Chemtrails: A Rant – June 2014

This is the most astounding and impossible to believe of all conspiracy theories because it is so vast in scope. It happens that tyrants have long since figured out that the most monumental of crimes are the easiest to sweep under the rug. To most people, cheating is not beyond the scope of treachery within our capabilities, which is why sex scandals can be somewhat successful at political derailment. However, it is also true to most people that conspiring to poison the atmosphere, waterways, and land itself is far more than we could stomach. It so happens that there are plenty who would poison the entire planet out of misplaced eugenics philosophies or even nothing more than sadistic glee to pull off a terrific crime.


Even the author, who has seen significant evidence of the geo-engineering phenomenon, cannot believe this is actually happening. There are many diabolically insane things going on all over the globe all of the time but this issue may very well trump them all. It could be that the entirety of the physical universe as we experience is all setting on a mote of dust on a spec of dander on a flea on the back of a smelly dog. How could we know? From our perspective the dog would be vast beyond our comprehension. Intended as hyperbole rather than simile, the comparison to the “chemtrail” conspiracy is an exaggeration but the idea is that the chemtrail threat may be the giant dog so huge we cannot see it for what it is.

Various Programs

There are several pseudo-scientific programs being discussed, and even implemented, with different methods and objectives. Only a few known ones will be revealed here. Most of the programs fall under the domain of what can be called “geo-engineering.” Geo-engineering, apparently, is like terraforming but in reverse. Basically what is done is that a perfectly good habitable planet is holistically manipulated until it can no longer support life. That last sentence was made in jest but there is often truth in such instances of dry humor.

There have been leaks of aircraft carrying and using special spray equipment which is necessary for some of the specific programs. However, some programs only require that atomized particles be placed into the fuel which can be done without the knowledge of the airline company or, potentially, even most of the fuel supply chain. This may be another part of the reason chemtrails have been covered up so well even as we are being covered with toxic substances like barium and strontium.

Cloud Seeding

Prior to the Vietnam conflict, research had been done on techniques of increasing cloud cover and instigating precipitation by spraying certain particles into clouds. It has been disclosed that cloud seeding efforts were used successfully as a weapon in Vietnam. It may be interesting to note that nations around the world have signed treaties banning the use of such weapons.

Cloud seeding has also been used since at least the eighties. Decades ago, corporate-owned news sources would sometimes report on cloud seeding efforts to tackle draught problems in the Midwest. Though cloud seeding has not captured the attention of the media much as of late, it is likely that this practice still exists and persists. This article gets into more details about cloud seeding:

Here is an example of how one can easily find publicly available information on ongoing weather-modification operations currently still underway:

Climate Control

Man-made global-warming alarmism does have one obvious negative consequence. One argument that attempts to justify spreading the belief that increased CO2 levels are threatening to change the climate is that, even if untrue, it can encourage us to conduct our business on this planet in a more ecologically sound manner. The problem with this argument is that if individuals feel like the very survival of their species is threatened within a few decades they will have and excuse to perform wonton acts of desperation. Such desperation may be the real danger.

Imagine, if you will, that you are convinced that there will be a catastrophic even within the next twenty or thirty years and it is too late to stop it. In your mind, the catastrophe is so certain to occur and on so massive in scale, that it is a triage scenario. Of course you will judge that anything that can be done which would mitigate the damage would be worth a try even if the cost was in human lives.

As a result of this sort of mentality, we have scholars eagerly experimenting, conducting research, and even publicly talking on ways to use particulate matter ejected from airplanes as a desperate attempt at climate-change damage control. If one is convinced that the situation is that dire then, of course, one will justify taking any action even secretly spraying aluminum compounds all over people who haven’t had any say in the matter. The programs already underway, except cloud seeding, are mostly secret even though the documents are usually public but it’s gotten to the point where a guy even went so far as to seriously discuss taking action to spray toxic sulfur compounds into the atmosphere even though he admits that increasing such emissions would certainly lead to an increased number of deaths world-wide.

Salting the Earth

The mother of all possible reasons these chemtrail programs are actually being implemented is the possibility that there are those who would intentionally cause suffering and death on a massive scale for the sickening feeling of mirth in domination of other beings. Such a speculation may seem fanciful but only to the sheltered soul. All of history, including recent events, is full of act of violence and aggression from the lowly thug to the prissiest of prime minister.

When it is taken into account that there are those who would happily drop an atomic bomb on two major cities even after the target was in the process of surrendering, it is less difficult to grasp the possibility that the chemtrailing is being done to deliberately to cause suffering, agony, and death. As usual, the problems created by the activities will be used as excuses to further increase centralized power and control. If this all sounds nonsensical, it may be worth research a bit on “predatory behavior;” it can be quite enlightening.

Personal Observations

Around my neighborhood, I noticed that the trees and other vegetation has been dying even though we have been out of a long drought for a few years now. I have heard of no other explanation for why this is happening. Certainly, a build-up of carbon dioxide would have the opposite effect. There is clearly something strange going on and no other theory is forthcoming.

I have also notice that when chemtrailing is thick, myself and everyone around me starts exhibiting different symptoms as if they were suffering from their own individual reactions to toxicity. There are several sources of toxicity in our living environments but distributing poisonous compounds by aircraft does seem to be going on and its effects on heath do seem rather drastic. This can be a hard thing to get one’s head around, so to speak, but if we cannot get a handle on criminal activities of this sort, we can only expect an increased in suffering and illness around the world.

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