Commendatori Season 2 Episode 4

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Commendatori is the fourth episode in the second season of The Sopranos. Most of this episode finds Tony and his cohorts Paulie and Christopher in Naples on a business trip that also allows them some opportunity to enjoy Italy. Meanwhile, Carmela has lunch with Rosalie Aprile and Angie Bonpensiero, and she is startled to learn that Angie is facing a possible medical emergency and that her marriage to mobster Pussy, who has recently returned from a long absence, is not going well. In fact, Angie has every intention of leaving him as soon as she finds out the results of her big medical test.

Episode Recap


Business in Naples

Tony is thrilled at the prospect of spending a few days in Italy, though he is careful not to let Carmela know how excited he is about the upcoming trip. She is angry that they never go on such exotic vacations together, and he tries to explain to her that this is strictly business and there will be little time for leisure, though he knows that he will be enjoying himself as much as possible while he is there. Upon arrival in Italy, he, Christopher and Paulie meet with their translator, Furio Giunta, who warns them ahead of time that though they will be meeting with the family of mob boss Don Vittorio, they will not actually be spending much time with him. Tony soon discovers that this is because the patriarch is losing his mind with age, and he has passed the responsibilities of the family business onto his daughter and daughter-in-law. The daughter, Annalisa, is instantly attracted to Tony, and Tony finds himself drawn to her as well. However, he does not want to get involved with her romantically because she is a business associate. Gradually, Annalisa comes to terms with his rejection and agrees to be business partners, and the two of them enjoy the rest of Tony's trip together, visiting a number of tourist attractions and generally having a pleasant time. Meanwhile, Paulie goes off on his own to soak up the culture as much as he can, while Christopher binges on heroin and prostitutes.

Carmela and Angie

It's not easy being the wife of a mob boss, and Carmela and Angie have a unique bond because of that. Their friendship runs deep, and Angie's dissatisfaction with her own marriage leads Carmela to question her own. Mostly, however, she is simply concerned for her friend, both for her health and her marital happiness. She is also troubled by the thought that if Angie simply picks up and leaves, her children will be left without a mother. She tries to talk Angie out of leaving, but the marriage troubles are a big issue, and Angie is not willing to try to work it out with Pussy. Meanwhile, Pussy has problems of his own that have nothing to do with Angie, as he is growing very paranoid as a result of aiding the government as an informant. When he and his FBI contact bump into an acquaintance named Jimmy Bones, Pussy's paranoia skyrockets, and he becomes afraid that Jimmy will somehow figure out what he is up to and tell someone.

Special Occurrences

Jimmy Bones, who happens to be an Elvis impersonator, falls victim to Pussy's paranoia. After they meet each other by chance in the presence of Pussy's FBI handler, Pussy decides that the only course of action left to him is to go to Jimmy's house and attack him with a hammer. Hence, Jimmy loses his life in this episode. Meanwhile, this is the first episode to feature Pussy's wife and Silvio's wife, as well as the translator Furio Giunta. After helping Tony to complete his business in Naples, he returns to America in order to act as a liaison between the two families. The episode includes a reference to The Godfather, Part II, as it begins with Tony and his associates watching a bootleg copy of the movie. This scene is included as a bonus in the extra disc in The Godfather DVD Collection.


This episode includes quite a bit of music, and all of it is Italian as the men have traveled to Italy and are conducting their business there. The most prominent piece of music is Andrea Bocelli's “Con te partiro,” which plays three different times during the episode. It is considered Bocelli's signature song. Other songs played during the episode include “Core 'ngrato” by Napolitano, Jovanotti's “Marco Polo” and Piove“ and “Certamente” by Madreblu.


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