I thought it'd be fitting since I see myself being an active contributor to this website to give a little background of myself and mention what I am looking to get out of my time here.

Basketball Interests

From what I remember being younger, I gravitated to basketball. After a few year hiatus to play soccer, I rediscovered my love for basketball around the age of eleven or twelve. Around this time in my life it became nearly an obsession. I distinctly remember one night eating dinner with my family in 7th grade, my dad opened up some kind of sports magazine as a present from a family member. He read off every single player we had the time for in the hour we all sat at the dinner table, with stunning accuracy I was able to name off averages from minutes per game, to points per game, to total games played their previous season. Both of my parents sat their in shock, asking me how I remembered all of this.

Progressing on through puberty, I always enjoyed playing the game. Getting out on a basketball court whether it be at high school open gyms, or pickup games at a park, I always tried to make time in my week or each day to get some shots up or play basketball with some group of people. I never found the same satisfaction with playing as I did from learning about the game. Discovering something new that I hadn't learned before about the game of basketball was the most satisfying feeling and still is. All I wanted to have elite knowledge and understanding of the game, I started to find myself not doing homework assignments and instead reading Wikipedia articles on second string bench players. My high school grades many times suffered as a direct result of my wanting to learn about basketball. Anytime I could find someone who could hold a conversation with me about basketball, I relished in being able to learn everything I could from them.

The period of time between high school coming to a close and now I started to master my understanding in basketball. I started being able to create my own concepts and would attempt to test them using whatever means I could. Was their a set way to find an NBA champion? Why since the 1979-1980 season, only 9 teams have won the NBA championship? Why is the “clutch gene” discussed, is the players ability to react in pressure situations really embedded in you or not? What's the difference between Michael Jordan and Dwyane Wade, both freakishly athletic shooting guards with elite defensive ability. If Dwyane Wade is considered Jordan-lite, why can't he be Jordan?

What if I told you there was a formula that can show you who will win the NBA Championship. What if I told you the clutch gene didn't exist, and it had to do with a players ability to efficiently find shots, and had to do with the teams ability to take pressure off of him even in situations involving little time left on the game clock in games. What if I told you, NBA fans who feel as though they could provide solid consulting on an NBA team, generally do not have a fraction of the knowledge NBA General Manager's have about the game of basketball and what it takes to build a championship team.

Devtome offers me the chance to write about these types of opinions and cover them. The artistic outlet with financial compensation is something sports enthusiasts like me dream of and along with the financial compensation for writing as much as I can think of this has just been a stellar opportunity for me to have a chance to share my knowledge with whoever is willing to read it.

Other Interests

I have an interest along with a lot of people interested in the crypto currency financial concept in a lot of Libertarian concepts and free market economics. While my knowledge in those two subjects may not be to the advanced level of other people contributing to Devtome, I am quite interested in reading some of the things posted by others and maybe adding my own concepts and ideas here and there.

I also have found other ways to make money through my sports knowledge in gambling on professional sports games. I don't have a ton of extra money laying around, but I turned $250 into around $1500 in around 3 months just picking games here and their I knew would be wins or losses. In the future I plan on writing an article mapping out my different gambling strategies and explaining how I was able to transfer my sports knowledge into gambling knowledge.

Authors' Notes and Overview

I very much am looking forward to contributing to Devtome in anyway I can. The concept of this website right now is stellar and the creative outlet for people with all different kinds of interests will help show increased popularity.

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