“Do it”, said Clara, “finish her. This is our favorite part.” Erin looked down at the bloody mess before her and Clara. What was supposed to be a beautiful dissection revealing all special inside parts found in all of us, had turned into a mangled mess of shredded gut with parts of severed liver and lungs strewn haphazardly throughout the entire body cavity. Apparently at some point, Clara had caused a slip of Erin's hand and hacked through the stomach untidily, releasing a deluge of acid and partially digested soup all over she and Erin's workspace. To try and keep their work clean, in one hand Erin held a fistful of intestinal tubing and in the other her favorite filet knife. She much preferred this knife to the serrated one Clara had suggested earlier because it left nice straight cuts rather that the obscene lacerations that Clara had some preference for. Peering into the gap left from the void of intestines Erin had in her hand, Clara urged Erin to make that final cut they had been working for, the garden hose sized abdominal aorta. “Come on what are you waiting for, Do it.”

“Okay, Okay just be quiet for a minute.” Mumbled Erin as she reached into the hole with her knife hand. Applying pressure evenly over the surface Erin ran the length of the blade across the vessel and jerked her hand out of the void as it began to fill with blood.

Clara swooned at the sight and feel of it; there was nothing she loved more. That running, scarlet fountain that symbolized life oozing out of the body. Even though Erin had fucked up the initial cuts and stopped the heart's beating, Clara had her set up the body so that when she and Erin cut the prize it would leak all over them in the most sensual way possible.

Sometimes if the dissection took long enough to cause clots she would masturbate with the chunky solids, but, not today, this kill had really upset Erin just like the last one, and Clara knew that if Erin was in no shape for killing next time, she would have no opportunity to feel and see that beautiful red liquid again. Clara praised Erin for her good job and offered to help clean up, but, as usual Erin had not qualms about cleaning the mess up all by herself.

Clara was pleased with Erin's clean up this time; it seemed her past experiences had taught her well. Stuff all the entrails back into the corpse; staple shut the abdomen and thorax; cut all the nasty useless appendages off (“Don't forget the head!”, she reminded Erin). Clean up always was the worst part. Clara couldn't carry the bags she and Erin stuffed the body parts into, and Erin had real trouble hauling it by herself; however, there was no other option, the two girls knew they could trust no-one else with their secret. After stuffing the double-bagged body parts in Erin's Saturn, she and Clara started their long drive to the Gordon county waste dump where the rest of the bodies were stored.

Detective Laskas was agitated by this new case of his; the once small town detective reduced to tracking down teenagers that ran off to have sex in the fields had now been thrust into a nationally renowned position in charge of attempting to find the perpetrator who had killed ten people in only two weeks. Because of this massive flurry of violent crime, the tiny population of now 735 people was devastated and looking to someone for answers.

Unfortunately, Neither Laskas, nor any of his coworkers at the Gordon county police department had any leads besides the small heap of corpses that were found ground up and compacted in the county trash facility along with a fresh, beheaded, dismembered body that the incompetent cop on guard duty last night had apparently missed being dumped. Since all of Laskas's leads were at the dump, he figured it would probably be best to post officers there 24/7 nobody gets in our out with out an employee id without being questioned. In fact Laskas was going to run over to the dump later today just to meet up with one of his old partners from his days as a traffic cop for his watch.

Clara and Erin approached the trash dump silently; Erin appreciated the silence greatly since all Clara seemed to ever do was talk. It seemed like after all of their kills Clara would shut up for a while and give Erin a well deserved reprieve from her bullshit. The long, now familiar, drive from the basement of her apartment building to the county dump caused Erin to simply zone out as she approached her destination. KNOCK KNOCK! The police officer knocking on their window forcibly knocked both Erin and Clara to full consciousness. Erin rolled down the window.

“Hello ma'am, and where might you be headed today?”

Clara forcefully answered, “Into the dump officer, my mother accidentally threw away her favorite necklace, and I need to check the most recently dumped trash to see if I can find it. You see we like to use pretty bags so that our trash don't look like trash so it'll be quick an easy to find.”

“I'm sorry ma'am, due to the recent killins I ain't allowed to lets nobody in 'cept for employees with an id. I swear, detective's orders.” responded the officer. “In fact, Mr. Laskas says anybody without an id needs questionin. You mind if I take a look in your car?” “No, that won't be necessary” replied Clara “but can we please just get in real quick?” “I'm sorry ma'm, no.” repeated the officer. Erin hated when Clara left her out of conversations like this, but she was glad she did not have to talk to the officer. With a body in the back of the trunk talking to an officer was a massive risk; Erin was terrified, but she felt Clara getting angry. Erin knew when Clara got angry she did terrible things both to her and the people around her.

“Officer, just let us thru. Please its for my mother.” demanded Clara.

“I told you no, ma'm, but since it's so important to you I can go check. I need you to stay her while. What does the bag look like?” With this Clara had reached her boiling point, even with the soothing memories of blood running all over her body she felt a rage rise up within her as she forced Erin's foot onto the accelerator and felt another orgasmic rush flood her mind as she ran down that fucking nosy police officer.

Detective Laskas was nearly to the dump when he got the call from his partner, Goff, the officer from the previous watch to his and his partner's was run over by a car. With this news, Laskas put on his lights and sped the rest of the way into the dump. Jumping out of his car, Laskas pulled his gun and jogged over to Goff, leaning over his dead coworker.

“He's fresh” said Goff. “Whoever did this was a lot more careless than before and is probably still in here.”

“Let's find them.” whispered Laskas, “We stick together; don't shoot at anything without my go.” Laskas and Goff began to walk through the trail the garbage trucks took. To their right is where the compacted pile of remains was found, Laskas knew nobody in their right mind would dump there again, and to their left was where the fresh body was found. Laskas had forgotten the path bifurcated. “I know I said stick together but we have to make sure this person doesn't escape; you go left and I'll go right.” muttered Laskas to his partner “If they're here they're probably on your side. So, when you find 'em give me a holler.” Laskas reluctantly left his partner turning to the right. It was getting dusky now so seeing was becoming more difficult; the stench of trash and blood that was never cleaned up filled his nostrils; then, the sound of light footsteps filled his ears.

Erin and Clara quietly began to walk back up the path where they had dumped their most recent victim. Since the police were getting very suspicious, Clara had found an excellent hiding spot just to the in a little alcove right off the main path. Exiting the alcove to the left Erin and Clara began to make to long walk back to their car. It was fully dark now even if the police were around they would not see anyone.

“Stop right there!” yelled a nearby voice. Erin was totally petrified in fear. “Help Clara.” whispered Erin, but since killing that police officer at the gate Clara had been as silent and invisible as she could be.

Laskas stomped on the massive rat that had tricked him into thinking he had heard footsteps. The rodent burst with a slight burp sound spewing guts and blood all over his shoes. “Dammit these are brand new Rockports.” muttered Laskas to himself then halted when he heard Goff yelling from his position.

Erin knew with no help from Clara she had to take measures into her own hands. Since it was dark, Erin knew the only way the officer knew someone was there was by the sound of her footsteps. Walking silently, Erin creeped to the corner where she could hear the officer breathing; she was close enough the slight light from the moon let her see him around the corner. She knew the officer still had no clue where she was so Erin reached into her pocket for her knife. Feeling around she grasped onto the serrated knife she so despised, apparently she had left her filet knife in the car. In an instant, Erin jumped around the corner and thrust her blade into the officer's throat. Erin felt Clara surge to the surface to drink in the ecstasy of murder. The officer fell to his knees emitting an unearthly disturbing gargling. In place of the waterfall of blood Clara expected, came a frothy red substance from the wound entrance. This lack of blood was unacceptable to Clara so she grabbed Erin's hand and thrust the knife slightly to the left of where it had first hit. This gaping hole had a much more satisfying deluge of that gorgeous scarlet liquid spew out. Then suddenly a thud and total darkness came over Erin.

Erin woke up in a white room where a bearded man sat across from her. “Hello Erin, I'm Doctor Hutte. Unfortunately you are at the police station; your psychiatrist has told me you have been hearing the voice of a certain Clara…”


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