You’ve found refuge within my heart,

Eating me from within,

Turning my joys into sadness,

My days into night,

But I was a fool,

Consenting to a make believe love I once thought was real,

Only to awaken to your dagger plunged within my heart,

Slowly twisting,


Leaving its mark into my broken soul,

And yet I lived,

But a broken figurine of my past existence,

Shedding tears of lost time,

And fallen dreams,

And I moved on,

Stumbling a foot,

Dazed and confused,

How could I have fallen for your vengeful lies?

Found warmth in your cold hard touch,

Was I that blinded by love?

The love that has held me,

Embracing me,

The love that I had for you,

Or was I just a fool,

Living life only to fulfill pain’s dream,

And here I lie,

Fallen from the foot of the stars,

Embracing the image that has now found my reflection,

The tears that have come to cling to my being,

Consenting to the pain that now holds me at bay,

For my sorrow will bring me strength,

And I will rise,

Stronger than before…


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