Cleveland Cavs on the Board

The 2014 NBA draft will soon begin and the Cleveland Cavs will be on the board as they hold the #1 pick in the draft. This isn’t new territory for the Cavs. They have had the #1 one pick in three out of the last four drafts. For the 4th year in a row the Cavs missed the playoffs with a 33 – 49 record. Each year during the 4 year playoff drought their win total has improved, yet they still missed the playoffs. That brings us to the question, what should the Cavs do with the 1st pick in the 2014 NBA Draft? Below we will discuss some options.

  • Keep the pick and take Andrew Wiggins: Andrew Wiggins is considered by many to be the best prospect in this draft. He is a small forward that could fill a void left by Lebron James when he left the Cleveland Cavs four years ago. If you combine him with Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters you have a solid foundation to potentially build something special.
  • Keep the pick and take Joel Embiid: He is also a player ranked high with solid upside. Sam Bowie and Greg Oden also had similar potential and couldn’t fulfill it. Embiid is coming off of a back injury that sidelined him several games during his one year at Kansas. Some consider last year’s pick Anthony Bennett a bust and you can’t mess up two years in a row. If Embiid lives up to the hype it would be a great pick. If not, it would be a disaster.
  • Trade the pick to the Philadelphia 76ers: The 76ers want to draft Andrew Wiggins desperately. They have offered the Cavs the 3rd pick in the 2014 NBA Draft along with a proven solid player in Thaddeus Young for the pick. This could be an intriguing offer. The Cavs would not only land a top prospect in either Embiid or Jabari Parker they would also get in Thaddeus Young a solid NBA player who can score and rebound. Instead of getting just one starter you would get two starters to go with Kyrie Irving giving you a young big three.

The Cleveland Cavs can go in several directions. I feel the way to go is to take the route that will get you back to the playoffs quicker and give you long term potential to field a solid team. Trading the pick to the 76ers gives the Cavs the opportunity to do just that. The other two options have solid upside especially if last year’s #1 pick Anthony Bennett does a 360 and has a solid year. You would have a big three. That happening is a big if. The safest route then is to trade the pick and get two starters. Which way will the Cavs go? We probably won’t know till the day of the 2014 NBA Draft. Whatever choice the Cavs ultimately decide to make, rest assured it will be one that will define this draft for years to come.



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