What if an adult or a child develops an ear infection and a doctor's appointment is scheduled for two months away – what to do. You would use the CellScope Oto app that can be placed on any smartphone and is scheduled to be used on almost all mobile devices, desktops and laptops. CellScope Oto is a clip on attachment and software app that turns an iPhone into an otoscope which is a diagnostic quality imaging solution for healthcare providers, skincare industries, and education applications. The CellScope Oto was originally named the Remotoscope.

With the CellScope Oto technology, patients can take a picture of their own eardrum and submit the digital images of their inner ear canal and eardrum, to their physician for a diagnostic review. This technology is great for children, who typically have recurring ear infections. The CellScope Oto will drastically reduce emergency room visits, which in turn, will result in less medical costs to the family. Also using a smartphone to introduce the CellScope Oto medical device is a wise investment because manufacturing smartphone are very cost effective and batteries are not needed. Smartphones are base driven devices that rely on the components of itself such as transmission, electronics, and optics.

CellScope is a mobile health company, headquartered in Menlo Park, California. Dr. Erik Douglas is the CEO and who is a scientist and avid researcher and co-founder, along with Ms. Amy Sheng as a co-founder, who worked on artificial heart and automated imaging. The company was founded in 2010 and has been developing at home imaging devices that clip onto mobile devices for otoscope and dermascope purposes. Amy Sheng reported that she and Dr. Douglas studied bioengineering at the UC Berkeley Labs and working on mobile microscopes for the remote diagnosis of infectious diseases in developing countries because more rural areas have cell phones, but no doctors.

During the CellScope Oto initial research in 2012, 63 young children who were suffering from upper respiratory symptoms and whose parents sought to bring them to their emergency department were chosen to demonstrate the difference between the Oto and a standard otoscope that is generally used by physicians. Each child was examined using both methods and the results were that their diagnosis were comparable between the regular otoscope and the CellScope. As a result, the Oto was eventually invented and the rest is history.

The Oto utilizes both a smartphone's rear camera and the LED flash to illuminate and image a patient's ear. The app and attachment looks just like a regular otoscope and with this combined technology, a physician or nurse practitioner can interpret the image and make a diagnosis or prescribe the right treatment. There are many mobile health devices that are not user-friendly or doctor friendly, however, the CellScope Oto has been improved and will continue to advance so that the system and the medical institution will grow together. Parents mainly favors the CellScope Oto's use (95%) and its ability to help them partner with doctors to manage their children's care.

Children and adults who suffer from ear infections can have fluid buildup that leads to hearing loss. An ear infection or “acute otitis media,” is caused by bacteria or viruses that invade the middle ear and the treatment for ear infections generally involves antibiotics. Children are more prone to have an ear infection than adults. Ear infections cause fluid buildup and inflammation which is painful and very discomforting and which can lead to hearing problems.

The CellScope Company has partnered with the Khosla Ventures and various organizations who have monetarily supported the CellScope efforts. The CellScope company are developing healthcare hardware and software products, as well as taking off in the medical industry and is welcomed by patients of all ages. CellScope is working on releasing other medical mobile apps to include throat and skin diagnostic imagery solutions. The first commercial use is available for the medical community and pilot consumers.

CellScope is working to create a model that ties at home patients with independent, on-call physicians, who could provide diagnostic services based on the images received. The CellScope Oto has a global appeal, especially with organizations, like Doctors Without Borders, who would be greatly enhanced by this web based medical tool. Dr. Douglas' motto for the Oto is to deliver healthcare better and to use a common everyday mobile device and equip it with new advanced capabilities for healthcare use.

The advantage for healthcare professionals in the use of the CellScope Oto, over the standard otoscope tools, is that high quality imagery is instantly received; physicians can track eardrum images over time and retain a digital record; images can be used as a teaching tool, it is HIPAA compliant. The advantages for parents include sharing videos and symptoms over a vast medical database around the country and a family's ear infection history can be recalled instantaneously for a better and faster medical outcome. The Oto app is designed to view a child's ear tympanic membrane.

The CellScope smartphone Oto (otoscope) was recently featured on the Colbert Report TV program in 2013, because Colbert was having ear problems and his guest was Dr. Eric Topol a renowned cardiologist and author of health care and the digital medical revolution. The demonstration worked perfectly, Dr. Topol became a primary proponent of this device and the Oto was promoted. How then does the CellScope Oto function? You simply attach the Oto case onto an iPhone 5 or 5S, running iOS version 7.0.4 and above, for a perfect fit. Slide the phone in with the volume controls button in first, then snap into place.

There is a growing adoption of mobile devices by patients and their doctors that has permeated the healthcare industry. It seems that advanced medical technology is infiltrating our daily lives with ease and efficiency, faster than many other industries and is passing the cautious eye of parents. The CellScope Oto will soon find its way into the hands of parents and on adult medicine cabinets. People can actually use the iPhone to send their magnified pictures of their ear to their pediatrician and their Otolaryngology for a diagnosis, eliminating a doctor's visit. It is CellScope's vision for mobile medical technology to bridge the gap between the medical industry and their patients and to help them become smarter medical consumers in monitoring their own health and that of their family members.


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