Christian Life Sharings – Part 3

Rebel Without A Cause

My name is Chesca Besinga. have two sisters Dindi and Camille. My parents are Rudy and Marites Besinga and they do not know that I am going to share - surprise! surprise!

After listening to the earlier sharings, I felt God wants me to share my YFC, particularly LCCE (Leaders Camp for Creative Evangelization) experience. You see, in our family, there are 3 of us - all girls. People who know us believe that our parents are lucky because they think that 3 daughters are very easy to handle. We are supposed to be like angels, but they have another think coming because we are just like boys in so many ways.

Anyway, among the 3 of us, Mama says I am the most difficult to handle because I am rebellious. I don't think I am overly rebellious, just a little bit; but among the 3 of us, I am the most rebellious.

Ever since I was a kid, I always felt I was different. I felt I was not loved and I even thought that I was an adopted child because even when we were small, my two sisters looked strikingly alike while I looked very different from them. Some neighbors also thought I was adopted. And so this feeling of being different, of being an adopted child took deep root in me. I did not only look different, something inside was telling me I had to be different in most everything else. I was not aware that I was beginning to be indeed different but in a negative way - rebellious and difficult to handle. Even after I joined YFC, I continued to be that way.

1997 was a very noteworthy year. For most it was a very difficult year. Not even the British royal family was spared. I was no exception. I could not understand it. Ours was not a broken family and I had a lot of opportunities in YFC but I was indifferent to all of these. I was searching for something that seemed to be out of reach when all along it was right there in our family. I did not realize this until we were invited to join the LCCE. I have rediscovered the beauty and the value of our family. We now pray together more regularly and I am beginning to feel that I am not really different from my sisters and I believe that I don't really look different from them. The 3 of us share one room and inevitably we would get into each another's nerves every now and then, but by and large, we are all very happy together and I am sure that God will continue to bless us as we serve together in LCCG. I have found joy and purpose in my service where before I served only halfheartedly. Even if our parents' service is not in YFC, we are now united in our goal to serve God in the CFC community. I really thank the Lord for the LCCE which has helped me renew my faith in God, put my trust in Him, reinforced my self-esteem and united our family in His love. We are now truly a family with our eyes fixed on Jesus.

Lastly, the Lord has blessed the three of us with talents and special skills. You see, we all sing and have different singing voices but when we sing together, our voices blend very well. I don't believe this is merely a technical skill. I believe it is more because of the love we share with one another. It is that love that has given me and all the three of us the courage and the strength to sing and blend. By Chesca Bestnga

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