Calorie Density And Obesity

One fact that not many people are aware of is that the majority of fast food has a very high level of energy density. The density refers to the amount of calories that you might find in your food and fast food can often contain double the normal amount of “healthier foods” and a normal diet.

The higher the energy density, the more calories the food will have in relation to it's own weight. You might not think this is a bad thing, but the shocking fact is that these foods have the undesired side-effect of confusing your brain, making you think that smaller foods are lower in calories. Therefore, you end up eating more and putting on more weight.

It changes the way you eat

This is not hot news, but researchers have found that the more often you eat fast food and food that is high in calories, the more likely you are to put on weight and possibly end up on the obese scale. Not only is fast food responsible for too many calories, it also works against your body, making your normal appetite and control mechanisms to function incorrectly.

These changes to your body can lead you towards binge eating and weight problems.

Double the calories

If you compare these 2 foods, you are going to be in for a shock as to how unhealthy fast food can be for you. Looking at the difference between a popular “big burger” (yes, I am sure you can guess which one I am talking about) and a plate of salad and pasta, the burger has almost twice as many calories in!

The fact that this sort of junk food that is high in calories and quick to manufacture and eat is promoted by these restaurant chains through advertising and offers, it causing a “fat epidemic” across the world. How long will it be before developing countries end up in the same situation as the US or Europe?

Read between the lines

Even though the larger fast food chains publish their nutritional information these days, we often fall foul of the conversion between portion size and the calorie or energy density we were talking about earlier. We have been programmed to NOT recognise foods that have been processed to contain a high number of calories and have also had our will broken by advertising and cheap deals, making the choice of a burger and fries much easier than a home cooked meal.

When you eat fast-food, the size of the portion you are eating bears no resemblance to the number of calories you are eating. This mind trick is one way we are all being suckered in by these companies. We are all being tricked and confused into eating way too much food and too many calories.

We are not designed to eat food like this

Humans have grown and developed over millions of years, living on foods that have a low energy density. We are not used to eating foods that are so packed and rich in calories and therefore we are becoming overweight. The areas of the world that are still eating these normal, healthy, low-density foods have not had problems with obesity and health issues due to weight.

It is pretty obvious that in modern cultures, our bodies are just not designed to cope with these high-energy and calorie-dense foods. The rise of the fast food chain and convenience eating has given rise to this problem and it looks like it is here to stay until we can educate people properly to eat a balanced diet.

Risk of heart attack

The obvious risk of eating too many calories and having weight problems is that over time, arteries will begin to clog up and this can lead to an increased risk of having a heart attack. Research has identified that Oxidized Fats, that are found in abundance in foods such as french fries, burgers and pizzas are the main cause of fatty deposits being left in your arteries. Over time, these fats will wreak havoc with your body, causing all sorts of health problems that can linger long into your life.


The conclusion is that the fast food meals that are made from low quality carbs, contain high saturated fats, sugar and salt are killing you from the inside. The basic fuel for a healthy human is made up from fiber and healthy fats - but the fast food we seem to crave and shovel into our bodies on a regular basis are the total opposite of this.

Before you eat that next burger or large fries - think about what you are putting into your body and why you feel the need to do so. After all, if you are like me, you will feel hungry soon after - which is a good indication that something is not right.


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