Caprigon’s Favorite Devtome Writers So Far – May 2014

When on the Devtome start page, I make it a point to click on articles that catch my eye. Naturally, I choose topics which interest me personally. I have found that by clicking “what links here” on the left side of the screen when viewing an article, I can usually identify the user who posted the piece. To date I have identified three writers as being of particular interest.


The intent of this article is to promote a few great writers whose work I believe to be of great value. In addition, I’d like to discuss some of my observations. I hope this is beneficial, not only to the writers in question, but also to anyone who might know about and appreciate my work so will be open to my suggestions on additional reading. This will probably not be the last article of this nature I will write and I’m confident I will find many more fantastic contributors in the near future as well.


The contributor who has most recently caught my attention, fheenix has a user page full of stories I’ve added to my “to read” list. There are a number of articles covering topics related to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Though I am still getting acquainted with fheenix’s work, so far I have found it to be formatted in an esthetically pleasing manner and executed with an easily readable writing style.

About the only suggestion I could make at this time is something I noticed at the bottom of the article on solar power. The phrase “advent of time” doesn’t seem to fit. Though technically it might make sense in a way, I’m not convinced it means what fheenix thinks it means. I would probably recommend picking a different word.

My initial impression of fheenix’s contributions is positive. I plan on reading through several pieces. I expect I will benefit as a result.


Bomac has gotten my attention several times. Sometimes I wonder if bomac and I are the only writers on Devtome who I would classify as liberty advocates. Though much of the material is covered by “alternative” media outlets like Infowars, additional insight is revealed. Far from regurgitating already known facts in his own words, bomac seems to understand the subject matter and deliver it from a different perspective.

I do have one chief complaint about bomac’s work: lack of formatting. An excellent writer, who I suspect has had formal essay training and experience, there is a disturbingly unappealing aesthetic to the articles. I made this same mistake with one of the first articles I posted to Devtome called “Money for Trekkies.” For anyone who simply could not read it due to its appearance, I have since gone back and added some additional formatting to rectify my error.

I have taken the liberty of visually enhancing bomac’s article entitled “Why Are The Police Killing So Many Homeless People In The United States?” Because of the way I chose to add aesthetic, I had to add some words to make it work which may not be what would have been chosen by the original author. If bomac doesn’t like how I did it, bomac can modify or remove my changes. I trust the time I’ve taken to make modifications will be beneficial either way.

If you want well-written and important information, I suggest checking out bomac’s expanding body of work. For additional liberty-oriented views, you can check out my page also. If you know any other liberty-minded writers who would like to contribute, for my part, I can say they will be well received.


Probably the most controversial, profitofthegods introduces concepts which may have a tremendous impact on the future. Though the coverage of the various cryptocurrencies is informative and helpful, profitofthegods’ most significant contribution, in my opinion, is the exposure of other open-source projects. Open-source is, I believe, the key to unlocking a brighter future for humanity.

In addition to brining knowledge of valuable open-source projects to the table, profitofthegods also presents, if somewhat summarily, the permaculture strategy known as “aquaponics.” Aquaponics represents a way of thinking holistically and applying what we know about natural systems to farms and gardens. This sort of strategy, I think, is paramount if we are to sensibly use resources to the benefit of our health, economy, and ecology.

I found myself somewhat disenchanted by the Age of Horus article. This may simply be a matter of taste, but I wouldn’t want my name associated with that of Aliester Crowley. Never one to throw the baby out with the bathwater, I highly recommend a thorough and in depth exploration of the subjects covered by profitofthegods and encourage any interested party to contribute whatever they can to Devtome about these important fields of study. The very fate of humanity may depend on it…

No: I do not think I’m just being melodramatic.

In Summary

This concludes my first article discussing the first writers on Devtome who have thusfar gotten my attention. I provided some commentary both praising the authors and revealing concerns. If I come across articles from other writers which I believe to be worthy of discussion another edition will be forthcoming. I hope that I have added to the discussion, providing helpful suggestions and directing attention to where I see value.

To anyone reading this I would like to thank you for your indulgence and remind you to check out my, Caprigon’s, other articles. As previously mentioned, if you would like to find my articles or articles of the contributors I’ve covered here, go to the search engine under the big green “D” and enter the username of the author, the title of the article, or any keywords and click “search.”

Once again, remember you can find out the user name of any article you are reading by clicking “what links here” in the section under the above-mentioned search area.

This concludes my contributions for this payment round. It’s been an exciting one. Whatever you do: have a fantastic Devtome experience!


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