The Galactic Milieu presents players with a wide range of opproaches to creating characters (avatars; things or entities as which to play).

Typically when one speaks of chracter creation one means individual characters at an individual charcter level of play, however it is also quite reasonable that a person wishing to start play at the Freeciv scale and having a particular “leader” in mind to use as the name of their civilisation's leader might think of the creation of a nation, including as it does the selection of a “leader” name, as being a form of character creation.

Individual characters scale

At the individial characters scale of play one is currently looking at three main options: CrossCiv, CoffeeMUD and OpenSimulator.


Currently only one CrossCiv server is operational, so choice of server is not yet an issue. One's main choice here is whether one wishes to partake of a “fantasy” milieu or a “science fiction” milieu, albeit ultimately both supposedly co-exist within the grand scheme of things.

Basically you need to select species/race and profession that is not of a magickal or theological nature in order to qualify for admittance into the science-fiction milieu; anything that does not qualify will cause you to be placed by default into a fantasy-world area. The client-side character creation routines allow you to try to start in the science fiction area without constraining your choices of type of character but place you in a “new quarantine” area until a game-master examines your character for fantasy elements before manually moving it to the actual science fiction area.


Although numerous CoffeeMUD servers maybe be deployed at any particular moment, initial enrollment of new players into the CoffeeMUD system still takes place at just one server, the MUDgaard server. At the current stage of development there is so far no separation into fantasy and science fiction in the Galactic Milieu's CoffeeMUD servers. This is partly due to the deployment of such servers having been relatively recent but also is influenced by the existence of various initial implementations of science fiction elements within the vanilla CoffeeMUD distribution itself. For example terrain types and room types intended for use in science fiction milieus exist but developer notes about them advise that they are not yet ready for use.

This being the case no attempt has yet been made in the MUDgaard server to separate fantasy from science fiction and thus everyone starts in what is basically a fantasy milieu. Players should be aware though that as development proceeds toward the implementation and deployment of science fiction milieus within CoffeeMUD any characters that are not sufficiently “mundane” will tend to be filtered out and left to live in fantasy areas; ultimately it seems likely that science fiction oriented areas will be on completely separate servers from fantasy areas. Indeed at some point is is likely that initial player-enrollment itself will be split between two different starting-player servers, one for fantasy (probably the MUDgaard server and one (or even more than one) for science fiction.


OpenSimulator is really more suitable for “role playing” approaches to play than to “game mechanics” or “game engine” approaches to play, inasmuch as its engine not only does not provide natively any “game mechanics” but does not even really provide a “realistic” simulation of “reality”. For example by default avatars (the individual character style in-game objects representing players) are able to teleport and often also to fly, they can see through walls, their is no built in mechanism for dealing damage (causing injury) or taking damage (being injured), objects can be created and destroyed at will, moved around as if by use of telekinesis and so on, all without any mechanics for which avatars possess how much skill at performing such magickal or miraculous acts.

OpenSimulator thus currently serves more as a kind of glorified full-immersion three-dimensional chat room or social space than as an actual simulated in-game world. However it is a very good environment in which to do development of three-dimensional objects and scripts and such toward eventual development of three dimensional in-game worlds that will have full game-machanics implemented within a three-dimensional immervie environment. OpenSimulator is thus in a way a sketch toward the “Holobarracks” city-improvement provided at the Freeciv scale in the Galactic Ruleset.

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