Cleaning Diamond Earrings On Your Own

Can You Clean Diamond Earrings At Home?

Cleaning diamond earrings is easy if you follow certain predefined strategies. Contrary to the popular belief systems, diamond jewelry can lose its inherent brightness and sheen if we do not attribute ample time to clean it. By default, many people like to take their diamond jewelry to the nearest jewelry store to get it cleaned. However, you can save money by doing some simple strategies right at your home.

At the same time, you need to realize that you should not end up damaging the diamond jewelry permanently. In other words, cleaning diamond earrings at home takes time and experience to master. Jewelry stores commonly use a mixture of warm water and ammonia to clean diamond earrings. Ammonia is now available for a nominal cost from pharmacies. Concentrate on the amount of ammonia that you need to be using along with the warm water. Ammonia can interact with the salt and grime present on the diamond earring.

Using Conventional Dishwashing Liquid To Clean The Diamond

It can also effectively remove the presence of chemical agents transferred from soap or perfume. At the same time

  • The conventional dishwashing liquid can also help in restoring the shine in your diamond jewelry
  • Dishwashing liquid has higher dirt removal properties than the conventional soaps

You can also use an old toothbrush in order to scrub the surface of the diamond earrings gently. A toothbrush that has soft bristles will help in dislodging the dirt present in the earrings.

Please take adequate precautions while trying to clean the diamond jewelry on your own. As a rule of thumb, it is better to keep the diamond jewelry away from the drains. By doing so, you can avoid the chances of the earring going down the drain - if it slips out of your hands. You also need to rinse the diamond jewelry appropriately to remove all the traces of soap and ammonia from its surface.

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