Build Up And Prepare The Way

Every year is very challenging for the world. There are rampant crime and corruption, massive poverty, the scourge of diseases.

Different countries have had their share of trouble, from the political unrest in the Philippines to the terrorism in the US. And with the deteriorating situation between Israel and Palestine in the Holy Land, with the danger of nuclear confrontation between India and Pakistan, the whole world is under threat of global conflagration. Many are afraid and desperate.

For us, we ought to be used to such challenges. Our members have experienced hunger, floods, fire, kidnapping, terrorism, war, oppression, being refugees. But what greater challenge than to confront the devil, the author of evil himself! Our work brings us to such a face-off. That is our reason for being. We are in a spiritual war, with the earthly conflicts as mere manifestations. And with the power and strength of the Holy Spirit, we intend not only to survive the difficulties, trials and calamities, but to thrive, even amidst pain and misfortune!

The devil continues to destroy, to tear down and to tear apart. More broken marriages and dysfunctional families; more countries in conflict, both within and outside its borders; physical edifices like the World Trade Center tumbling down; institutions breaking apart. The devil is on a rampage!

Now this is where we come in. Our task is to build. We are to build the kingdom of God on earth. We are to build values that reflect that kingdom. We are to build hope. Hope not just in the hereafter, but in the here and now. And so our verse for the future is from Isaiah 57:14,

“.. Build up, build up, prepare the way …”

God Himself has prepared the way for us. In this year that is about to end, the Lord set us on a firm foundation on which we can build strongly. Globally, we expanded our presence to 96 countries. In the Philippines which has 95% of the active membership, we have aggressively pushed forward our work for the millennium, that of bringing glad tidings to the poor. This is reflected in more Gawad Kalinga areas throughout the country. We are building up our resources and networking with NGOs, corporations, institutions. We have emerged as a prophetic voice and a catalyst for change.

In the year that is to come, there will be more of the same, but with greater intensity. “Build up, build up” suggests a systematic cumulative building up, a steady and stable growth block by block, an accumulation of strength and stature, all generating an explosive force for good. We are looking at another year of favor, another year of tremendous opportunities, another year of awe and amazement at what God can do in and through His servant people. It is simply exciting!

Let us faithfully respond to God's call. And let us give totally of ourselves in the future. Let us be mindful that each. new year brings us one year closer to the return of the Lord, to living in the heavenly Jerusalem where there, is perfect justice and peace. Thus we can persevere and endure, survive and thrive, because we are able to look to what, or rather Who, is to come.

Let us build!

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