Butterfly Labs Mining Equipment Available On Tiger Direct


Butterfly Labs has been the source of a lot of negative statements by people within the crypto sphere. Many are upset with them for delaying the launches of their mining equipment; some people waited a year or more to receive theirs. With Butterfly Labs always coming up with excuses or flat out ignoring people's request for information as for what was going on and what was causing the delays, things were on a downhill slope. It has caused people to lose trust in the company, as well as not feel safe with pre ordering their next mining equipment releases.

Now, things are changing a bit, hopefully for the better. Tiger Direct is now selling Butterfly Labs mining equipment within their website. Instead of having to order from the company themselves and hope for the best, you can now buy the 10 GH/s miner via Tiger Direct; a reputable and trusted company. This is removing the negative stigma, at least for those who want to order from people they can trust, rather than throw their money at a company and hope that they follow through.

The pricing on this miner is a bit high, weighing in at $350. This is the equivalent of about 0.5 Bitcoins at today's rate, which is pretty high compared to its speed and the fact that more and more powerful ASICs are still flooding the market. While this miner may end up paying itself off over time with the increase in value of Bitcoin, it is still probably a better idea to just invest the money straight in to Bitcoin instead. The profit will likely be greater, not to mention there is no worry about the machine breaking down or having to deal with troubleshooting.

What this does do that is far beyond the one miner Tiger Direct is currently selling, is open the doors for a change in how we purchase mining equipment. Instead of having to go through a company that nobody knows, they can simply send them off to a reputable site and let them handle the sales. This means we get the peace of mind of knowing we are not being scammed, and the producers get to sell their equipment fast and easily. Whether other mining companies will follow suit, and whether or not Butterfly Labs will continue getting their own items listed is unknown. At this point this is the only real item up for sale in this manner. But it does leave a lot of hope for the future!



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