Caitlyn AD Carry guide

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Caitlyn the Sheriff of Piltover.

Caitlyn is a pure AD carry.



  • Innate high range.
  • Safe laning phase.
  • great poke.


  • Squishy.
  • Not a burster.

Summoner spells

  • Barrier: Standard on an AD carry.
  • flash: Flash is good on everyone.


  • Headshot (passive): Every 7/6/5 attacks, Caitlyn's next auto attack deals bonus physical damage equal to 50% of Caitlyn's AD. It's 150% against monsters and minions. Caitlyn gains a double stack when she attacks from brushes. This skill doesn't stack nor applies on structures.

The passive stacks from auto attacks and it's one the best way to stack thing as an AD. As it provides more damage is it one of the best passives for an AD carry. An item Like Runan's Hurricane will add multiple stack each time but the trigger will only affect the primary target.

  • Piltover Peacemaker (Q): After a brief delay of 1 second, Caitlyn casts a barrage shot in front of her dealing AOE physical damages as follows: (20/60/100/140/180 +130% AD). Any subsequent target hits besisde the first one take 10% less damage down to a minimum of -50%.
    Range: 1300 Cooldown: (10/9/8/7/6). Cost: (50/60/70/80/90 mana).

It's a linear skill shot with a decent width. Note the range and the casting time. It's better to cast it as an engage or when the enemies are running away. You will not cast it within your auto attack's range especially in the later stage of the game otherwise you will just lose some DPS. A chasing sequence can be: AA+AA (enemy running away) + E as a gap closer + (AA) + Q to finish him.

  • Yordle Snap Trap (W): Caitlyn sets a trap at targeted location after a brief delay. It will remain here until someone triggers it (or it remains for 4 minutes) taking magic damage as follows: (80/130/180/230/280 +60% AP). Trapped heroes will be rooted for 1.5 seconds. The trap doesn't trigger either on neutrals nor creeps. The trap allows true sight on the target for 9 seconds. When Caitlyn sets a trap she gains the sight on the area for a brief moment. Caitlyn can sets up 3 traps at the same time, any extra trap set after the third will cancel the first one. Range: 800. Cooldown: (20/17/14/13). Cost: (50/60/70/80/90 mana).

The trap is visible but untargetable. It will only trigger on enemy heroes. It's your hard cc but it needs some tactical sense to use it. The most obvious places to set a trap are the standard entry paths from the bushes as your enemy will not see it before it triggers. You can place a trap under the feet of someone already stunned but the gain isn't obvious here because of the delay. It will be efficient early because you will deal less damage and the root is a static 1.5 seconds from start. But once you gain some damage it will be better to just auto attack and hope that your enemies will step at the wrong place. In the case that you have several mates with you, it's better to set that trap because the overall efficiency of your group will be better even if you sacrifice a bit of your own DPS in the process.

  • 90 Caliber Net (E): Caitlyn throws a net at a targeted location dealing magic damages to the first enemy it encounters as follows: (80/130/180/230/280 +80% AP). The target is slowed by 50% for a duration as follows: (1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2/2.25 secs). As she fires it Caitlyn is knocked back by the recoil to the opposite direction (400range).
    Range: 1000. Cooldown: (18/16/14/12/40). Cost: 75 mana.

This is your sole escape and it is a bit tricky to use at least from start. No matter if you are chasing or escaping you will have to aim this skill at the opposite direction to succeed. This is another reason why it is better to always play with a smartcast as you will not missclick into the direction you are not leading to. (The smartcast allows you to cast your skill as you point it not as you click to). You can use this skill to pass through minors obstacles such as river's edges and “thin” trees. This skill is channeling and can be interrupted but it's only theory as the timing is very narrow.

  • Ace in the Hole (R) (Ultimate): After a brief delay of 1 second, Caitlyn fires a special long range pellet to the targeted hero, hitting the first hero it encounters, dealing physical damages as follows: (250/475/700 +200%). .
    Range: Global. Cooldown: 80. Cost: 100 mana.

It's a homing skill directed at target hero but any enemy hero can intercept it. That's why it is tricky to use even if it is your ultimate. It's used as a finisher 90% of the time because of it's very long range. If the target leads out from its maximal range before the end of the cast Ace in the Hole is canceled but will not trigger its cooldown. As she locks the target Caitlyn gains true sight on it and entering into stealth will not cancel it. Caitlyn can't cancel her cast. If the target dies while Caitlyn is channeling Ace in the Hole goes in a 5 seconds cooldown and Caitlyn sees her mana refunded. If the target dies after the channel but before the impact it goes on full cooldown.

Skill sequence

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Q x x x x x
W x x x x x
E x x x x x
R x x x

As the trap has a static root and high cooldown you take it last. Q remains your main ability damage wise.


On the offensive tree Feast and Dangerous Game bring you more sustain at the cost of only two points in Fury. Caitlyn has a good snowball potential so it is worth it. As you build some crit put the point into Frenzy. The other abilities are standard for an AD carry.

On the defensive tree you take Juggernaut + Unyielding as a standard setup. You can tweak Recovery with Enchanted Armor but it will be efficient only late game.


The rune page is set as follows:

  • X9 Flat AD (marks): The flat AD will pump the damage from Q and R. It can be tweaked with armor peneration or even attack speed.
  • x9 Flat armor (seals): For a better early against the bot lane.
  • X9 Flat magic resist (glyphs): It will help you later on, during teamfights.
  • X3 Flat AD (Quintessences): You can also take lifesteal as quints or armor penetration.


As starting items: Doran's Blade +1 Hp pot. Then I'm looking for a B.F Sword (1550) on my first trip back. You will need 45 creeps. I really don't like it but your first item should be the Bloodthirster (3200) on Caitlyn. It's hard to replace it with anything. The next item should be a Statikk Shiv (2500) followed with an Infinity Edge (3800) for a solid amount of AD. The Statikk shiv will help with the farm and it will add a magic damage component on your auto attacks. It's a good choice mid game. You core will be: Berserker's Greaves (900) + The Bloodthirster + Statikk Shiv. The After core is Infinity Edge + Last Whisper (2300). A late item must be a Guardian Angel (2750) most of the time.

Your support

Taric and Tresh are the most common options. Taric will help you to stun+root whereas a competent Tresh will pull the enemy into your traps. Leona and Nami will serve the same purpose as Taric does.

Laning Phase

Because of her native long range + her escape the laning phase of Caitlyn is safe. She experienced a nerf with her attack speed so she's not so hot at trading actually. Focus on farm and hit your opponent occasionally with your passive if he is a bit out of position. If someone tries to engage you, just net (E) his face and hit him a bit while he is slowed. You will not really trade but you still have to poke anytime you are not last hitting but your enemy is. Play like this until your first trip back for the B.F Sword (1550).Back in the field you will be able to do decent damage with Q already. If the enemy is aggressive try to hit him with a full powered Q. Don't forget that Caitlyn is strong overall but every skill of her has a downside: Q deals less damage on targets behind the first, W has a casting time, E has a channeling time and R can be intercepted and interrupted as well.
From the midgame you completed your Bloodthirster and you can start the Statikk Shivan by Avarice Blade (800). It will help you to achieve it faster. Destroying the tower under 20 minutes is a good objective then you have to start teamfighting and forcing Drake. Set traps before on the ways in from the jungle. There is only 2 ways. The other sides must be covered by mid and your support. Always try to stay at 650 range and protect yourself from dashes with a trap. Caitlyn auto attack's range is her shortest. Your Q range will be 650-1300 so use it both as an “engage” and as a finisher. Your ulti range will be 650-2500+ and it must be used as a finisher most of the time. If your front line is strong there are no really dangerous situations for you besides hard dashers/divers.
Caitlyn will hit her peek on late game. She scales really well with this stage because of her snowball potential and high ratios. Don't forget to use your traps in an offensive way when you are teamfighting 5v5 because the 1.5 seconds root utility will override your DPS loss. The range to set a trap is still higher than your auto attack range so you will not expose yourself too much (take care about the casting time still).

General guidelines

You can use your traps to complete the warding job from your support.
You can entrap a stunned enemy easily if your support can DPS a little try to do this between 800 and 650 range.
I see Blade of the Ruined King on many Caitlyn as it may appears as a good item on her but it is not. Cailtyn is a pure poker and not a trader and even less a burster. Even if there is life steal attack speed and damage on hit it will not fit her.
You can practice your stutter stepping easily with her as it is the same case for Tristana.
Know your range and your positioning with her and use more traps as a game mechanism.
Don't set traps against Sivir or she will use them to refill her mana pool.

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