Compiling cgminer on Fedora 19

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Walks you through setting up scrypt mining on Fedora 19 with AMD drivers


For some reason people like Ubuntu. I guess the less intimidating version of Linux is good for some people. While I like Arch, Fedora is as cutting edge as I want to be. Unfortunately the support for Bitcoin in Linux is mostly for Ubuntu. The major difference is that we will be using rpm fusion amd drivers instead of official Catalyst drivers from AMD.

This guide will compile cgminer for you. It will enable scrypt mining.


  • Enable rpm fusion repos
     # rpm -Uvh
     # rpm -Uvh
  • Install the following tools
     # yum install curl-devel automake gcc ncurses-devel kmod-catalyst -y
  • Install the APP SDK
    • Download: AMD APP SDK
       # tar -xvf AMD-APP-SDK...tgz
       # ./
  • Reboot
     # reboot
  • Download cgminer
     tar -xvf cgminer-3.8.1.tar.bz2
     unzip -j ADL_SDK_*.zip include/*.h -d cgminer-3.8.1/ADL_SDK/
     cd cgminer-3.8.1
     ./configure --enable-scrypt --enable-opencl
     sudo make install
  • Test your install
    # cgminer -n
    [2013-12-19 17:24:32] CL Platform 0 vendor: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.                    
    [2013-12-19 17:24:32] CL Platform 0 name: AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing                    
    [2013-12-19 17:24:32] CL Platform 0 version: OpenCL 1.2 AMD-APP (1214.3)                    
    [2013-12-19 17:24:32] Platform 0 devices: 1                    
    [2013-12-19 17:24:32] 	0	Tahiti                    
    [2013-12-19 17:24:32] GPU 0 AMD Radeon HD 7900 Series hardware monitoring enabled                    
    [2013-12-19 17:24:32] 1 GPU devices max detected 


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