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Ceebizcut's NBA Thought Dump

Every so often I have tons of NBA thoughts turn though my head in the evening, I

thought it would be interesting to just dump it all into a notepad every time it

happens and record it on Devtome. Considering my exaustion level at night but

not being able to sleep, I shall just be typing this as I think of things and

updating the Devtome page as I get a decent amount of content added. Grammar and

spellcheck will likely not be double checked or anything besides the blatent

errors to ensure I can let all my thoughts out.

Night One

With the Brad Stevens hiring i'm becoming more and more confused with the Boston

Celtics and what Danny Ainge plans on doing. Is he going to go with the core of

Rondo, Bradley, Green, and Sullinger, or atleast do what he can to build around

them? With the lack of access to trades for top five players is he going to go

with the more Pistons' type mold back in the 2000s? Building a team around Rondo

that maybe has a different emotional leader, but not quite better than him, to

go along with a solid roster. Could adding two more players at the shooting

guard and center position's to decent contracts at young ages allow the team to

build together and compete? So many questions not enough answers.

I guess on paper it makes sense. Rajon Rondo is the best point guard in the NBA

when it comes time for the playoffs and he has proved this year in and year out.

From that point on the team could look like a Chicago Bulls sort of roster.

Adding a more shooting oriented off guard and having Bradley be the universal

backup may pan out. Jeff Green could be the Luol Deng, the underrated glueguy

who does his best to fill in any gaps whether it be with defense, rebounding,

passing, inside scoring, outside shooting. Jared Sullinger seems to be the type

of player who could pan out to be a 17 points a game guy to go along with 11

rebounds a game. After a rookie campeign of averaging 11 points a game and 10

rebounds this doesnt seem too out of the question. He could be the Carlos Boozer

for this team, but even better he could be the Carlos Boozer who isn't a

complete liability on offense and shrinks in the playoffs. Sullinger's work

ethic and solid ability to be a power forward he has shown in the NBA should

help in keeping him in Boston. Adding a “Joakim Noah” to the group to go along

with all the roleplayers on the bench just makes me all the more interested


On the flip side of things, Ainge could be attempting to form a superteam right

now. Ainge has assets, and a lot of them. Even making a call to Dwight Howard's

agent at the beginning of free agency, which Boston may still be a dark horse to

obtain. Between Avery Bradley, Jeff Green, Jared Sullinger, Kelly Olynyk, and

the 9 picks between 2014 and 2018 Ainge may be able to compile the best offer

for Dwight. Why Dwight would not want to join the young coach in Stevens and the

best point guard he could get his hands on to feed him the ball in Rajon Rondo

confuses me too. It may be wishful thinking as a Celtics fan to think we could

land a player along the lines of Dwight Howard right after a fresh start to a

rebuilding process considering we already lucked out with the Kevin Garnett

trade, and turning Kevin Garnett, Pierce, and a ton of unproven young

roleplayers into Dwight Howard and another complimentary piece would be one of

the craziest turnarounds in the offseason in NBA history.

I think Ainge is just going to go ahead and wait the season out, and use the

2014 pick and whatever assets to form a great team.

A few trades that pop into my head that aren't out of this world in terms of

likelyhood that could turn Boston around quick?

String of Trade Ideas Scenario One

Sullinger, Olynyk, Clippers 2014, Nets 2014, for Lamarcus Aldridge

Boston: Losing Sullinger shouldn't be a big deal if your getting back a player

many consider to be the best power forward in the NBA.

Portland: Their isn't much of a reason for Portland to trade Alridge this season

as they don't have a first round draft pick. Aldridge is likely to be moved in

the draft that offseason and Boston would be able to provide a younger power

forward with a lot of potential and two picks to sweetin the deal, even if they

are in the 20s.

Green, Bradley, Boston's projected top 10 first in exchange for any B level

superstar not happy with their current location. Carmelo unhappy with New York?

Harden hating Houston? That kind of concept is what i'm thinking, over the

course of the season someone should jump out and express their discontent.

then midseason this Celtics team should be ridden of Gerald Wallace and or

Courtney Lee and to add to their 7.5 million dollar trade exception. The trade

exception and future picks could likely land a player such as Eric Gordon for

the team to round out the roster.

String of Trade Ideas Scenario Two

Rondo and Jeff Green for Andre Drummond, Brandon Knight, Stuckey and Charley V

as fillers as needed.

The Detroit Pistons could do this deal and sign Calderon to a much more

affordable contract this time around and put out quite a nice roster assuming

they can make a free agency signing or two with theri abudence of cap room.

Doing this would give the Celtics a chance to do REALLY BAD and hopefully

acquire a high lottery pick. The team could use the acquired draft pick in

combination with Drummond and his vast potential to attempt the next great wing

man big man combo

Author's Notes For Day One

All these scenario's are a bit strange yes, but this is just day one, the plan

is to update this most nights and post to Devtome whenever I have enough content

I feel like transferring over. Hope you enjoyed reading, it won't always be

about Boston

Night Two

What are the Houston Rockets going to do if Dwight Howard slips from their hands

anyway? Sign Josh Smith and go from there? That's not winning a title whatsoever

at all. While Harden and Parsons are great wing players and Asik is developping

into one of the better defensive centers in basketball that team does not seem

to have the recipie for success. Hopefully Morey can be a little more fancy than

that if Dwight is not an asset he can acquire. Al Jefferson makes much more

sense to the team as they need the halfcourt pressence on offense even if Al

Jefferson comes with his own set of issue's he'd fit. Daryl Morey could make

sure to get fancy with Asik and keep the options open when it comes to moving

him for a point guard or a power forward if he so chooses the path of signing a


Daryl Morey does seem to be getting a lot of recognition for making crazy roster

changes and did put together a team of nearly all players completely new to the

team and make the playoffs in a tough Western Conference over Dirk Nowitski's

Mavericks. Morey will likely be making more noise in the offseason period if the

team can not acquire Dwight as it seems the Houstons fans really want a chance

to make some noise in the playoffs with rising star James Harden.

Night Three


What are the Pelican's doing? They have a new GM so I doubt

he'd make bold moves such as the ones he has without being

confident in Tyreke Evans to be the right complimentary guy

to Anthony Davis and be a great piece for the team to

contend. Vazquez is so underrated, the guy was averaging 15

points a game, 9 assists, and 4 rebounds. Vazquez alone

may have been a better piece for a team looking to contend

for a title as he is still young and could improve. He was

a little washy at times defensively but he is about 6 foot

6 inches tall and quicker point guards would obviously give

him trouble. Could Gordon and Vazquez not have worked for

atleast another season so the team could get an idea of how

they play together? Gordon could have guarded the point

guards, Vazquez on the shooting guards. I guess not.

Holiday and Tyreke will have to figure out a lot on the

court in terms of when each of them needs to handle the


But still, sign and trading Grevious Vazquez and basically

giving Robin Lopez away for nothing? Doesn't make a ton of

sense to me and hopefully they have a solid deal lined up

for Eric Gordon to bring in an assset for the team. Their

roster isn't looking too bad, but theirs always a large

amount of question marks by gutting a young non-playoff

team that seemed to be developping fine for different young

players when the current one's haven't finished

developping. Holiday was All-Star last season and should

help get Davis the ball in the right places throughout the

season though.

Had they not done the Noel trade to the 76ers, going into

the 2013-2014 NBA season the Pelicans would have had a

starting lineup which looking like this. Vazquez and Gordon at the guard spots Aminu at small forward Then Davis, Anderson, and Lopez cycling for most of the

minutes at the power positions with Aminu randomly

switching up to the power forward spot on occasion to play

small ball or due to injuries.

The above listed team is not bad to any degree, Vazquez and

Gordon make a good backcourt duo if they stay healthy, and

the frontcourt has an interesting combinations of offense

and defense.

Now the shooting is pretty terrible. Al-Farouq Aminu is

grossly underrated and could be a great impact player for

them, but now will have to deal with a large lack of floor

spacing and size in the lineup. Even with Jrue Holiday and

Anderson on the team the floor spacing is going to be

pretty bad with Evans, Aminu, and Davis on the court at the

same time and will allow teams to play off of those guys.

The defense of the team should still remain solid, and the

rebounding will obviously take a hit. I just hope the

Pelican's new General Manager has a solid plan in place,

that team is going to be stuck in “No Man's Land” (Which is

where your team isn't bad enough to get a good pick in the

draft, but isn't good enough to advance in the playoffs) if

he can't pull anything off. Anthony Davis and Evans should

be a fun combination of players if Evans is being serious

about the change of scenery helping his career. I guess on

a positive note the roster is looking like this

Jrue Holiday - All Star last year, still could improve Al-Farouq Aminu - Looks to be one of the best defense and

rebounding small forwards in the league. Could be a Lamar

Odom caliber player Anthony Davis - Future All-Star Tyreke Evans - Former Rookie of the Year with loads of

potential rotted away in Sacremento he may be able to tap

now. Eric Gordon - Likely to be traded, but whatever asset is

returned should be useful.

Laker's 2014

I'm not much of an NBA conspiracy theorist or anything. But

the Los Angeles Lakers do not seem likely whatsoever to

resign Dwight Howard this offseason, whether they make a

deal via sign and trade with the Warriors or lose Howard

outright without much compensation, next season will be

interesting to say the least for Los Angeles and they will

likely capitalize on being a bad team. The initial plan for

the Lakers was to move Metta if Dwight were to leave as

opposed to Pau Gasol, but it is likely both of them are on

the out.

Pau Gasol may have no had the best year last year, but the

guy is still a top notch NBA player at the power forward or

center positions and should get much interest in trade

offers for teams looking for the extra boost. The Lakers

will be able to recieve salary relief and likely some kind

of young asset whether it be draft picks or young players

that haven't gotten the time needed to improve on some of

these younger teams. This will also allow the Lakers to be

a slightly worse team and easily a lottery team. A roster

with Nash and not much else is also ideal for creating

value in all the other players for future trades

considering Nash can make mediocre basketball players look

like borderline All-Stars.

Kobe Bryant is expected to be back around playoff time, if

management is smart they shouldn't pursue the playoffs next

season, but instead a high draft pick in a very similar

manner to the San Antonio Spurs prior to drafting Duncan.

The team could make a rather smooth transition between the

Kobe Bryant era and the possible Jabari Parker or Andrew

Wiggins era by doing so. While I personally am not a huge

belever in player development helping a ton with veterans

on the team, having Steve Nash and Kobe Bryant on the same

team as you for your first couple of seasons in the league

could help.

Even if the concept of getting Lebron James in 2014 seems

more like a pipe dream at this point, it is worth

mentioning if the Lakers are a bottom 5 team, i'd be

willing to bet money they would end up with a top two pick

in the NBA draft as the league may find it to be in their

best interest to do so. Not to mention the strange pattern

with teams who have lost their superstar player and

acquired a top two pick the last couple of seasons (See:

Cleveland and Kyrie, New Orleans and Davis, Orlando and

Oladipo). The Lakers may not be able to acquire Lebron with

a young team and the top two players in the upcoming draft

playing the same position, but at this point the teams only

players they are financially committed too would be Steve

Nash and Kobe Bryant. World of possibility for adding young

big men to possibly compliment a player like Jabari Parker

or Andrew Wiggins moving forward

The Los Angeles Lakers quite obviously got handed that

playoff positioning last season, and with good reason. Who

would the league rather have in the playoffs? Tca In the

future I may write something for Devtome with video's included or

just make one myself, but it was quite apparent the Lakers

got a large large large abnormal string of referee calls in

their favor at the end of last season. The team going from

being as bad and unable to find chemistry as they were, no

matter what kind of talent they have going from being one

of the biggest dissapointments in the NBA up to the All-

Star break to having the second best record in the Western

Conference post All-Star break does raise red flags.

The Lakers do however seem to have a history of greatness

and I doubt this will change even with the unfortunate turn

of events with Dwight leaving and Kobe's injury. The Lakers

have always smoothly been able to go through rebuilding

process's and this shouldn't change now.


I still quite frankly have no idea what the Cleveland

Cavaliers were thinking with drafting Anthony Bennett. If

the team wanted to draft a player who is going to play the

same position as one of their young guys why not take

Mclemore or draft Oladipo or something? Noel wouldn't have

even been a bad pick? Makes no sense to me, but lets take a

look at Clevelands draft history.

One fun often overlooked drafting mistake is the Cavaliers

in 2004. They had failed to make the playoffs and were a

lottery team, after acquiring Lebron James using one of the

top picks most teams at this point would look for a second

option for their future supertar. The Cleveland Cavaliers had the 10th pick in the draft that

year. Have any of my readers heard of Luke Jackson? Probably not.

He was the #10 pick in the 2004 NBA Draft by the Cleveland

Cavaliers . I understand critiquing how a team drafts is

all about retrospect, but did nobody in the Cavaliers front

office or on the teams staff stop and think for a moment

“Hey guys, how about we look at other available players

instead of drafting at the position Lebron is going to

likely play moving forward, especially with the guy having

issues athletically and spending four years in college thus

having minimal room for growth compared to some other guys”

I guess nobody thought of that, and for anyone wondering.

Al Jefferson, Josh Smith, Jameer Nelson, and Kevin Martin

were all selected after Luke Jackson and could have

provided Lebron with something he needed from the beginning

in Cleveland. You know, that whole “second option” thing?

Cleveland didn't have much of a chance to draft players in

the upcoming seasons. They picked Shannon Brown in the 2006

draft which isn't too bad of a selection but in general the drafting history is horrible and they should look into hiring better consultant's figure out why they can't seem to make a proper selection. I wish the best for Anthony Bennett but the odds seem to be in his favor at the moment.

Night Four

Well it looks like Houston got Howard. Which means quite

the interesting trickle down effect for the rest of the

offseason for the other teams in the Dwight Howard lottery.

Especially the Mavericks and Lakers. As I thought of

previous nights, the Lakers aren't in too bad of a

position, tons of cap space and will be a really bad team

next year and acquire a lottery pick and then get Kobe

Bryant back healthy next season. They can use the lottery

pick and cap space to put the proper players around him or

start a rebuilding process, shouldn't be an issue

whatsoever. Dallas will likely do everything in their power

to put players around Dirk unless the team feels confident

in being bad enough to be a lottery team too. Wasting a

season like that as your best player approaches the finals

years of his career is rather unintelligent though.

The Los Angeles Lakers could keep Pau Gasol and Nash this

year unless either of them is going to get the team a

considerable amount of assets. Best case scenario Pau and

Nash come close to a playoff spot, but it's highly unlikely

the team as constructed or even with adding free agents

could be a playoff team in the Western Conference which

looks to be even stronger this season. The Thunder,

Clippers, Spurs, Rockets, Nuggets, Warriors, and Grizzlies

should all be much better teams than the Lakers. Between

the Timberwolves, new look Pelicans, Maveriks, and Jazz the

Lakers are highly unlikely to make the playoffs. Allowing 

Bryant to take the season to rest and insure a proper

recovery from his achilles injury should be a good

decision. This would leave the Lakers next season with a

top 10 pick in the draft and every player on the roster off

the books salary wise except for Steve Nash. Los Angeles

could then focus on free agency and baiting their pick

around for a more veteran player as opposed to trying to

get ahold of whatever leftover scraps they can get right

now in terms of free agency and trades.

The Mavericks on the other hand are most likely going to go

for it. With Al Jefferson agreeing to sign with the

Charlotte Bobcats this may put a damper on things, but not

all is lost. The Mavericks have been rumorred to like

Andrew Bynum as a backup plan, a high risk high reward move

if signed. Andrew Bynum hasn't been able to stay healthy

for much of his career, but when healthy is at times on par

with Dwight Howard in terms of the overall impact he brings

to the basketball court. Bynum would provide a still very

dynamic high post-low post combo with Dirk and would be a

good start. The team could go all in on the risky center

situation and offer Greg Oden a contract too.

The Mavericks also have a plethora of options on the wing.

Rumorred players on the market that may be within the

Mavericks reach include Rudy Gay, Eric Gordon, Rajon Rondo,

Al-Farouq Aminu, and a few other players I can't seem to

remember the names of. Golden State has plenty of interest

in acquiring Andre Igoudala, the Maveicks could take

advantage of Golden State's expiring contracts they need to

move in Andris Biendris and Richard Jefferson if they have

leftover cap space they need to work with, maybe even

Andrew Bogut could be an option with the right deal. Darren

Collison could come back and be a factor at the point guard

position and their should be other moves Mark Cuban and the

rest of the ownership with the Dallas Mavericks should be

able to pull off in order for the team to keep contention.

The Toronto Raptors seem like they could be heading in the

direction of a possible season tanking and Kyle Lowry and

Rudy Guy are likely to be available as the Raptors may have

a pipe dream of adding Canadian native Andrew wiggins to

the roster, as many other teams in the league do, to the


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