CHNCoin - (CNC)

CHNCoin, represented by the currency abbreviation CNC, is a scrypt-based cryptocurrency forked from LiteCoin.

CHNCoin Specifications

  • Hashing algorithm used is Scrypt.
  • Each block generates 88 coins.
  • New block is generated every minute (60 seconds).
  • Difficulty adjusts every 5040 blocks (Approximately 3.5 days, or 84 hours).
  • Block reward halves every 2,628,000 blocks (Approximately 5 years).
  • Total coin mintage of 462,500,000 (462.5 million).
  • Default Port: 8106 RPC (Solo mining) port:8108

Announcement and Release

CHNCoin was announced and released on May 1, 2013, by bitcointalk forum member CHNCoin. The name likely stands for ChinaCoin, as the initial announcement was made in the Chinese language sub-forum on bitcointalk, followed by an English announcement in the Alternate cryptocurrencies sub-forum approximately 4 hours later. Nothing is known at the moment as to the true identity of the creator of CHNCoin. It is likely that he had created a new forum account to mask his forum identity. CHNCoin mentioned in his Chinese announcement thread that only the first 10 blocks were pre-mined.



Official Forum - Coming soon

Block Explorer - Blockchain is still downloading and will take a few hours

Mining Pools


There are no automatic exchanges that support CHNCoin as of right now. However, bitcointalk user Zulzedd operates a manual exchange using a Google Docs spreadsheet:

Other Sites


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