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The Canucks are a clan operating within some aspects of the Galactic Milieu.

Like Britclan, they have been active on the CrossCiv server and in the recent tests of the CoffeeMUD platform and arranged the creation of a blockchain based currency for their nation, the Canadian nation (Canada). Also like Britclan, and for the same reasons, they have moved their currency, Canadian Digital Notes, to the Open Transactions platform for now pending potential future transaction volumes sufficient to justify moving back to a blockchain based implementation.

Unlike Britclan, the Canucks have not actually set up any clan-houses as such on the CrossCiv server; instead they have so far used three houses in the “suburbs” of the main galactic diplomacy city as their dwelling-place / home-base on that server.

The Canucks are one of the wealthiest, and arguably also one of the largest, clans so far within the Galactic Milieu. It is possible that they are larger than Britclan, although if one attempts to estimate wealth by expenditure on hosting and bandwidth or by the per coin trading price of currencies, or both, they do not seem by such methods of estimation to be as wealthy as [Britclan]].


The Canucks have also been active on the MUDgaard COffeeMUD server since it opened, setting themselves up as a clan unser its clans system, with the clan organisation type known there as a Union. They rented a few lots in the Endless Plains area that was set up specifically to provide rentable lots for characters and clans. Initially the charcter Kenzie rented the lots, then once they formed a clan the ownership of the lots was turned over to the clan. FOr the first several months of operation of the server they were one of only three clans set up there, the others being Britclan (also set up as a Union) and Faery (a Fellowship). Britclan initially shared the same lots the Canucks were using, but once their own clan was set up they moved to lots of their own nearby. All three clans continued to co-operate closely, often sharing resources in those early days.

The Canucks, like the other clans, discovered a lot of what have now become the basics of scripted operations on CoffeeMUD servers such as MUDgaard. For example they started out using hooded lanterns for light, which allowed them to operate in the dark even while it was raining, but learned over time that dealing with lanterns was not easy with their scripts. They were thus among the first to switch to torches, and in fact even though Britclan also moved to using torches the Britclan folk actually do their torchmaking on one of the plots rented by the Canucks; torches are one of the largest instances now of sharing between the Canucks and Britclan, as both pool all their balsa and characters who are part of Britclan do the actual making of the torches on the lot just east of the Canucks' front yard lot.

Part of the problem with lanterns was the question of how to obtain oil, since everyone had been obtaining it from a shop in Midgaard city, resulting in the shop rapidly running out not long after any restart of the server back in the days when a lot of characters were still based in town. (Before the Endless Plains area was deployed almost everyone had been living in the Midgaard Stables inside Midgaard city.) Players have since learned that lamp oil can be obtained by using drilling skill in deserts, however no one has really gotten into drilling yet so this is really just theory so far; no one has yet actually obtained any oil in that way.

Dealing with waterskins was another thing the Canucks helped develop the current generally used solution for, which is to carry a bag in which to place used waterskins. Now that foraging, mining and chopping have become generally well-understood activities the Canucks are starting to look into drilling, thinkign that possibly the problems they had had in the past with refilling lanterns might be solvable using a similar “bag the used ones” approach that has proven so effective in dealing with waterskins. Carrying a dozen lantersn along with a dozen waterskins might seem like a lot of carrying capacity overhead but now that basic operations are known they are starting to consider efficiency measures that might be useful to improve the efficiency of their operations, such as, in this case, not having to stop when it rains. (Currently everyone is using very simple scripts, so that for example they burn torches all the time whether it is dark out or not, and go home when rain puts out their torches whether it is dark out or not. No one has yet seriously investigated how hard it would actually be to only use light sources when they are actually in the dark. This continuous use of light sources even during daylight hours is part of why so many more-recent immigrants have chosen to deploy characters who naturally see in the dark, so far just Duergar but it is expected that Drow will soon follow.)

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