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Generally speaking, businesses are all about creating a product/service; advertising what is on offer so that potential customers are aware of it; selling the product/service and managing incoming and outgoing resources. Business degree holders have an amazing array of business jobs from which to choose from owing to their strong oral and written communication skills coupled with their broad knowledge of management and money. Some of the opportunities that business provides include, but are not limited to, accounting, finance, management, marketing etc.


Accounting, as a category of business jobs, is basically about managing finances and financial accounts. An accountant's main responsibility is to track the income and assets of a business over a period of time. In addition, they not only prepare financial statements, but also develop strategies to track financial performances through the use of new technologies. Business jobs such as this one are highly stimulating and challenging as they often involve delving into the hoods of businesses to establish what drives profits. Accountants are always in high demand as the business of book keeping, audits and taxes will never cease. To be involved in this field, a degree in accounting is the basic minimum and as enunciated earlier, well developed communication skills too.


Finance provides many business job opportunities such as in insurance, commercial banking and real estate. Insurance, for instance, is a trillion dollar industry in America with increasing opportunities as wealth grows and the population ages. Insurance is concerned with helping individuals and businesses manage risk by anticipating potential problems and guarding against them. It is all about helping clients to understand their insurance needs and providing them with the best policies. Here, one can work as an underwriter, actuary or asset manager. Commercial banking also falls under this category with banks being at the forefront of providing banking services to not only individuals but businesses as well. They provide many job opportunities and today offer more diverse services than ever before. Real estate, as a career in finance is extremely important as a third of the world's wealth is tied up in real estate. It also provides collateral for gaining access to financial assets and mortgages.


One of the most varied and stimulating of business jobs has to be management. Here, the job entails managing not only human resources (employees) but the business resources as well. Management varies according to function and for those who enjoy risks and dealing with people on a one to one basis, then this career is ideal for them. As a manager, one can specialize in consulting, human resources and strategic planning. Functions of management are not strictly limited to managers as everyone working in an organization has some management and reporting functions that they attend to as part of their job description.

In marketing, the aim is to promote a product, service or idea by developing marketing campaigns. This category of business job revolves around research, planning, advertising, organizing events, etc. A marketing executive, usually working within an organization's marketing department, has responsibilities ranging from selling a product to raising public awareness on issues affecting the general population.


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