Table of Contents



A Brief History Of The Federal Reserve

A Brief History of the Horse Drawn Artillery

A Complete Life of General Custer Part 1

A Complete Life of General Custer Part 2

A General History Of Money And Banking

A History of South Africa

A Review of "Emperor, Rice, and Commoners" by Yoshihoko Amino

A Review of "Modern Patriarchy and Formation of the Japanese Nation State" by Ueno Chizoku

A Review of "Myth of the Hunter-Gatherer" by Kenneth Ames


America at the Turn of the Twentieth Century: A Puzzle of National and Class Identity

American Women in History

An Analysis of the Effects of the Black Plague

Ancient History, By FinShaggy aka HannibalImhotep

Attitudes towards “Womanliness” in Victorian England: a Literary Analysis of George Gissing’s “The Odd Women”

Broad vs. Strict Interpretation of the United States Constitution

Calvin Coolidge Inaugural Address

Christopher Columbus's Voyage

Cultures of the New World

Custer's Last battle, Godfrey

Defeating Corruption with Economics

Defense of the Tennessee Valley Authority

Defining Pacifism in Literary History: An Examination of Vietnam War Era Poetry As It Relates to Pacifist Philosophies

Devastations of Prohibition

Different Forms of Writing - The Inca Quipu

England's Early Journey to Liberty

English Labor Movements

Eschatalogy History Early Church

Rome's Ghosts, the Ancient & Extinct Etruscans

Facts about Roman Slave Trading

Failure of the Populist Movement

Forton Lake Photography Project

Forton Lake Photography Project (Part 2)

From Geoffrey to Genius: Life and Times of Geoffrey Chaucer

George Washington, First President of the United States

Gilded Age of Industry

History and Advancements in the Profession of a Surgeon

History Of Democracy

History of Yoga

Industrial Revolutions

Irish Republican Army

Italy - History Part 1

Italy - History Part 2

Joan of Arc

John Browns Antislavery Crusade

Jorge Zorreguieta in The Dirty War

King Louis XIV of France

Knowth Ireland the History of Megalithic Architecture

Life and Times of Geoffrey Chaucer

McCarthyism and Social Hierarchy

McCarthyism and the Crucible


People's Effect on the Ottomans

Planet Rock

Realizing the End (C19th

Rise and Fall of the Berlin Wall


Seeking the Lost Kings of England

Slavery and Class in the South

Slavery and the Civil War

Society And Culture In The 16th Century

Spain in the Exploration Era

The Bridge Over the Rhine

The Concept of State throughout history

The Mayan People And Their Calendar

The Court Martial of Captain Thomas French

The Etruscan Civilization

The Experience of Women in World Wars I and II

The Exploration of the New World

The History of Film

The History of Money - from cattle to bitcoins

The History of the Mughal Empire

The Renaissance Period

The Story of the Hippie Movement

The Transition of the Institution of Marriage, from the Middle Ages to Present

The Uncertainty of Queenship: An Analysis of the Struggle for Authority of Female Monarchs During the Tudor Period

The Vessel of Nationalism

Titusville Florida- A History

Totalitarianism and Chinese Politics

Vaccines and the AntiVax Movement

War of the Roses

World War II - Japanese Banana Notes versus USD

BC, 1940s, 1960s, 1969, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 1992

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