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Did the days undo in time

Grievance lay with me in bind

And on the fourth hour the night envelops

Sleeping soundly to the tricksters and relocks

Ask me not for I dare not tell

Of what worthy praise you shamely sell

And of you, so sweetly entangled

In nothing but doubt and shangles


And yes reality consumes our senses

But in fantasy, not lies, does out truth matter

I have not tasted kisses, or felt a touch

But no matter, I have felt something

And in each voice or whisper something more is said

White purity in that of logical reasoning

Never any nonsense shed


And if you only knew

The dimples upon my face, forever shown

When you speak to me

And I think less of what I am, but for you

I am more than enough

You are the reasons for my sanity

You are my ground in which I find


The night a Fein once, now a pleasure

With great company as yours

It only seen as something I treasure

And your eyes the perception of the world

If not known would be flawed

And if thus you question that of flawed

You make it all more proof of beauty


And I, never too kind

Never too bold

But always so shy

And to quick to scold

If you only knew

How much I adore

If you only knew how close

I am to loving you


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