CBTC Month One Dividends

Well, after CBTC made its awesome break and sold out its IPO extremely quick (within a matter of minutes), things were looking up for the stock. It was pretty easy to see that it had some great things going for it already, and would continue bringing out some new features and expansion. Just like expected, they followed through with what we all thought they would. Except one thing… the first month resulted in no dividends.

Where are they, many people have asked? Well, the casino has been hit pretty hard by the variance bus lately. While they were on a pretty steady up swing, things took a turn for the worse, costing the house quite a bit. This was stated to be largely because of professional betters taking part in the sports betting. It is hard to tell how accurate this is at this time, but CBTC has given their word that they have analyze the player data and have found some ways to (hopefully) cut down or eliminate that behavior altogether. While this might seem like it has nothing but good coming as a result, there is some stuff to keep in mind:

  • At this point we are not sure whether or not their proposed changes are even going to make any effect
  • Changes made could end up turning players away from the site, cutting down on the amount of play it gets (and therefore also its chances of profit)

In any case, the stocks for the site have crashed considerably, for the first time since its IPO actually selling for below its original price of 0.00018 BTC. It is hard to say at this point what is going to happen over the next month, but one thing is almost certain: if the site does not see enough profit to bring the site both back up in to the green and show a decent dividend, we can see the stocks crash below where they already are (and they do not seem to be bouncing back up yet). For those who stick with it, this has turned in to a high risk high reward situation, where it can either pay off great or lose a lot.


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