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Author's note: This article is part of an ongoing blog about my adventures in the world of alternate currencies.

About a week ago I checked my fiat bank account and to my great joy, the very first ACH deposit I'd requested from Camp BX came through earlier in the day. Yesterday I checked the bank account again and found that my second ACH deposit also came through.

Camp BX limits the amount I can request to $1000 a day until I go through their process to verify my account. As soon as my next sell order fills I will be requesting another ACH direct deposit for $1000, which amounts to $998 once the ACH fee is deducted. I actually like having this limit in place because it means that I will get the most bang for my ACH fee by waiting for my account to reach $1000 and then asking for the direct deposit. It also means that I will have a couple hundred just sitting in my account until I can accumulate $1000 again. Of course, I can request an ACH deposit at any time, and my first one was only for a couple hundred dollars. But I prefer to minimize the impact of the fee as much as possible.

But the best part is that I know that Camp BX is a reliable way for me to turn my Bitcoin into fiat and I can count on easily getting the fiat sent to my bank account where I can then spend it in the course of normal life. It was this successful use of an actual trading platform which helped me finally make the mental leap from seeing my Devtome writing and other cryptocurrency activities as a rather time consuming hobby to realizing that this hobby had the potential to yield an actual real life return.

It also means my hobby has now become my job, which is another issue altogether. I'm starting to think a lot more about the time I spend on various activities and come up with a sense of which activities are truly productive and profitable, and which ones are really just fancy time wasters.

Regardless of how or why you use a Bitcoin/fiat trading platform, Camp BX is a great one to check out, especially if you live in the US. If you register your account through any of the links used on the Creative Currencies website, you will enjoy a lifetime ten percent discount on all your trading activities, an example of when making use of an affiliate link benefits both parties involved.1)

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