The camp was held in a college far from my home, and since we(my brother and me) came a few weeks earlier than the start of the camp we were staying with a friend of my mom's who was a member of the faculty of the college's music department. Now, it was almost mandatory for the music majors to attend the camp, especially since we had a conductor visiting from abroad.To make it easier for the music majors, they were housed in a single place instead of them staying in their individual accomodations on the campus because the camp started around seven in the morning and they had to help with tasks for lectures and stuff. The place that they had was just behind the open-air hall that was being used as our assembly and lecture hall for the camp, I think it was the student goverment's guest house.There were two rooms across each other with an open air kitchen and terrace that overlooked a fish pond.The girls were in one room and the boys were in another.Some of the students slept outside on the terrace in sleeping bags and tents since it was cooler at night. My brother and I were supposed to move into the dorms for the duration of the camp because the place we were staying at was outside of the campus and was a twenty-minute walk from the music camp hall.But for the first three days of camp we stayed with the faculty member and walked to and from the camp place in the morning and evening, we came home late since our orchestra practice usually stopped at nine in the evening. On the third day, we were told that it might be best if we moved into the dorms since it was tiring to walk far after a hard day's practices.Since we were well acquainted with the music majors, it was suggested that we might want to room with them, and we agreed. We moved in, and I was somewhat surprised to see a bed unoccupied in the girls room(they had about four double deck beds in there), I mean there were even girls sleeping on mattress on the floor!But they said I could have the bed, and I just couldn't be bothered with the suspicious lack of takers for the bed because I was panicking over the pieces that we were supposed to play.I just settled in and left for practice.I just had no idea that the other girls were keeping something from me.

That first night, I was dead tired, I sat on the bed, top bunk, listening to the others prepare for bed while I reviewed some pieces.A older girl, who was something of a mother figure to the students, asked me if I was fine with the bed.I said yes, and that was when I noticed the strange tension and looks that the others were exchanging. Keeping a bland face, I just eyed them until someone broke down and said that I had a right to know what was going on. Another girl who was kind of like an older sister to me asked me if I knew this certain female music major, now, this girl was familiar to me but we weren't close, more like acquaintances than friends. They told me that they had been experiencing creep stuff in that place.They would hear voices arguing outside even though no one was out, there were footsteps at night, and the weird feeling that someone was there watching even if everyone was asleep. And there was my bed, the girl that they asked me if I knew her, she was the previous occupant of the bed.She left the place scared and went back to staying at her campus room.It was because one night, while asleep, she woke up and felt a hand pulling on her foot.It wasn't a prank, she had to wake up everyone, they were asleep.She refused to go back to that bed, and she slept beside one of the girls for the remainder of the night. After they told me, I just said that it was all right.It really didn't bother me too much especially since I was a deep sleeper. Now, I'm not the kind of person who's courageous, I don't even like watching scary movies.Just this christmas break my cousins were trying to get me to watch Insidious, but I really just didn't, I couldn't.I don't get nightmares from watching horror movies, I could only remember four instances I actually had nightmares, but the memories of scary things crop up in the most inconvenient times.I didn't want to risk another horrible movie scene embedded in my brain. But real world scary atmosphere just doesn't bother me at all since I tend to drift off into my own world.I pretty much just ignored the threat of the paranormal and promptly fell asleep the minute my head hit the pillow.

Thump!!!Thump!!!Thump!!! The sound of something being slammed against the wall jolted me out of sleep.Disoriented, I wondered what in the world could be making that kind of noise, and then I remembered that between the beds were plastics drawers for our things.Someone, or something was banging the drawer to my left against the wall. It was dark, and I couldn't see a thing.The banging didn't stop, and no one else woke up to the sound, even though it was pretty loud.No one in the room could be doing it, my bed was still, the occupant of the one beneath mine unmoving.The bed to the left of ours was silent too, besides the fact that the drawers were too far from the beds for someone to accidentally be kicking it in her sleep. The entire room was still and asleep, the sound of the drawers rattling the only noise. And, it made me irritated. I had spent almost ten hours of the day labouring on with my cello during practice, and someone or something interupted my rest.It was kind of ominous, the thought that something was haunting the room, but my tired and grumpy mind overrode the fact.

"Whoever or whatever you are," I whispered," don't even think about grabbing my foot, I don't care if you're scary, I'll kick you." And with that, I pulled my blanket over my head, and went back to sleep, the sound of the drawers banging fading as I slipped off into dreamland.
When morning came, just to make sure it wasn't someone looking for a person to prank, I asked my room mates if one of them did it, or if they heard the drawers banging. It kind of shocked and scared them. Not only did that happen, as it turns out, the girl underneath my bed said that something shook our double-deck bed during the night.I wasn't me, I might move a bit during sleep, but only small movements so I usually wake up in pretty much the same position I slept in. She said that it wasn't the kind of shaking that indicated someone moving, it was as though someone was really shaking it deliberately.I must have been totally out of it during this part, I didn't feel it, when I sleep even if I'm yelled at I sometimes don't know. I knew that nobody could have pulled off those kind of pranks, the girls on the bed to my left were too serious and religious to mess around, the person sleeping below me was too self occupied.The others were just too creeped out to try scaring tactics. Everyone talked about what happened for a while, but it the end, we decided that it was best to ignore such happenings.We were sure creepy stuff would just continue, we might as well get used to it. And creepy stuff did continue.At night, sometimes I would hear voices arguing, what they were saying, I couldn't decipher it. Footsteps outside the window could be heared, the feeling of someone watching sometimes felt. My brother, who slept out on the terrace said that at times, he would see a blur of white, something the size of an animal running past sleeping students.The ones outside would hear voices singing in the direction of a rice field the left of the building.They could hear talking though everyone was silent. We got used to it, but what really creeped us out was the thought that whatever was scaring us followed us. Well into the second week of the camp(the camp lasted for two and a half weeks), the we(the girls) had to move to a new room because a new teacher was going to occupy the room were staying at. They moved us into a pretty large guest room beneath the lecture hall, and we thought that the weird and creepy happenings would stop.But something happened.

One night, some of the girls were making decorations for the wedding of one of the music teachers.Most of the music majors were members of the choir and not the orchestra, so they had more free time, they could sleep in a little, and that night some of the girls stayed up late helping out. This one girl, someone who was older sister-like, was still awake by herself when midnight came.She was texting someone, when she realized that the sound of dripping water in the bathroom was abnormally loud.Ignoring the fact that she was a little bit chilled by this fact, she went back attending to her phone, when she heard the pail in the bathroom crash, the sound of it as if it was tipped over.And she heard and felt a voice say something, a man's voice.I don't remember what she heard it say, I think it said something about the time being twelve?Well, anyway, there was enough light to see in the room because the light was on outside, no one was in the bathroom, there was no male in the room. It scared her enough to leave her bed and sleep beside another friend, and she really wasn't the kind of girl to scare easily.

That's the end of my story.It really is more weird than outright scary.But what makes me wonder is that were both rooms we occupied separately haunted? Or were we followed to our next lodging? I don't know.Maybe it will remain as an ominous mystery, a memory and remainder that there are things we won't be able to explain or unravel in our life.


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