Befriending Your CRM

With the modern age in full swing it can be very easy to get lost in all the noise of Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and various blogs. It’s an unfortunate fact that as we move towards a more digitized environment that we’re going to have a harder and harder time keeping everything straight. A business is going to thrive or fail almost purely from its contacts, without contacts and without expanding them appropriately your business is going to struggle to see another year, let alone another year that is profitable. Companies shift and contacts are always in a state of flux and therefore it is absolutely imperative that contacts be properly managed and kept up to date and followed appropriately. A single person, even a group doing this is a stark waste of resources. Instead your company would be best off implementing a CRM to help manage the social media that your company is in contact with.

Not only would an “Intelligent CRM” from the likes of Business Essentials be incredibly helpful in managing contacts but it also tracks all correspondence between various vendors, managers, leads, and users of all levels to provide an accurate and up to date set of information allowing you to see at the touch of a button what is going on. This sort of insight is absolutely invaluable as the CRM is capable of finding causal relationships between people and the data they represent, giving rise to better customer relations and better management of accounts. Without this, it would be remarkably easy to simply let some customers and relations fall through the cracks. Such a negative result would impact the company negatively in both customer loyalty and image perception.

CRMs Are Not Just a Rolodex


What’s important to note is that a CRM is not just an advanced Rolodex. While it will keep track much better than something like an excel spreadsheet or Rolodex would, it’s so much more. In this day and age it’s not enough to just remember and adequately sort your contacts, you have to manage them properly, and furthermore manage your company’s perceived image. Consulting your customers to hear what they have to say about your company provides valuable (and free!) insight into your company and how you could improve to better serve your customer base. Furthermore it provides you an early warning detection of what is going wrong and how to quickly fix it before the issue spreads to other departments and endangers not only your company image but the contracts and clients that you have as well.

Creating and forming long-term relationships with your vendors and clients is absolutely essential to growing a business and keeping it thriving. A CRM properly configured to take use of Social Media is going to give you the peace of mind that you’re listening to your customers and providing them with an open and clear dialogue that clearly addresses their concerns and outlines the solutions to their problems. In doing so you not only solve the issue of whatever problem they may have had, but you have the solution out in the wild of the Social Media allowing other potential leads to come to your business simply because of your presence on a specific form of Social Media. The power of Social Media should not ever be underestimated to either be harnessed for the good of your company, or when neglected to harm it.

A powerful CRM is going to make the Social Media and the general temperature of the market work for you. It can tell you when to promote a product and when that best time would be by associating the temperature (desire and interest) of the market along with similar releases. You do not want to release a product at the same time as your competitor unless they’re releasing a product that is inferior to yours, it’s best to take a bit more time and polish up the product or give it added value by bundling it instead of releasing the same or an inferior product at the same time, as the choice will be easier for your customers to simply turn away from your offering. Instead the CRM should be able to tell you when and how to promote it. It won’t literally tell you exactly how to promote it, but it will give you metrics for specific demographics and key places that you would be well received at a specified time of year, giving you the best chance for your newer product line to succeed and become a big hit.

After your product line has gone gold you’ll be able to gauge the reaction of the people by having the CRM monitor support tickets, email correspondence, and social media to get an idea of how your product is being received. This is your first line of defense against a negative turnaround and you want to set alerts that throw off alarms and push these alerts to the relevant customer reps and sales reps, even a PR team if you’re so inclined. By doing this, as soon as something negative or bad shows up you’re ready and prepared to deal with the situation and you’re fully aware of when it initially starts. Unlike most companies who aren’t aware of something negative happening until well after the fact that it’s blown up to such a proportion they can’t do anything about it aside from try to deal damage control, a good CRM will give you early detection of such a catastrophe and assist in finding ways that will defuse the situation before it gets out of control. That’s why it’s important to use a CRM to keep in touch with your contacts, with social media and the internet as a whole because it’s the best place to poll reactions and get an understanding of how people are viewing your company and your products that are available to them. In other words, a good CRM is going to keep you connected and in the loop, while a bad CRM is going to keep you antiquated and outdated, something you definitely do not want.

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