Cocconut Oil for Weight Loss

Healthy Weight Management Real weight management is obtained by healthy eating habits combined with physical activity. The goal is to be healthy.When more calories are burned by the bodies' metabolism than is consumed, the body will lose fat. That is nothing new. We all know this. But there is new research that is coming out that may help us tip the scales in our favor. This is some information that may be added to healthy eating and exercise. that may help reach weight management goals.

Since the early 1950's we have been told that saturated fats are bad for us and make us fat. Some companies that were producing soybean oil , margarines and other hydrogenated fats were advertising the health risk of eating butter and other natural fats. Recently, a number of researchers have learned that the opposite is actually true. The right kind of fat is good and can help us lose excess fat.

Coconut Oil Benefits Coconut oil's benefits may be due to its content of medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs), also called medium-chain triglycerides or MCTs, rather than the long chain fatty acids found in vegetable oils like soybean oil and animal fats such as lard. People living on tropical islands where they consume large amounts of coconut oil have been found to be lean and healthy, despite high fat diets.They also had good vascular health. Coconut Oil For Weight Loss Coconut Oil Shrinks Your Waist Size

When 20 obese men added coconut oil to their diets for four weeks, their waist circumferences got significantly smaller, with a mean reduction of 2.86 cm. Researchers noted: “[Virgin coconut oil] is efficacious for WC [waist circumference] reduction especially in males and it is safe for use in humans.”

Coconut oil is delicious, and is good for you. Coconut oil is great for cooking. It has a high smoke point. Great for frying I like to make old fashioned stove popped popcorn using coconut oil.The great thing about VCO is that it is available at most health food stores. It is easy to include it in our daily cooking routine.

Eat More of this Fat and You Might Slim Your Waist Size in One Week Posted By Dr. Mercola | December 29 2011

Disclaimer - This article is published as information only. It is not medical advice or diagnosis.Anyone seeking medical advise or diagnosis should obtain help from a qualified healthcare professional.

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