Cassandra & Nomura’s Introduction

Right behind my Father, we entered the bridge. Numerous monitors displaying the status of the ship were placed upon the wall panels. The most impressive sight however was the large arc of a window at the front of the bridge. It served the room as much aesthetically as it did purposefully. A holographic screen was placed in front of the two Pilot’s seats. I noticed a blonde haired woman standing, seeming to be drawing on the screen, and another woman to her left remaining seated.

Nolan: Attention, Pilots.

The blonde haired girl span around at almost breakneck pace to meet the call to attention, whilst her partner seemed reluctant to focus – having an altogether more relaxed demeanour about responding to the Captain’s call. They both come to a saluting position.

Both Cass and Nomura: Sir!

Nolan: At ease. This is our new First Officer. He will be serving with us for the duration of the mission, and I expect you to treat him with the respect that he deserves, is this understood?

Both Cass and Nomura: Aye, Sir!

Nolan: Good, I’ll let you all get acquainted; I’ve got to see a man about the ship’s manifest.

(I felt this would be a slightly better introduction because it leaves the player or rather Simon free to engage in conversation with both of these women, it also shortens the introduction somewhat. Also I was confused as to where Nolan went in your draft as it was stated that Nolan had been found, yet no words by him were said. It also leaves them with a more formal impression, rather than the characters already referring to him as Nolan’s son – they see him as the First Officer.)

My Father turns around to leave the bridge, leaving me alone with the two Pilots. I can’t help but notice the blonde girl’s height, very short indeed.

Nomura: Introductions, huh? Just while I was calibrating this g-force dampener…

Cass: Don’t be so unprofessional, Nomura.

Nomura: I’m sorry – Nomura, Nomura LASTNAME, Co-Pilot of the (SHIPS NAME), at your service.

Cass: And I’m Cassandra LASTNAME, acting Pilot of the (SHIPS NAME).

Simon: Simon Everett. As you both already know, I will be serving as the First Officer for this mission.

Cassandra appears to be more interested in the panels than this introduction, she’s spent more time judging them rather than looking in my direction… and as for Nomura, I couldn’t read her if I tried.

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