Installation would also need some batteries to be fixed for melodious tunes from the chime.

This door chime is convenient and sleek look which is easy to fix and could be moved at your own convenience. Flash light is an additional feature with the bell which could be asked for separately. Wireless feature adds to the convenience and does not require any wire or cord to attach the bell for connectivity. Flashlight with the bell is another modern feature added to the bell unlike any traditional bell. In fact flashlight has been liked by lot of users as if missed on hearing the bell one could make out a new arrival by the light.

Customize The Tunes

This conventional door bell has the feature to customize the door bells. This door chime has a section where you could pick 3 different melodies for 3 different areas in your home. One can pick up the tune as per your children’s choice. So if you have a separate area in your home for work you could use this bell specifically for work place as well.

In fact this bell could be accommodated with another bell at your place. One can use the modern piece of art in the living room and customize the best ring tone for it. Selection of ring tones could be done as and when you want to. In fact one can select the volume and adjust sound levels accordingly.

Easy Availability

This Compact door chime covers a wide range in your house. This could be easily ordered from the website of its manufacturer and they would provide it at your door step. This door bell is slightly costlier than the traditional bell; however it is worth that cost.

Brilliant features with a wireless technology and different tunes differentiate this from any traditional bell. It is a value to money deal which provides hi tech door bell at your door step. Conventional design not only provides a fantastic look but helps in safeguarding the switch and bell in all seasons.

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