It isn’t the good ole 60’s anymore when opportunity was abundant, and people still felt the freedom to dream! Jobs were plentiful, and the economy was good back then. Even while the economy was good, it spurred a generation that began to question the establishment. The young people then could sense the trouble ahead and started rebelling against a war they didn’t want, and expressed their feelings in a colorful fashion. There were many non-violent protests springing up all round the country. In a time where the gap of racial inequality rallied for civil rights, there was much resistance. The Hippies were born, which often carried some prejudice labels, such as radicals and Freaks. However, change did come, but sometimes with the cost of precious life. That war ended, and civil rights prevailed. We enjoy many freedoms that resulted from that era. Today it is acceptable to groom and dress as you like without persecution as it was then. People of color mingle without barriers or segregation. Prejudice has not vanished completely, but no longer can it be justified as acceptable in society anymore. Change is often slow but it is usually progressive.

Yes, the often predicted decline of our current economy, which deprives the lives of so many, has finally come home to roost, and many say for the better. For fifty years we have seen the warning signs. How much longer will we allow our intelligence to be exploited? What will it take, before we are convinced that the ways of the past no longer work or apply? When will we start to question the relevance of a social environment that ignores human dignity? Everyone knows what is happening. Everyone feels the frustration. What are we to do, and how do we go about making any supportive change? There is hope, and it is supported by a global movement which does address these questions.

We must first consider our current circumstances and the nature of the causes that got us here. As with any problem, unless we diagnose the cause there will be no cure. Unless we understand the short and the long term effects of our choices, we can hardly see any direction to advance. At this time, it appears information should be of the utmost importance. Fact based truth, can only establish a means of reconciling, and must stand at the forefront before proceeding to fix anything. We have much to be grateful for in terms of technological and ideological advances. Information and communication now flows abundantly like never before, but we are only beginning to see the beneficial advantages for ending poverty, or implementing a sustainable economy. The extraordinary diversity of opinions to what the cause of our problems are only confusing the matter. So, we can only begin with educating ourselves to find common ground or consensus amongst us. This is not something that has to be difficult, you certainly do not want to use the United States Congress as an example of bi-partisanship. It is obvious that their motives are manipulated from special interests, continually deceiving the public. We can do this!

Imagine what society would look like if we truly had a choice in our occupation, or were able to choose the type of education we desire. Imagine a society that rewarded us not only for our labor, but for our ideas and our cooperation in its overall success. It would be a society based on fundamental livelihood and preserving the planet we live on. Human interests and health would stand at the forefront of the social economy. Does this sound unrealistic to you? If it does, it is only because it is something new, and has never been attempted. How much sense does it make to bail out the few in big business that created job separations, home foreclosures and the economic disaster we see today? How can we justify and tolerate corporate heads of bankrupt companies exiting with millions of dollars, when so many today are filing for welfare? This is not a realist vision of society, but instead it is an absurdity that we seem to accept as rational! Our social status will will only make sense when we come together and work for our dignified rights toward an equality of life.

There is a better vision for the future. There are many movements today that are directed toward better community understanding and offer some realistic solutions to the problems we face today. Of course, as with any change, there comes resistance, so we must start with educating people with the facts, not just hopes and dreams. In our present social environment, the majority of the people in this world has rarely received the real benefits from our technological advances. Technology today is more of a distraction than an advantage in its overall usage. We are more easily impressed with the new features of our cell phones, than encouraging cost effective ways which could greatly improve our lives. We have witnessed a wave of electronic gizmos on the market that now cost next to nothing as demand increases, yet this incredible technology is not being utilized to implement a reduction of cost in our energy or food supply. Yes, there are plenty of toys to keep us entertained while the enhancing profits of big business continue its manipulative sidetrack, and nothing is being done to reduce the cost of living for the average individual.

We all have a right to sustain a comfortable means for living; one that does not include submission to greed. We have a duty to acknowledge and protect the earth, which in reality is the only true provider of our well-being. We have a right to learn the joy of living, instead of being engulfed in the struggle to survive based on the terms required by others. We should be inspired by one another, not threatened. We all know this to be true, and no one can deny their own underlying spirit within. Join with those who believe it is possible!

I want to introduce a movement that was founded in 2008 called “ The Zeitgeist Movement” (TZM). Don’t get distracted on the specific meaning of the name, it has no affiliation with anything previous to the date of conception. This movement is continually growing at global proportions. It exemplifies a needed environment of social camaraderie for the benefit of mankind. It is a Portal of today’s informative ideas that can launch a new train of thought, towards accelerating the development of science and technology for a better social, economic and political pattern. The Zeitgeists emphasize our potentiality, and that with the proper implementation, science and technology today can actually be used to improve our social environment. TZM is a Sustainability Advocacy Group which operates through a network of Regional Chapters, Project Teams, Public Events, Media Expressions and Charity Operations.

TZM's activism is explicitly based on non-violent methods of communication with the core focus on educating the public about the true root sources of many common personal, social and ecological problems today. They are an educational movement, believing that knowledge is our most powerful tool for creating lasting and relevant change as a global race. The TZM’s policy is not based on any static idealism, but rather encourages an open minded atmosphere that any willing individual can accept. The importance and quality of one’s personal education will have a tremendous benefit toward communicating effectively and constructively. They advocate that everyone has the independent ability to contribute and to realize this open ended train of thought, on their own terms and at their own pace.

The nature of this movement is to enhance the awareness and optimism, that a truly sustainable economy can be achieved in the future. It is referred as a “Natural Law/Resource Based- Ecomomy” or (NLRBE). A Natural Law/Resource-Based Economy is to be defined as: “An adaptive socioeconomic system actively derived from direct physical reference to the governing of scientific laws in nature.” Overall, the observation is that through the use of socially targeted research and tested understandings in Science and Technology, we are now able to logically arrive at societal approaches which could be profoundly more effective in meeting the needs of the human population.

It must be understood that the Zeitgeist Movement does not affiliate with, nor does it intend to be an antisocial movement. The Zeitgeist Movement does not organize or recruit for the purpose of protest against any established social order. The main purpose and reason is to promote the development of new and better ideas for the improvement of humanity as a whole. Its main objective is to educate those who are uninformed, about the alternatives available that correspond to the well-being and natural order of a sustainable environment which we all belong. There have been much criticism and false information spread, that has no legitimate foundation in regards for TMZ being a cult, new world order, conspirators or the likes. The Zeitgeist Movement reserves the right to be defended from any propaganda which may intend to misdirect their primary function. As long as we have the right to freedom of speech, there can be no opinion validated to prove this movement as a threat to humanity.

Stated from the TMZ website; The Zeitgeist Movement also has no allegiance to a country or traditional political platforms. It views the world as a single system and the human species as a single family and recognizes that all countries must disarm and learn to share resources and ideas if we expect to survive in the long run. Hence, the solutions arrived at and promoted are in the interest to help everyone on the planet Earth, not a select group.

A leading spokesperson for TZM “Peter Joseph” has given impelling testimony through his self-owned media productions, and in interviews conducted by journalists, that will verify a reasonable assumption of why social reform is necessary. His viewpoints and factual based analogs have enthusiastically inspired millions. I encourage everyone to listen to this man who has been endowed with a magnificent gift to express an unmistakable insight into the causes and effects of the world we view today. His dialog is captivating, and flows freely with spontaneity.

The improvement of humanity has been a steady journey. We have evolved to what we are today with all our imperfections and triumphs in history. We must understand what this means if our species is survive, much less flourish.. Our knowledge is our power, but our ignorance is our downfall. I ask you to please investigate The Zeitgeist Movement with an open mind, and learn how we all can play a part in the solution! A powerful movie can be watched for free on YouTube at this address I encourage everyone to watch it!

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