We all have them tucked away in our pocket or purses. Those little contraptions that now control so much of our daily lives and keep us completely connected to everything around us. Of course, I’m referring to the cell phone. These devices have completely revolutionized the way that we communicate and if Alexander Graham Bell were to come back and see his contraption today, I’m sure he would be baffled.

What started as a simple communication device has led to some of the most complex pieces of technology on the face of the earth. Now we have the ability to check our email, share picture updates and even surf the web without having the need to find a computer to do so. However, how is all this technology affecting the world? It is estimated that 87% of the world’s population carries a cell phone of some sort.

Many changes have been put in place because of cell phones. Not all of them are good changes, but, on the flip side, not all are bad. First, we are now able to reach out at any point in time to our loved ones. Most people are now instantly available and can be alerted to emergencies quickly. Plus, by using a quick text message, you can easily relay simple messages without the need of wasting an exorbitant amount of time placing a call. However, text messages have also shown major issues as well. Some people have learned the hard way about the dangers of texting and driving. Distracted driving has caused many accident related fatalities since the text message has come into the picture and many states have been forced to introduce legislation to outlaw this bad habit.

Since the invention of the smart phone, it has never been easier to have information at your fingertips. You can easily find your way if you are lost by way of GPS, or alert police to an accident immediately. These options can come in very handy at times. However, it appears that society is becoming too reliant on these devices that travel with us everywhere we go. Instead of socializing with those around us, we are now spending more and more quality time with our cell phones. With our eyes glued to the tiny screen in front of us, we are missing out on much of the magic that goes on all around us every day. Life is passing us by without us even realizing it.

Research is also being conducted regarding the actual safety of the devices. Some feel that the radiation that is created from cell phones work to cause damage to our bodies and may create tumors in our brains. Initial research showed this to be false, but as cell phone usage has become more popular and more research data has become available, research is now finding some truth to these statements. Although the full damage has not been completely determined as of yet, there have been some alarming findings that show an increase of the chances of brain tumors on the side of our brains that we most hold our cell phones. So what are the ways that we can avoid missing out on the most important thing about life; living it? First, we should refrain from using the phone in our cars. Many states are outlawing this process anyway. Enjoy the ride, ignore the phone. If you do need to make or receive a call use a hands-free option or look into getting a car with Bluetooth capability.

Another rule to follow should be to stop using your phone at the dinner table. Dinner time has long been a way for families to connect with each other and learn about the day that each member had. If you have kids, this is also a great way to learn about any issues that they may be having at school. You would be surprised to see what you can learn just by having a conversation at the dinner table. You can even develop a device free night each week. Make it a family night or a date night, or if you are single, just a night to spend reading a book or taking a walk. Whatever you decide to do, make sure that it is something that allows you much needed time to rest and recuperate from everything that is going on in your life.

Cell phones can be extremely useful when used in the right circumstances. However, they also can be a distraction and potentially dangerous if used in the wrong circumstances. It is best to use these devices wisely and be aware of those around us when we are on our devices. By limiting the amount of time that we spend on our cell phones each day, we will be better prepared to fully enjoy the life that we lead and not miss things that are happening around us on a daily basis.


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