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The kingdom of God is at hand (Mark 1:15). Thus was the powerful, reassuring message delivered by the Lord to the Filipino community in Marseilles, a city located at the southern part of France. Hence, their Christian Life Program was held at the heart of the second most populated city after Paris.

The CLP was organized with the blessing and help of parish priest Fr. Gerry Clavero. The mission team was led by Mon Carpio, Country Coordinator for France.

Though most of the Filipino community here speak in the Ilocano dialect and French language, they preferred the talks in Tagalog to have a common understanding. Initially, most of the CLP participants were hesitant.

However, the Holy Spirit moved the hearts of the participants, for what started as curiosity evolved into tearful, joyful spirit by the second weekend. As they went through the CLP, the participants slowly but surely opened their hearts to the gospel of the Lord, so that the CLP successfully ended with the Lord Jesus as the Savior. Twenty-four persons dedicated themselves to the Lord.

The CFC Marseilles community was so successful that a 2nd CLP was held. The presence of the Lord was evident once more.

With the mission team led by Mandy Lising of CFC Paris, there were 39 persons who dedicated their lives to the Lord.

Estelita Agudo shared: “It is indeed a blessing that the Lord sent the Couples for Christ to Marseilles. My husband now leads us in prayer. We eat and stay under one roof with God as the center of our lives.”

Before Couples for Christ came to Marseilles, it was difficult to gather the people together - busy as they are with their work schedule, and much less, to create brotherhood and sisterhood. But truly, nothing is impossible through Christ, says Delfin Estoesta, who now heads the CFC Marseilles community, adding that the unity of the Filipinos here is evident because of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Arnold Cabaluna emphasized that with the weekly household meetings, the Holy Spirit has energized the members. Among themselves, their growth in Christian living is evident. He is confident that Filipinos have the potential to re-evangelize the world.

Confidently looking forward to the next CLP when new spiritual lives will transform old lifestyles, truly “The Kingdom of God is at hand.”

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