Cancer - a treatment nobody wants you to find

For many years a doctor was curing even without official medical treatment, many times painful and with questionable results, but simply with a synergetic use of relatevily cheaper, painless medical treatment. Good results were noted by many in the community. The first reaction of the National Health System has been simply to ignore the phenomenon.

Later, in order to show proper consideration to this “troublemaker”, the italian NHS made a sort of test or experiment to check the validity of this cure. So it gave to this doctor a group of people afflicted by uncurable cancer, a few weeks away from certain death, just to demonstrate the inefficiency of this cure. The Ministry of Health declared this cure useless.

This doctor, which name was Di Bella, died without having accumulated reaches, but for sure a lot of followers. Recently the ex Ministry of Health has declared to be using this method on himself as a preventive treatment, considering now this treatment as a possible cure. Now the italian NHS doesn't support who choose this cure instead of the official cure, unless the Di Bella cure cause a regression of the cancer. Because this happens, the italian NHS has been forced to support, even if this privilege has been granted in a few cases, people undergoing successfully to the Di Bella cure.

Now, it seems a fairy tale. Sad to say, it is not.

What is the goal of Di Bella method?

  • To increase the efficacy and reduce the toxicity of cancer therapy.
  • Try to overcome the high toxicity level and the limited efficacy of the current medical treatments for cancer.

You can obtain efficient combination of:

  • melatonin
  • retinoids
  • D3
  • vitamin E
  • vitamin C (working as a differentiating, cytostatic, immunomodulating, antiangiogenic, factorially synergic effect)

In addiction you should at the same time reinforce all the vital functions essential for life.

Somatostatin is very important. It has an antiproliferative effect.

The official literature talks about an observational study on 553 patients treated with the DBM. The result achieved are:

  • improvement in the quality of life: the person feels better and the pain drastically reduced;
  • considerable increase in the survival rates for every disease and stage compared to the data available;


The treatment mentioned above is a very controversial one. The official medicine and its treatments (e.g. chemotherapy) have demonstrated a partial effectiveness in curing the patience. Many time we notice just an increase of the pain, a lot of side effects, making the last part of patients' life very terrible.

The Di Bella method, instead, can be use:

  • without the official treatment (when the cancer is in its early stage)
  • along with the official treatments, increasing the effectiveness
  • in cases in which the offical medicine cannot do anything (the cancer is widespread) just to increase the quality of life during the last period of life, and in certain cases even prolonging the life of the patient

The main “problems” of Di Bella method are:

  • born to be mainly a preventive treatment (no more sick people, no more business on people)
  • much more cheaper then official treatment (cancer treatment today is a huge source of income)

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