Confident Leveling Brings Money

Ever since I joined mind technique course for children, many better and better things kept happening to me.

My understanding of our lessons in class has improved. My memory has improved. My grades have improved. I used to be only a co-chairman in class projects and activities. Now, I'm promoted by teachers and chosen by classmates as chairman. Teachers even ask me to supervise the whole class during extra - curricular activities.

One day in school (Grade 5, Southridge School) my classmates and I went out of the classroom to go to the field for our P.E. We left our things in the classroom. We did not close our room because there were carpenters fixing our lockers. When we went back to our room after our P.E., my wallet was on the table instead of inside my bag When I opened it, my lunch and snack money were gone! That means I would be hungry all day! I felt like crying! When I was about to cry, I remembered to do it using mind techniques. So I took a deep, deep breath, went to my level, pulled my 3 Fingers and said with all my might: LORD, please help me. I will have money. I will have money. I will have money. Basta, magkakapera aka! The speaker taught us to have desire, belief and expectancy So, I desired, believed and expected. Then my classmates were asking why I wasn't worrying and crying, and why I did not look problematic when my problem wasn't solved yet. I told them my problem will be solved because I “prayed” already.

When we were finished with our second period, we went to line up in the corridor to go to our next classroom. Then something was pulling my neck and chin to look to my right. When I did, I saw my Mom! It so happened she suddenly remembered to attend a Parents' Meeting there. I asked permission from my teacher, ran to her and said, “Mom, I was robbed! I lost all my money.” “Hmmm. you must have leveled and used your 3 Fingers,” she said. “You can say that again,” I answered. Immediately she pulled some money from her bag, gave it to me and said, “Here's the money you need. Congratulations for leveling so well!” So boys and girls, don't worry. Be happy. Reinforcing! Wildan Jan H. Cabactulan

33-Year Old Drinking Habit Curbed

When I decided to join a mind technique course there were obstacles and problems to it so I just hoped and prayed, “Lord God you know very well my desire to join this seminar. However not mine but your Holy will be done.“

I found myself on the way to Hotel Nikko Manila Garden. On the evening of that same day upon reaching home I drunk a few bottles of beer. Before retiring to bed that night I constructed some affirmations foremost of which was I am doing well without beer therefore I do not drink beer. For around 15 years my husband and I have a regular intake of 2 to 3 bottles of beer each before lunch and supper EVERYDAY. My mother got tired of nagging me to refrain from this habit. She got used to it that she even buys beer whenever we visit her. My daughter Evelyn sometimes reminds me of the harm of alcohol to the body although occasionally she brings home bottles of liquor.

The following evening when I reached home from the course, my husband was holding a bottle of beer. At times like this I used to have an irresistible impulse to take a bottle for myself. To my surprise I had no urge to join him drink. (He learned to drink from me 33 years ago before we got married.) This affirmation worked so fast on me. Then Monday while having lunch I told him I will not drink beer anymore. As usual his response or statement was “Ipapaputol ko ang kuwan ko, sometimes ang mga daliri ho!” My claims to stop were obviously not convincing.

On our graduation day, my daughter fetched me. On the way home I told her I don't drink beer anymore. She responded mechanically “good”. Then she switched to another topic. 23 days after the course, I haven't had a taste of alcohol. I still have no desire to imbibe. One thing though, I'm also at ease with Brandy and Scotch when available. So I modified my affirmation “I am doing well without beer, brandy and scotch therefore I do not drink beer or any kind of liquor”.

These last few days I noticed I have more money in my wallet and my grocery bills are much reduced. I told this to my husband to which he commented “In a few months you will have recovered your mind technique course expenses.”

At this stage I feel happy and triumphant and almost halfway accomplished towards mental housecleaning. Yes, I love myself unconditionally and I love you all! Avelina B. Cruz

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